How to easily use Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress, monsterinsights best ga plugin for wordpress

How to easily use Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress?

How to easily use Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress, Custom event tracking with google analytics in wordpress, Monsterinsights

How to easily use Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress?

Whether you are a tech savvy person or not, you can easily MonsterInsights setup in WordPress, the events tracking with google analytics in WordPress.

So, if you want to learn how to create this customization of Events tracking with Google Analytics read this article till end.

Adding this custom tracking would help you to track and measure all your website traffic and also helps you to understand which link you are getting higher clicks or page views.

So, here I am gonna teach you how to do this event tracking easy with the help of a WordPress plugin “MonsterInsights

In this article you will learn how to set up custom event tracking with MonsterInsights and without it also, and later on the choice is yours that you wanna go with MonsterInsights tracking system or want to do it by your own.

What is Google Analytics Event Tracking ?

Before going to MonsterInsights let me first clarify to you what is google analytics and why it is so important for us.

Basically events like playing videos, clicking on any button on a web page, like download, flash elements and so on, and once a user or a visitor visits your site what exactly the user was doing on your web page that activity calls an event and you have to manage and track your audience. it can be tracked from a page view, hits on a web page and page loads.

Get free MonsterInsights best WordPress Analytics Plugin.

When any user visits your site you must know what content the visitor is interacting with. So, tracking your events helps you to better know about your most quality content and increases conversions. Also this tracking helps you to optimize your text for better results.

There are three important objects(components) about the event:

  1. Event Category: Things or objects your visitor interacted with, like CTA call-to-action button.
  2. Event Action: This could be a version or type on which a user clicks on any button on a page.
  3. Event Label: Any information about the events you want to track. like get this from here or buy it here.

Once you set up Google Analytics, it records your CTA as a custom event and its values.

Set up Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress:

Generally Google Analytics tracks only hits or clicks on web pages and for more detailed insights you should go with the custom tracking system.

There are two ways or methods you can set up Google Analytics with Events Tracking in WordPress.

1st Method: By installing MonsterInsights plugin and connecting it with Google Analytics the best and easiest way to do event tracking.

2nd Method: Add onclick parameters on your site links manually that could be a little technical.

I personally suggest the first method to track all your site events through MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin.

This plugin will simplify your whole process of setting up event tracking in WordPress and there is no need for any coding. Any person who is not a developer can also do this by this easy surface. Let’s discuss these two methods in detail:

If you go with the first method by adding MonsterInsights plugin

This is the best and very easy way to add MonsterInsights in WordPress and the dashboard is also very easy to use.

I can say that it is the easiest way for tracking events.

As MonsterInsights introduces a new custom link attribution feature. It allows you to add personalised event tracking to your google analytics account.

For installing MonsterInsights first you need to your wordpress dashboard and then go to plugins and click on add new plugin. In the search bar type “MonsterInsights”. If you have already downloaded it from than just click on the upload plugin and then install and activate it.

After Activation the plugin you can there is a windows pop up like this.

Click on the Launch the Wizard button and then complete the set up.

Connect your MonsterInsights account to with your Gmail Account and Allow the permissions for Google Analytics.

With the new features you can track all CTA or call-to-action buttons on your site and it will help you to find out the loop holes if there are any. 

You can add these links to your subdomains also and through all links you can track the users traffic like from which country you are getting the most hits on your site and which is the best keyword for your site’s health.

Now, when you installed and activated that plugin. All you need to do is link with wordpress for that add the HTML Tag in your data file.

<a href=”” data-vars-ga-category=”Custom Category” data-vars-ga-action=”Custom Action” data-vars-ga-label=”Custom Label” >Example</a>

Once you are done with these tags Monsterinsights will automatically start tracking your websites links and provide you with detailed reports.

Now, you need to replace the event category, action and label with your even conditions. And there you go! It’s Done.

 The best and easy way to track all your events with google analytics in WordPress.

For looking at your data analysis report go to the publisher’s report in MonsterInsights dashboard. Go to Insights then go to Reports and Publisher after that just scroll down your cursor and you can see a complete data report of your tracks.

What if you with the second method:

Now on the other hand if you choose this method by adding onclick parameter on your links manually. For that you need some Javascript skills to apply for this.

The format of onclick parameter is as follows:

<a href=”” onclick=”__gaTracker(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘cta’, ‘Click’, ‘Buy button’, ‘0’);” >Buy Now</a>

That’s it!! Now Google Analytics will track your information about the visitors on your site.

We hope that this informative article “How to easily use Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress” will help you to set your Event Tracking with Google Analytics in WordPress easily.

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