Work From Home Online Jobs

Work From Home Online Jobs

Various reasons why you are not having a Job.


  1. Taken a break for your Marriage/Occasion
  2. Pregnant
  3. Small Baby
  4. Lost a job due to some reason
  5. Personal Reason
  6. You are not able to crack the interview–ha ha 
  7. Your expectation from yourself is higher than the job offered.
  8. The Workplace is too far
  9. I hate Time and Watch
  10. My pet has a headache 
  11. I am afraid of getting hit by an Animal, on my way to the office.

If you have landed on this page, means you have enough reasons to work from home.

Must things while starting work from Home Online Jobs

1. Always keep a separate Room

2. Fix working Hours

3. Take Bath, get ready as you do else day

4. Shut  the door and analyze

5. Get a table and keep it tidy.

6. Keep your cell phone off for some time.. 

7. Keep working every day even if it’s a tough day. 

8. Always keep two lists of two. Back up of back up. 

9. Maintain timings. 

10. Get a good chair. 

11. Get a diary and a pen.

12. Take mid breaks. Don’t be locked in the room all the time. 

13. Don’t go back to work if you have done the work of the day properly.

14. Ask your friends politely, not to call in a particular time of work.

Work at Home Jobs
Legit Ways Online Without Investment


1.HR Recruiter -Yes you can be an HR consultant.All you can start with a free LinkedIn account.

Approach a few recruitment agencies for work. Generally, the commission is either fixed or some times 50:50

2. Blogging- Many people don’t even know that you can make a serious income from blogging. Initially 2-3 months you have to just invest time. Later income starts and it can be $100 per day, which will increase gradually to $25000 per month.

I make more than $3000 per month from blogging. How to start blogging?

I will recommend Blogging (Work from home without investment -I mean Investment less than $100) to everyone, even to under 18 students, housewives, people who want to make extra income for your dream car or home loan EMI’s or just secondary income /passive income.

How to start blogging.

1.Free Option – You can create an account on blogger.

2. Start writing good informative articles as per your hobby like cooking, car driving.

3. Start sharing your content in your circle and get traffic on your blog.

4. Start earning with a blog like a google AdSense, affiliate marketing.

I am again saying, you can easily make $100 per day.

3.Freelance Job -Writing You can become a freelancer too just click here and join a trusted platform and start your career on your way

If you have command on multiple languages, then that is even better. Sites like Fiverr provides a good online platform.

4. Editing and Proof reading- There are many companies like companies like Scribendi and which can help you in your work. You
can register there and make a good profile.

5.Freelance -Digital Marketing – If you have knowledge on social media platforms, you can start doing freelancing.Register on and start getting work . There is no cost involved from your end.

6.Data Entry Jobs-
There are many types of data entry jobs like plain data entry job, then comes
typist ,Cleaning of data, data filter, working on Excel with micros and macros
and V look up,Online Form filling, Online survey jobs,Captcha Entry Jobs.

7. Medical Transcription- Yes we have jobs for each and every sector. If you have knowledge
on medical profession like Biology then you can surely can do this job. There
is high level of demand for medical transcriptionist.

8. Content Writing-
This is every one’s favourite as blogging is hit now a days. And every blogger
requires a content writer. You can approach as many bloggers and ask them to
work along. 

9.Online Tutor Jobs-
There is a high demand of tutors in USA  and Europe. Indians tutors are
preferred every where.

10. Virtual Assistant -His job is to fix meetings for bosses , maintain meetings , travel
arrangements and keeping calendar in place. Companies like Smith AI hires VA.

11. Market Research- Companies like Toluna can help you in doing market research online . Register there and start earning.

12. Call Center Work from home-Accolade Support company provides this platform to join as a freelance for providing PC desktop support.

13. Transcription Job -Casting words company offer flat fee.If you have higher delivery ratio,then pay also rises.

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