Data Entry Jobs Work from home legitimate online offline

Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs from Work From Home Online Offline Near Me Without Investment

Data Entry Jobs Work from home legitimate online offline
Data Entry Jobs Work from home legitimate online offline
1.Content Writer :

It is basically a person who writes stories blogs, small writing and reading content.  This might be related to travel, cooking, driving a car, kids toys, etc. Nowadays you can write content for various social media channels. the channels require content writer, you need to write small plays as per the Youtube channel Nische. 

There was a time when it wasn’t traditionally, by writing on paper. with the evolution of social media, which is a boom right now, all you need to write everything digitally. So basically you have to add value to the brand.

PS: Read till the end for some surprising work from home data entry jobs, unique ideas.

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2. Social Media Writer :

All the big companies required social media writers. 

There are big advertising agencies and big media houses, which always have many ongoing projects.

If your work is of really very good quality, you can definitely approach these companies, either by email or on  LinkedIn.

Here the job profile is to manage the social media page of these companies. You have to be very sharp in writing.

 If you have an understanding of more than one language the better it is. After completing the job, put complete data in word /excel.

3.Government Approved Data Entry Jobs:

Generally, for government-approved data entry jobs, typing speed is required you have to just complete the work and submit it.

There are many registered companies that take big projects from the government. try approaching these companies, and take a subcontract from them. 
The more work you will submit, the more revenue you will generate.

4. Survey Work From Home Data Entry Jobs 2020 :

There are many survey related websites are there.  please register yourself on all these websites. Best way to do who is to create a list of these companies. 

There are some international sites as well. you have to do some general surveys for these companies for websites. 

Please make sure that you register yourself on a legitimate platform only.

5. Form Filling data entry jobs online/offline :

There are many local companies, where you can approach them for general form filling. The best way to approach local hospitals, Municipal corporations, Nagar Nigam, etc. 

These are very easy to do the job, which you can do it by sitting at home. This can be done online as well as offline.

6. General Data Entry Jobs :

This is the most common work. for these types of work, you should have a basic understanding of computers like Word and Excel.  A good typing speed is an added advantage.

7.Microsoft Excel data entry Jobs:

Nowadays there is a great demand for Excel specialist.  this is a highly resourceful job. you have to have very good experience in various Excel formulas.

The correctness of the data entry is highly desired. there is no margin of error in this type of work. Lots of companies’ space lacks rupees for getting an accurate report.

These reports are generally sorted in easy to understand in Excel.

8.PowerPoint Presentation Online data entry Jobs :

If you have ever created a PowerPoint presentation, then you have a great chance to earn good money, work from home online.  Generally, data is provided to you, you have to understand the data first. 

Now you have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, into various slides. Again this is a highly-skilled job. you can do practice at your home.  

Try getting new projects online. you can easily make Rs 10k to Rs 20k per Presentation.

9. Easy Typing data entry Jobs :

These types of jobs are the most common work from home jobs. This is a plain data entry job.

There are many websites where you can get these types of work very easily. You can contact many people from Pradhanmantri Rojgar Yojana. 

They always have these types of work. You can easily make 200 to 400 rupees assignment.  You can also contact local advocates who generally have when are such requirements.  

You can visit any local Court and can approach many advocates over there. once you have good listening with anyone over there, you will get permanent work.

10. Copy Paste  data entry Jobs:

This is the basis of each and every online job. work from home jobs for the student, housewife.  

This is the most preferred and loved the job.  You have to just copy data from one place and paste it to another. there is a high supply of people for these types of jobs. 

11. Medical Transcriptionist :

All transcription jobs start with medical transcription only. Listening to audio files, and converting them into raw data. 

Once raw is collected, this is converted into final data. 

A good English is required for these types of jobs. for doing medical transcription work from home job online, you should have very good knowledge of medical terminology.

You should be a very good listener so that you convert audio files to word document.

12.Data entry reformatting jobs:

In these format data entry types of work from home jobs,  some mixed data is provided to you. 

You have to reformat all the data in the correct format.

For example, if you have to correct college data, which consists of roll number class teacher subject marks, you have to put all these things at the right place. You can easily make 2000 to 4000 rupees per assignment per day.

13. Data entry cleaning job :

You will get a mix of various data. There are various mistakes in these types of data. 

You have to rectify and clean the data. 

Good knowledge of the word is highly desirable. 

This can be an Excel data entry job or Word data entry job. 

A high level of accuracy is preferred in such data entry jobs.

14. Online receptionist :

 In many European countries, this is a very normal thing of having an online receptionist. in European countries, people are not available to do such type of jobs. 

So generally these types of jobs are outsourced. you can apply to various Universities and companies and earn in dollars and euros.

15. Email processing data entry job :

If you have a corporate experience prior and have done lots of Corporate emails in your career.  Then email processing Data entry job is for you.  

A high level of accuracy is required in these data entry jobs. You have to process content from this email and put it in Word and Excel.

16. Copywriter job :

There is a big difference between copywriters and content writers. Most of the people are not aware of the difference between these two. 

These types of data entry jobs are generally available with advertising agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, group m. 

If you are good at making jingles, then you can surely approach these agencies.

17.Catalog data entry Job :

The company will provide you a login ID and password for software. this is a software where you have to do a data entry job. 

Job is quite simple, you have to do catalog data entry, which can be either for government-related tenders, organizational catalog data entry, Hospital Municipal related catalog data entry job.

18.Insurance data entry job :

There are various BPO’s in India Philippines. These big BPO’s gets contract from big MNC companies, which are generally into the banking and financial sector, multinational banks. 

These banks have insurance data from their customers. these are generally international data of European countries, Australia, Canada United States of America, etc. 

A plane insurance data entry job is required to be done. some companies like Genpact have a great presence in this sector.

19. Loans data entry job :

This is a financial sector data entry job. all banks and Financial Institutions provides various types of loans to their customers. 

You have to do various data sorting, data management job. 

Some time some analysis is also required to be done While doing data entry jobs for this segment. 

A high level of accuracy is required, in maintaining Excel for these data entry jobs.

20. Payroll data entry operator job :

 These types of jobs are generally outsourced to various individuals and private companies. 

In this type of data entry job, you have to maintain the salaries of various employees of that particular company. 

The correctness of this data is required. You maintain the absence and presence of each and every employee. Leave management system data entry job.

21. Medical Coding :

Don’t get confused with medical transcription. medical coding and medical transcription jobs. Both are totally different. 

Both are highly paid jobs. Aa very good understanding of medical terminology is desirable.

 If you are a Ph.D. in biology,  then you will get these types of jobs very easily.

22. Updating database work from home data entry Job :

You would be having data. here you have to update the data on a daily basis. 

Let’s say if you have to maintain Inventory of any storeroom, then a real-time data has to be updated. 

Example: How many trucks are coming in daily,  how many trucks are going out? Which product is out of stock? 

These types of data entry have to be done on a daily basis.

23. Web-Based system data entry jobs online :

These types of data entry you have to complete the work in a web-based system. 

For example, this could be related to some banks client who has invested in shares. 

This could be an online web-based data entry, where you have to maintain all sales, profit, and loss of each and every client. this can be individual clients or corporate clients.  

This can be a complex data entry, where le various banking products, various clients have to be managed simultaneously.

24. Audio to Text :

For these types of work from home data entry jobs, this is evident that your English has to be very good.

Your listening skills should be very very good. you have to complete the data by listening audio file. 

Example: This can be related to Courtrooms and legislatures or any other.

25. Image to Text data entry job :

You would be provided with various images, screenshots, snapshots. you have to convert these images to readable text. 

You have read from images and write them in the word. 

This looks easy job, but in reality, this is very different. many images and words are not clear. 

Here you have to use your own understanding and common sense, to complete the task. 

26. Translation work from home data entry job :

These days you might have heard of many Chinese companies coming to India.  

Here it comes a great opportunity for Indians to do translation work. The only thing you have to do is convert from one language to another. 

Similarly, if you are proficient in many languages like Chinese Spanish German Japanese and English of course, then you can really make good money while sitting at home and do data entry jobs. 

Generally, the translation is option legal documents, converted from one language to another. It can be related to accounting functions translation as well.

27. Proofreading and Editing data entry work from home Job :

You have to manually check each and every line. you have to basically find out mistakes and proofread each and every sentence. 

This sentence has to be grammatically correct, and you have to edit each and every document.

This thing can be done while sitting at home you can really make good money in this job. You can contact various newspapers, big websites media companies as well.

28. Web Research Data entry job, work from home online Offline :

In a web research data entry job, the client will provide you a subject on which you have to do research on that. 

What every search result is there you have to do data entry for that. 

For example, if any of the clients ask to do research on the best CEO of the world, then you have to provide complete data.  this has to be in sync with your research. 

This data entry job you have to submit in the given timeline. 

Types of web research depend on clients’ requirements. 

It can be related to medical web research, financial web research, some specific news research, etc.

29. PDF to Excel or Word Data entry job, work from home online Offline :

In pdf to excel / word data entry job, required to convert PDF files to excel /word. 

This is a time-consuming process. The client will expect you to proofread each and everything from the PDF file.

30. E-commerce Products Listing :

Big companies like Amazon Flipkart Alibaba and many other e-commerce companies, required a data entry job. 

Amazon has much work from home job options. 

For example, they can ask you to do product listing data entry. You can apply on various E-Commerce websites for job.

31. LinkedIn data entry Job:

LinkedIn is the best method to make money online legitimate work from home data entry jobs. 

You can associate yourself with many new startup companies, for online business development. 

For every new client you bring in, you can easily make very good money. 

For example, if a new web development company has started. you can do business development for them, and on every new sale, you will get a handsome Commission.

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