10 Ways How to Make Money on Pinterest


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I am basically a freelancer who make money on Pinterest and a Mother. After my baby’s birth, I was not able to give more time to my work. The traveling jobs were a bit difficult as my workplace was very far off. 

In between, I have started looking out on YouTube about how to make money on Pinterest and other social media platforms.
How to Make money from Pinterest

I was surprised to see that a new platform Pinterest has gained lot of attention because of its simplicity and bright features.

 Today I will discuss 10 Ways How to Make Money Online from Pinterest.

1. Hear your inner voice, make ideas and sell it to others.

Let’s understand this with an example. 

If you are living in an area where people like spending on pizza.   Start developing a Nische in the Pizza segment. Find ways how you can utilize Pinterest to sell your ideas and make money . 

Start building up your followers and once you have good number of followers you can sell your ideas.

 In fact, you don’t have to go out and sell anything, companies will approach you by themselves marketing purpose. 

These companies spend heavily on marketing and you would be paid enough.

2. Capitalize your audience.

 You don’t worry even if you don’t have 1000 followers on Pinterest. Even a few hundred followers from you are Nische is sufficient enough to convince any company for sponsorship. 

Let’s say you are having a  niche in pizza, start contacting local restaurants and companies who deal in pizza. 

Show them your Pinterest account statistics and convince them for a win-win deal. 

All this you can do it by sitting at your home, just by making a few phone calls and doing regular emails and follow-ups.

Even if once in a while it is required to meet a client in person, that is even better so that you can really convince them. They will have a face to the idea.

Try to get a long-term deal at least for a year or so. so here comes your first deal.   congratulations. 

3. Focus on Business Development and New Sponsorships

Now you have already got momentum. Now you understood the business how to approach a client for sponsorship.

This is the right time to pitch other investors and companies for sponsorships. Don’t hesitate in calling them up and rigorous followups. 


It’s not too easy to get your new clients. Try getting references from the first client. 

Give your best shot and more profits to your clients.

Build a relationship and rapport with all your clients. Meeting in person is always an excellent idea, so as to develop a business in the long run.

Try getting more and more references and never hesitate in asking them. 

4. Explore more Markets.

Don’t lose focus on creating new Pins on Pinterest.  Keep working on it and make work automation mode. 

Invest in automation tools that can create Pins and Scheduled automatically.

Exploring More market means you can move out of your current Geographic area and target some nearby towns cities so as your reach increases.  

Try meeting your clients in person and don’t lose grip on them. Try to get repeat work and increase the fees as well.

5. How to make money on Pinterest from Affiliate Marketing.

There are many ways on how to make money online from affiliate marketing using Pinterest. The easiest way is to create a website and YouTube Channel.

Start diverting your Pinterest clients to your website, and start selling different products from affiliate links. Read Work from home Amazon

6.Learn digital marketing

 Start investing in yourself.  The more you invest in learning, the better it is for you.  

Digital marketing is a complex thing but if you practice, you can learn it easily.

Start learning about SEO  Search Engine Optimisation. 

Learn how to rank your website and Pinterest Pins in your niche on Google.

Pinterest has a special way of optimizing photos.

There are some set criteria, and if you follow then Pinterest will promote your pins automatically.  

Try to learn which dimensions and pixels are best on Pinterest. 

Make your pins super attractive and catchy.  Try optimizing all word characters using hashtags and add your website details. 

Make your website more user-friendly and mobile optimized.  Put some good blogs on your website and show the actual client credentials as testimony.  

Make all blogs super catchy and put all social media sharing buttons.

7. Put small videos on Pinterest 2020

Now there are some exciting features on Pinterest where is you can put small videos as well. Start utilizing this amazing feature of Pinterest. 

Convey your idea through small videos. The Video should be relevant and engaging. 

So basically you are promoting your own business for free. You can take the help of some freelancers in creating these professional videos. 

You can search these types of freelancers called Fiverr.

8. Competitor Analysis

Start doing repin- relevant pins on your board.

Start following people who really take an interest. Communicate with them on personal messages and direct messages. 

Grow your network on Facebook Twitter.  

Make a professional LinkedIn profile. Start reaching out to more and more companies even outside your geography and network.  

Try to find out competitors backlinks through various SEO tools like SEM Rush and Ahrefs. Steal your competitor’s backlinks. Try to build the number of backlinks. But don’t forget the golden rule of Google,  backlink has to be relevant from an authority website.

9. Provide excellent after Sales Service

 Don’t forget this a golden rule. You have taken the money and you have to be professional. Show them  Statistics regularly. 

Also, show them how much profit you have created for your client. 

If you are managing their social media account for example, then show the work progress on a weekly and monthly basis. 

Never compromise on the quality of work even if you are taking some extra time.

10. Make money from Pinterest ebook

 By now you have understood various ways how to make money from Pinterest.  

Start utilizing your knowledge in creating an ebook. 

Now you can sell this ebook on various E-Commerce platforms like Amazon. 

If you are really confident about your Pinterest marketing strategies, start doing webinars. 

You can also start taking free as well as paid guest lectures. 

This will increase your viewership, not only on social media platforms but personally, also you will build relations with various other business people. 


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