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11 Best WordPress Translation Plugins

Why do you need WordPress Translation Plugin? The truth in non-denying that English is a business and an international language. People across the world when meet each other. They always talk in a common language. Since their own native language can’t be common.

In the World of WordPress, the same thing is applied, but WordPress has given options of plugins too, to solve your problems. 

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When the traffic in your WordPress website will be increased, you will see some people commenting in their native language. This is a sign of success. But readers asking some questions in their native language, so what would you do? 

Will you ignore them just because you don’t know their language? Well, if you do this act, they won’t like to come again to your site since they are not getting a response. You can translate your website content in that language that your visitors use the most.

So, in this article, we will talk about some best plugins through which you can use to translate your content into other languages.

1.      Weglot

This is a multilingual plugin. It is an online translation service that was set up in France in 2016. 

It combines with WordPress, Shopify, and many other platforms. 


Although Weglot is a premium translation service, still a free version is available as well. The free version is limited to 2000 words and 5000 page views per month. A free plan is used by those who want to try it, so after trial, they buy a premium version.


When your translation is completed, you can make changes as well. This service uses Google, Microsoft, DeepLink, etc for generating translations. Weglot has the capacity to translate into 100 languages.

Weglot multilingual, 
WordPress Translation Plugin

If you want to get your text translated for your professional website, you can get it through professional translation by paying additional fees.

Also, your website visitors can easily switch between from real to translated language and vice versa.

The best part about it is that it supports multilingual SEO. Yes, correct..a multilingual SEO…Isn’t, that’s an awesome feature.

This means your page metadata, menu links, headers, and other design elements are translated as well. All pages will be recorded by search engines.

 Another feature is Auto redirection. This means whenever any visitor is on your website from another country /location, an automatic language is changed as per his location.

This feature will decrease the bounce rate and increase the watch time on your website and hence a free SEO.

 With the help of the Weglot WordPress plugin, you can translate your site data. In the main configuration page, enter your Weglot API key, type your content original language then write that language you want your content to be translated.

You can change the design of the language button-through main configuration page.  You will see the options to remove URLs, and allow users to search your website in their own language.

Weglot Translate is free for small websites (under 2000 words) with one translation language. To see the premium plans, you can search the main website of Weglot. It is a little bit expensive site, but one of the best services to translate your text.

2.      Polylang 

As the name suggests, poly means many and lang is a short form of language, it is a multilingual translation service. 

Polylang WordPress Plugin does the translation of your posts and pages, media, and categories. Also, the translations are e-commerce and SEO friendly translations.

The part which is not good is that it doesn’t provide an automatic WordPress Translation Plugin for core, so you have to integrate with Lingotek which is a cloud-based translation management system.

To set up it, install and activate this plugin, then go to setting and choose languages, and add there your desired language.

3.        TranslatePress

WordPress Translation Plugin is one of the easiest translators that permits you to translate every aspect with ease. It allows you to translate posts and pages from the frontend of your website, so you can see what you have translated in the live preview. 

TranslatePress WordPress Translation Plugin is especially for those who are perfectionists and want manual translations. You can translate your theme, metadata, plugins, posts, and pages.

You can also assign a special translator user role to any user on your site. Don’t worry about security because these translators users won’t have access to your admin area. Your website will remain secure.

It is SEO friendly just like other translators mentioned above. It supports Gutenberg, so you can translate Gutenberg blocks. 

It also has compatibility with Gutenberg. WordPress Translation Plugin gives a translation block feature in which you have the option to translate HTML elements together.

Additionally, it has a string-replace functionality, it means it can edit Gettext strings from themes and plugins, from English to English, and don’t add another language.

It also Integrates with Google Translate, permitting you to set up Automatic Translation using your own Google API key.

For starter, After installing and activating, click on Translate site and then click on setting in the left sidebar.

Now you can choose your desired language. For adding languages, click on ALL languages, then choose the language and click on Add.

4.     WPML

It is a plugin by which you can translate your posts, pages, and custom post types.

WPML WordPress Translation Plugin has its compatibility with major WordPress themes, so it is easy for you since you don’t need to integrate themes and plugins to make it work. WPML WordPress Translation Plugin is also multilingual helps you to translate into as many languages as you want.  It works with SEO plugins.

It gives 3 premium plans according to the number of features.

5. MultilingualPress

It is different somehow than other translators. Instead of working on a normal WordPress install, it uses the built-in WordPress site network for each language. Plus, if you deactivate it, all the things will work the same, its deactivation won’t affect other functions. Its language manager gives 174 languages, you can edit them if you want to. It has SEO friendly URLs and permalinks.

It has easy interface to manage your translations from one dashboard. It works very well and manages content for every language.

6. Google Website Translator

It is also an easy translator with simple methods. It uses Google automatic website translation. It is fast and doesn’t consume so much energy as a result you don’t face page load speed. Their team is very supportive and gives a quick reply.

From some sources and reviews, it does translate your content accurately but only for short sentences.

Although it has similar features almost the same in comparison with other plugins, the best thing about it is that it stores everything in one database or in one side and other plugins have so many records of storage. 

So, you can imagine its speed that would be fast obviously. You won’t bother about loading of your page.

7. Transposh WordPress Translation Plugin

Transposh WordPress Translation Plugin translator permits your blog website to combine automatic translation with human translation 

Transposh WordPress Translation Plugin is supportive of every language and also consists of RTL/LTR layouts. In the automatic mode of translation, comments are added too.

Its translated languages are searchable. Even its RSS feeds are translated as well. It helps to translate external plugins without asking for PO or MO files.

Overall, by seeing its main page reviews, it seems an amazing translator who works with full attention and responsibility.

8. Loco Translate

It should be your priority if you want to translate themes and plugins languages. It is integrated with automatic translation. 

Loco Translate WordPress Plugin has a built-in translation editor within WordPress admin. For saving custom translations, it offers a protected language directory.

LocoTranslate WordPress Translation Plugin supports your website PO features such as: comments, references, and plural forms.

Also, it does native MO file compilation without the need of Gettext on your website. Loco Translate WordPress Plugin does the extraction of translatable strings from your source code. 

Furthermore, the reviews on WordPress’s main website tell everything about its functions which are truly outstanding and lifesavers.

9. GTranslate WordPress Translation Plugin

GTranslate WordPress Translation Plugin is also a very effective plugin for the translation of WordPress. It uses Google Translate automatic translation service for translating WordPress with the help of Google.

GTranslate WordPress Translation Plugin will help you the most is that this plugin translates in 103 languages, so it means that your site will be available in 103 languages, an open-source, for every kind of speaker. 

The SEO compatibility can be received but through premium plans. Another feature is it someone comes to visit your site, the pop up that displays “Suggest better translation” is hidden by this plugin if you install it.

It also does Google Analytics integration which is the most special feature of this website. The flag’s loading is low to give more and more speed to the site.

The SEO and WooCommerce compatibility is paid, so you have to invest. Also, the live chat support you can get but through paid version.

10)  Scrybs

The Scrybs WordPress Translation Plugin is a premium translator of WordPress. If you want to try it to check its ability, then it gives 15 days trial. You can do translation manually, or if you want, you can hire a human being by paying. 

Another important feature, it changes your URLs of translated content, it helps you in SEO ranking, through changing content-language, SEO compatibility doesn’t get hurt.

Also, you can translate your content into more than 60 languages. If you want to switch to another language, you don’t have to go to setting again, instead, it displays a box on top of the page of your website, so you can do changes easily.

11. Babble

Babble WordPress Translation Plugin is not so competitive in comparison with others, but it is very easy to use. Install it and translate your language. It provides two versions of the WordPress visual editor: one is an original version and the other which needs editing, so after that it will be displayed live.


In this competitive world, so many options are available. You have to choose wisely the best one.

Pricing and features both should be taken care of before finalizing the best WordPress Translation Plugin. Sometimes one particular language is not available in that plugin. So don’t go by the brand name. Purchase the WordPress Translation Plugin which supports your website as per your language /region and readers’ interest.

I hope this list helps you to find out the best suited for your needs.

In short, all the WordPress Translation Plugin are somehow similar, different only in some aspects. The main difference which may occur is in their functionality, how well they show their capacity and do their work instantly. It is up to you which one you opt for for your WordPress website which gels with the Theme of your website. Here are some best WordPress themes.

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