semrush vs similarweb

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Comparison

Overview of SimilarWeb:

SimilarWeb is a third-party data provider and competitive intelligence tool. It provides users with insights on their competitors’ Website Traffic, the Traffic Sources, Keyword Analysis, Ranking, and Website Engagement Metrics like Bounce Rate, page views, time spent by visitors on-site, etc. In this article, we will discuss some differences between SEMrush vs SimilarWeb. Both the tools are having special features and strong command on SEO.

History of SimilarWeb:

SimilarWeb came into being in 2007 by Or Offer in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Its first achievement was made in 2009 when it won the first Israeli SeedCamp that obviously attracted many investors, planners and international media. 

This company acquired money for the first time from Yossi Vardi and founded the company in February, 2009. Then, in June 2009, it  launched its first web property, and it entered its 1st round of fundraising (Source: SimilarWeb). 

In 2011, for analyzing the digital world, it began developing technology. Furthermore, in January 2013, it launched as a web measurement company. Later, in the same year, Released SimilarWeb PRO. Then it launched SimilarWeb API

More importantly, it opened its own UK office.

In the less period of time, the passed the 1 million visits mark. In 2014,  it released SimilarWeb PRO for mobile, reached over 10 million followers, and launched browser extension.

How is it beneficial for you? 

The level of all the websites should be equal then only with this condition the websites can compete. Your competitors have so much to give to the digital users all around the world, so why can’t you?  

You must take action in order to establish your own level in the market. SimilarWeb is that tool which tells you inner findings regarding your competitors, such as: 

  • The traffic which gathers around their website and their performance. 
  • You get to know the SEO and content for your website.
  • How to convert your website from average to high in the market place.
  • You get the idea that what kind of strategies your competitors implement.
  • You get to know what should be done to make your display powerful.
  • This tool makes you understand how to deal with your own website,   your competitors and your customers.
  • It also keeps an eye on the website traffic statistics to increase retention.
  • It examines the trends, competitors’ strategy and the response of people.

Which sectors or industries can use it?

Marketing: It gives power to marketing teams to boost the growth mechanism of their industries. 

It shows you a direction to grow through showing you the marketing strategies, search, display, and media buying activities of your competitors’ websites. 

By optimizing your share of search per keywords, it helps to enhance your website traffic. To create better content, it helps you to know trending keywords. Also, you come to know the most common content of any website.

To build your affiliate partnerships, it helps you to discover what works for your competitors. It checks where your competitors are advertising then effectively direct ad spend. 

It discloses the landing pages, network and placement strategy.

Sales: It increases performance all over your sales funnel. To make your pitch perfect, it basically brings out the insights which you need. 

Investors: It gives answers to all investors out there. Whatever query they have regarding digital questions and surface key digital signals.

It describes and judges markets, recognizes competitive landscapes, and examines the trends of industry.

By keeping an eye on portfolio market share, it triggers growth potential. Also, it is the first one to pick out outliers and opportunities.

It evaluates performance and investigates digital strategies.

Proficient features of SimilarWeb: 

All the features are much efficient to work for you. When you go to its website, you need to put the URL of any website there. 

After clicking on it, the tool then shows you an overview of monthly traffic, its sources, social engagement, top keywords, advertising, and audience behavior and more on that.  Here is a look that how does it look like:

First page overview

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 1

So, are you seeing that the most important items are on the first page? 

For the sake of giving an example, I searched for website. 

The first option which you see is Global Rank: It means that how better the website is showing its skills in the industry. 

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 2

The second one is the country: It shows Worldwide that means it has been ranked on top in that country up till now. 

Also, it is showing you the category in which that target website came. Here it belongs to games and the sub category.

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 3

1. Traffic Overview

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 4

As its name implies everything, it shows top visits to your website in the last six months. 

Here for, it is showing total visits with its percentage, how much time the users spend on your website the average time. 

Also, most importantly, what is the bounce rate / back off rate? By the help of this option, you get a chance to improve your content and SEO. Plus, you can see the graph of no of visits per month (last six).

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 5

In this picture above, you can know the traffic by specific country. It shows the top most country which has the highest number of visits then the number is contracting with each country on the down side. 

Then, it displays the sources from which traffic is gathered around your website. For the target website, it shows the highest number from direct source, then referrals, some reached through direct searching, some from social media and so on.

2. Referrals:

Referrals are actually those websites which are sending traffic to the target website.  

There are two types of referrals. One is Top referring sites are those which send the most traffic to the target website. And, Top destination sites are those from where people are diverted to from the target website. 

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 6

3. Search Traffic:

This traffic comes through searching. It shows you the top five keywords of the target website because of which traffic is coming to the target website. 

Plus, it shows you top 5 paid keywords as well but here we don’t get any since the result is 0 of paid ones.

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 7

4. Social Networks:

Social networks send traffic to your website. You can find out here the metrics from which site the traffic is coming.

Form where you are getting more traffic on your website.

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 8

5. Display Advertising:

You can come to know how this website is advertising itself across the net. 

In this case, the target website isn’t using display advertising for their marketing.

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 9

6. Audience Interests:

Audience Interest shows why this website’s audience is opting for this target website. What is so interesting about it which insists people use this website?

The Website audience has interest in games then computer electronics and so on. 

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 10

In the above picture, it shows those websites which are visited by target website’s users frequently. 

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 11

These are the relevant topics for target website users. The higher the prominence of a word, the more it is popular, among those users.

7. Competitors and similar sites:

Two types of sites you will get to see. The first one is similar to the target website, and the second one is that which is ranking.

8. Related Mobile Apps:

You will get to see which mobile apps are related to this target website.

9. Comparison with competitors:

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 12

Another absolutely fine feature is direct comparison with your desired website. This is easy to comprehend and defined. 

By clicking on compare, and add another website which you want to compare with the target website. Click on it after typing, the results will be shown.

Pricing of SimilarWeb:

Free VersionEnterprise Plan
As a starter, you should go for this plan to get an idea.
This is absolutely surprising that it is offering a free version for all users. The package features of the free version are:
By this plan, get the insights and advice on the market intelligence plan that can help your business grow. Its package features are:
5 results per metric in every search
1 month of Mobile data app
3 months of web traffic data.
Unlimited results per metric: You can discover long-tail keywords and referrals to boost your search traffic and make new leads and partnerships.

Up to 28 months of Mobile data: You can do the identification of year-over-year trends and benchmark app growth over time.

Up to 3 years of Web Traffic Data: You can identify year-over-year trends and benchmark website growth over time. Also, it quantifies seasonal impact in order to plan campaigns.

Global and country-level data: You can gain unparalleled insight into global and local performance. It Benchmarks against global and local competitors to understand your digital market share.

Desktop-Mobile Web Split: You can understand a brand’s complete digital footprint to make more informed business decisions.

Mobile App Engagement: You can benchmark market penetration, usage and demographics against competitors’ apps.

Keyword Analysis:  You can analyze paid and organic traffic for any keyword, understand keyword market share & generate content based on trending keywords including ‘Google not provided’ keywords.

Industry Analysis: You can benchmark yourself against the industry to inform your growth strategy and build a successful marketing plan.

Unique visitors:  You can better understand the overall reach of a website in order to measure a brand’s total exposure.

Multiple Users:  You can enable multiple teams across the organization to access SimilarWeb PRO.
SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 13
pic credit similarweb

To Sum Up:

SimilarWeb has got good and bad features. It gives free access with limited data but the other plans are a bit expensive. 

The tools are still evolving and need more enhancement to make the audience satisfied.

Comparison of SimilarWeb with SEMrush:

For some marketing purposes, some of you consider SEMrush vs SimilarWeb, it depends. 

The prices which they set might be high for some users, so a comparison should be done between them to see if it is really worth it? 

Are these tools providing services as per their prices?

Let’s see!

SimilarWeb vs SEMrush: Competitive Analysis Tool 

SEMrush focuses on SEO and Traffic Analytics Tool, but SimilarWeb works on website statistics


SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 14

SimilarWeb is used as a web measurement and competitive intelligence tool. By using its analytics tool, you can keep an eye on your business in every manner like, its health, monitor developing opportunities, and lastly it helps to improve decision making.

It is a kind of spying company, it collects critical intelligence for benchmarking your website’s performance, you get to learn strategies and smart proven techniques to run your business and growth opportunities.

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb Review and Comparison 15

SEMrush has multiple tools which helps to get traffic on your site,

Let’s compare SEMrush’s Traffic Analytical Tool with SimilarWeb.

SEMrush is an all-rounder, manages digital marketing. To make intelligent decisions, you should use this tool since it facilitates by showing traffic analysis of different marketing websites. 

Plus, the Auditing tools assist you to identify SEO weaknesses. After getting the idea about your weaknesses, you immediately correct them to come on the highest rankings on those keywords. 

It gives your website a kind of strength to evolve by providing insights about those content which your audience wants.

Features of SEMrush vs SimilarWeb:

Data Collection:Data collection plays an important role in tools understanding, it tells that the tool which you’re using is really intelligent enough to collect effective data for your website. 

You must have an idea before jumping to the results of your tool from where it is collecting the data and how?

It has been constructed for two things: SEMrush’s Keyword Database and Click Stream Data.SEMrush’s database made it powerful because of helping SEO specialists. Clickstream data helps in Traffic Analytics. 
With the help of a web crawler, you can get web information. SimilarWeb has an effective tool which does scanning of search engine pages and websites. 
The valuable intelligence goes far off the standard site data and ranking.

Plus, SimilarWeb boosts its web crawler with an intelligent strategy.
It also takes advantage of the user panel by generating crucial user and traffic details.

You can do this after downloading SimilarWeb’s app and plugins to be a part of the user panel. For instance, their chrome extension will bring you basic website’s metrics. But, it takes your browsing data which automatically adds to SimilarWeb database.

Believe it or not, SimilarWeb has the most extensive panel for web measurement. It is greatly represented in South America, APAC, North America, and Europe.
Global and regional data:When it comes to SEMrush, it is vulnerable to traffic stats from 190 countries.

You are given filters as well, as per your own country. Just by having one subscription, it makes all regions available. 
SimilarWeb has data as well for a wider range of countries. However, it gives access only to purchased databases.

Also, for each country, the database is priced individually. 

Here, in this case, the champion is SEMrush. Why?  It is obvious that it gives open access to all countries’ databases in just one subscription, so you don’t have to pay separately just like SimilarWeb.
Detailed Traffic sources Analysis: The common and important type of traffic is given by both tools, such as: direct, organic, search, referral, paid search and social.It not only shows you an overview at first but also tells you insights that how a website brought traffic from every channel?  You also get to know what sources brought traffic to specific pages of a domain.  

It is the kind tool as it gives general subscription to give benefits to all the users.

It helps to show you the researched website’s advertising campaigns, keyword strategy and content across the media. 
With comparison to SEMrush, it shows a more detailed analysis of the traffic sources but with a very simple way that is easy to understand for all.

Believe it or not, it gives 2 additional channels of data: display ads and email. 

So, in this aspect, the winner is SimilarWeb. It is dominant over SEMrush due to giving additional channels data.
Keyword Research:It offers an excellent style of Keywords Research Tools. It gives two types of Keyword research: Competitor keyword research using seed keywords when you paste the URL of any website, it shows all keywords because of which website ranks. 

Another impressive tool it offers, named  “Keyword Magic Tool”, you need to enter the main keyword, then it will show all the winning keywords which are the cause of high traffic. 
To facilitate you, it gives filters too, so that you can get things accordingly.

Plus, it shows different types of keywords such as keywords like questions, broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related keywords. There is another option, keyword gap analysis.

It helps you to understand what keywords your competitors are using and they are ranking, but your website is skipping those keywords. 
It lets you do Keyword Research and Competitor Keyword Analysis. 

You have the option to enter more than one website, so you can see for what keywords they are ranking. In the results, you can see their traffic share, positions and many other things.

To get the relevant results only, it offers you filters. 

Also, you have the option to enter a broad list of keywords to examine, and another option to opt is keyword generator tool. (it is same as SEMrush’s keyword magic tool
If you want to use the keyword generator tool, then put your target keyword there.

As a result, you will get related to Keywords and Phrase matches.

The noticeable thing is that it lacks some beneficial filters, such as broad match, questions, word frequency filter.

It shows a yearly trend graph and organic Vs paid data which is also given by SEMrush.

Dissimilar to SEMrush, it doesn’t offer keyword difficulty score which is a great option to give high competitive keywords to shortlist during batch processing.

Finally, in this situation, SEMrush wins because it is superior over SimilarWeb in terms of giving Keyword Magic Tools and other same to same tools for Keyword Research which are offered by SimilarWeb as well.
Traffic to the most popular pages:It is really helpful in this feature since it shows you the top pages report that means the most visited pages on your website with both internal and external visits.

There is a filter too, to reveal page views, new visitors, new entrances and traffic sources
In this way, SEMrush is beneficial for you since SimilarWeb doesn’t have this feature.
SimilarWeb had a feature named as popular pages, its function was to rank inner pages by their page views’ share.
Mobile Data:In this tool, Mobile traffic data is included in SEMrush traffic analytics. 

By CMO survey in 2019, it was said that Mobile is expected to grow 70% over the next five years. 

So,  the examination of mobile traffic is essential.
So, the best one is SEMrush, it helps to see both desktop and mobile traffic when the traffic is coming from different sources.
It also gives mobile data in its pro plan. 
In this picture above, the total visits option indicates how many people are visiting your website.

Desktop Vs Mobile tells what is the traffic share between these two.

Average visit duration tells that in what way people are doing interaction with your website.
Audience Analysis and Demographics:To check the audience overlap among any websites, you just need SEMrush Traffic Analytics.
It also includes the new market explorer tool through which you can find demographics (age & gender) and interests of the in-market audience.

Lastly, it also lets you discover similar websites. 
To see the differences between you and your competitor, you can compare your domain with your competitor’s domain.

You get the idea about similarities and differences in traffic, market, traffic sources, top pages and countries.
It allows you to examine the audience location, interests, and demographics. But, you won’t see the audience overlap in this tool. 
In this aspect, the winner is SEMrush because it comes with audience overlapping and detailed domain comparison.
Industry Category/Analysis:It does the analysis of industry through its Market Explorer Tool. It is a separate tool by the help of which you can get the related websites similar to the one you enter. 

The domains are related to websites which are aimed at the same market and same industry.
This option is absolutely clear. You are given the chance to go through category performance, traffic share, leaders of the industry and compare yourself with these metrics. 

So, this time the best one is SimilarWeb.
API Access:SEMrush traffic analytics gives API access separately from the interface subscription:

it indicates that you should not bother to purchase traffic analytics if you need this data only for your custom reports or API integration. 

Plus, data is ordered in a more friendly style than SimilarWeb. For instance, if you want to receive all the stats of a domain, then you have the choice to make just one query only.

On the other hand, in SimilarWeb, it takes three queries.
Undoubtedly, it has extensive UI

You can have a look clearly at how many API units you have spent and how many are left behind. 

Additionally, there are similar websites API and adult websites API. 

In this case, the winner is SimilarWeb API since it gives more data.
Accuracy:Both the tools use similar algorithms of clickstream data collection, projection and estimation, so the difference is certain to happen.

Plus, while comparing the stats with Google Analytics, you will find the difference in numbers.  

Also, no tool in the market is extremely accurate for reporting numbers. Usually, it is said that SEMrush traffic analytics is easier to trust because it works better than SimilarWeb. It analyzes smaller domains. 

For high populated websites, it is difficult to tell which one is better, both work well. 
Furthermore, SEMrush Traffic Analytics gives the “estimated accuracy” sign at the top of the interface. 
To see the accuracy, you need to see the audience.

If you get to see a large number of audience for the website, then it means it has higher accuracy according to tooltip indication.

Also, don’t worry about the difference in all because this is applied to all the researched competitors’  domains.
In the case of accuracy, both the sites work similar so it is a tie.

But keep this thing in your mind, SEMrush is more proactive to improve accuracy.
Pricing:In SEMrush all the features for website traffic analysis which are included in SEMrush traffic analytics tool, regional databases and also historical data are its part just in 200$ per month. It is more costly. It asks for every country’s database price separately. Some other features have to be paid individually. However, it lets you use the website freely with limited data. 

Overall, in the case of the price which is very important because investment takes intelligent decisions, the winner is SEMrush.
SEMrush more flexible than SimilarWeb.

Conclusion of SEMrush vs SimilarWeb:

If you are a Marketer and you are looking for the Best Analytical Tool to keep an eye on your Web-store then you must do some research, like which tool is best suitable for your need or what comes in your budget?

And in today’s era where we have lots of competition to rank on the top page on Search Engine.

We need a compatible software for our website who can tell the accurate statistics and analytics about our online site.  

So, here I came up with a solution that SEMrush is really very helpful to tell the accurate data.

If you want you can get a free 7 days trial of SEMrush.

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