25 Ways Work from Home Jobs

Do you know why people prefer doing work from home jobs? There are various reasons for choosing Work from home Jobs like Flexibility and comfort. This is the main reason besides useless time-wasting in travel to commute to the workplace every day. And in this online digital world Work from home jobs, Flexi is the best way to utilize natural resources also like car petrol as well. Here are some best ways how you can start work from home jobs online without investments as well.

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1. Freelance Recruiter / HR

Even if you are fresher and have no experience. You can surely become a freelance HR recruiter. So the question is how to become a freelance HR recruiter. You should have a passion for speaking to various people. Basically things are very simple. If you are an outgoing person then things become very easy. First of all, create a LinkedIn account. How to create a LinkedIn account. Go to sign up option. Put your email id and mobile number, and start connecting People, the way you do on Facebook and Instagram. Try contacting various people for recruitment in their company.

2.Catering Service

 If you are passionate about cooking, add people likes your homemade food. then start delivering this homemade food to nearby offices. 

This is a good way of catering services while sitting at home. Every day you have to prepare new dishes for your customers and then deliver them to the nearby offices. You can hire a delivery boy for supply.

Also, you can register yourself on swiggy.com and zomato.com. so you don’t have to worry about delivery boy also. swiggy.com and zomato.com provide delivery services.

People will search for food and once they order food online on their apps, you will receive an order. you have to prepare food and just handover to the delivery boy. 

You can keep the prices of your food products as per market. swiggy.com and zomato.com make payment to you on a weekly basis. The only thing you need to have is to get a food licence.

Go to the fssai website and register yourself. Within one month you will get a Food licence and you can start the business.

3. Blogging

You can definitely refer to various ways how to make money online via blogging. You can search for how to start a blog on Google.  Blogging is a serious business. it requires lots of patience and hard work. Initially you have to invest from your own pocket, but the amount is very less. you can start from as low as hundred rupees, buy the domain from Godaddy. Also Read How to Start a Blog.

4.Typing jobs

You can definitely find typing jobs nearby you. go and contact nearby Court.  you can meet people over there and ask for typing jobs. you will start getting jobs from people, you can get all this work get it done at home. another way to get a typing job is to search online on naukri.com and monster.com.  A new website is also there with the name of refinedsearch.in 


Fiverr is a great place for freelancers.  create account on Fiverr choose the niche you are good in.

For example,lf you have a passion for graphic designing.  even if you are a photographer, you can sell your services on this platform.


 This website is a great way of turning your randomly click photographs to make money online work from home. create account on this website and start uploading your photos.

If somebody is interested in buying your photograph you can be a good deal of money. another way of making money photography, is to approach various media houses and submit your work samples today. This is good option for work from home jobs without investment.


Create an account on Upwork. you are very good and software development and you are not interested in doing 9 to 7 job.  then you are at a right place. create a seller account on Upwork. Start selling your products online.

8.Complete Online Surveys from Home

Ysense,Your Surveys,Prize rebel,Opinion World. Now you will ask me what are these. So basically these are the platforms where you have to create your account especially to understand United States of America.

These are some of the best platforms wherein you can register yourself for online  surveys. So here comes the first question what exactly is online survey?

 See all multinational companies do a lot of research and development and do a lot of Survey before launching any product.  now this product has to be launched in a very systematic manner.

 Companies do a lot of survey about the product demographics, price behaviour, before launching a new product.   wrong survey can result in heavy losses.

9.Offline & Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs all the data is  provided to you for offline and online data entry.  you can contact your nearby Rojgar department in India and they will provide you with the relevant information.

There are various companies which offer data entry jobs.  I suggest create account on upwork and start doing work from home online data entry job. Data entry job depend on your typing speed. But accuracy is equal important. 

10.Work from Home Writer

What exactly is work from home writer? it is a type of content writing job. approaching various advertising agencies and media houses. Website name afaqs.com

Find all the relevant openings for work from home jobs. all the media and advertising agency.  Provide your work sample. If advertising agency like a work, they will give you instant work. 

In this segment you can provide multiple services  like blogging content writing, content editor, proof writing, proof editor.  This is good option for work from home jobs without investment.

11.Captcha Work

This is  relatively an untapped market.By doing this job we can easily make $200 to $500 per month. 

Kolotibablo,MegaTypers,CaptchaTypers ,ProTypers,Captcha2Cash,Qlinkgroup


This is the best list of websites for captcha work. Try to create accounts on all these and start making money from Captcha.

12. Work as VA from Home

What exactly is VA.  basically virtual assistant -VA  job is to provide services to their employers as work from home.  so basically you have to find some people on LinkedIn and upwork.com who are at a senior positions like CEO of some company. 

Ask them if they require an executive assistant Or a personal secretary.

Generally these are some high profile people and always have a requirement of a secretary.

The job of these VA virtual assistants is to fix the meeting appointment for their Bosses. You can easily manage this type of job from home.  This is a good option for work from home jobs without investment.

13.Micro Blogging

If you know the concept of blogging, then microblogging is a part of it. so basically you want to make a quick money in short span of time then you can do microblogging.

Microblogging is nothing but of very very specific blog on a very specific keyword.It might be for keyboard like 3D pen. this is keyword and you are building a complete website and writing long long articles on this website.

14.Work from home tutor

This is a very very common thing as work from home tutor. nowadays in many apps are available like Upwork,ByJU’s ,Allen Kota where you can become a work from home tutor.

 Instead of registering if you want to work offline work from home tutor, then and get printed some brochure and pamphlets and distribute in the nearby area. you will start getting the student at your home.  This is good option for work from home jobs without investment.

15.Youtube Channel

Creating a new YouTube channel is pretty easy. start making videos and uploaded on the YouTube channel. make sure that you release videos on a regular basis for your viewers. And don’t forget to build a website and put the link in the description box. Monetize your YouTube channel. This is good option for work from home jobs without investment.

16.Food Delivery Service

In India nowadays there is a boon for food delivery marshalls. you can become a food delivery boy for swiggy.com zomato.com.  few people at your home who can work for you.

17.Ola Driver

You can big some money if you are some extra bikes and cars at your home. awesome people and register them on an online platform like ola uber. you have to manage all these businesses from your home and not to go anywhere

18.Mystery Shopping

Are you aware that even Bank hires mystery Shoppers? There are so many brands, which 2 lots of service before launching a product. mystery shopping is a part prelaunch as well as post-launch of a product. Contact these people online and you can do work from home for them. 

19.Online Selling Job from Home

In whatever niche you are, his people are always on the top. so if you are having good selling skills then you can become an online seller. Now where I am not at all referring about Amazon product selling. 

I am talking about some service selling job. this means getting new clients for your employer.

Let’s say you are working for some a startup company in a software domain. you can get this new startup Company new clients and new business leads.

On every says you will get a handsome Commission. let’s say if you are selling a website development services, then you need to do some telecalling and email marketing to various database customers.

Approach them for building up a new website.  This way you can get lots of sales while sitting at home.

20.Real Estate Agent

This is one of the oldest job which we can do work from home. you just need to have a telephone and some contact in the nearby area.

Iif you know that any flat is vacant and you also know that somebody is looking out for a place for rent then you can make handsome money as Commission by becoming real estate agent.

21.Provide training & consultancy from home

Electric you are very good and cooking or and dancing then you can provide training while sitting at home. if you are living in now multi-storey building and Society,  then it’s very easy to get new students.

Even if you are not living in a multi-storey building, then you can n distribute some pamphlets and brochures in the nearby area what these types of trainings.

 Another good example, if you are very good in Microsoft Word and Excel then you can start doing coaching classes for these. you just need to have a computer at your home and start teaching students and make money while work from home.

22.Become a Home Transcriptionist

Transcription jobs after common jobs where you need to translate one file into another generally these are audio files and you need transcript into Word document. for this you need to have a very good writing speed Plus and expects 100% accuracy as well.

If you are a science graduate then you are at a right place for becoming a medical transcriptionist.

23.Beauty Parlour Job

 By opening of a beauty parlour at your home you just need to put UP Board outside your home and inform all your friends and relatives on the WhatsApp groups.

You will immediately start getting customers by opening this beauty parlour

24.Work at Home Insurance Agent

IRDA Exam clearance is mandatory for selling insurance policies. it is very very important to have a insurance whether Life Insurance Home Insurance General Insurance car insurance.

All you need to 2 days contact as many as people you know in your known circle and start selling insurance while sitting at home.

Generally company people helps you in setting up meeting with the client.

You just have to complete the paperwork of the client. insurance policy commissioner are very very high.

Sometimes it is up to 60 to 70% of the premium amount. 


So you can decide which one suits you the most as per your qualification and experience. Also, it depends on your hobby. DO not treat any job as part-time. Work with full dedication in your capacity. So here is a small list of work from home jobs which gets updated as per time.I will include more work from home jobs in my other posts, which you can read on my website.

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