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15 Best Plugins for Accepting Bitcoin Payment and Cryptocurrency Payments on Your WordPress Website

According to the article of BBC “Bitcoin, often described as a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency or a digital currency – is a type of money that is completely virtual.” Bitcoin Payment is the fastest and safest way of money transfer-national or international payments. Bitcoin WordPress Plugin are easy way of financial transactions, especially international payments, or where you looking out for the alternative of Paypal.

It is an online version of cash, so you can use it to buy products and services, but some countries have not accepted it.

Bitcoin Payment and Cryptocurrency Payments on Your WordPress 1
Bitcoin wordpress Plugin

WordPress developers have given plugins of Bitcoin Payments and Cryptocurrency Payments. These WordPress Plugins are for accepting Cryptocurrency payments, help you to collect payments and other work for non-payment functionalities.

Without doing much hard work, you can get the ultimate crypto website all set to hit the online world. Get the most of the benefits from these amazing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency plugins and make all-in-one WordPress websites. While using cryptocurrency / Bitcoin WordPress plugins, you can simultaneously use translational WordPress Plugins.

We will discuss some of the best Cryptocurrency Plugins to help you install for getting payments. Wp Rocket Plugin supports this as well.


It is one of the best Bitcoin WordPress Plugin which helps you to accept payments and donations. 

It is 100% free and no monthly fee or transaction fee is required. 

Also, this plugin doesn’t ask for the bank account. 

It integrates directly with your WordPress website. 

Another stand-out feature is that whenever GoURL makes transaction notification and if your website is not connected, then its notification is stored on the queue and waits for re-connecting. 

So as soon as your website is available, this plugin sends transaction notification.

It also works in other languages, if you don’t want it to be in English. I am sure you would like to write Grammar Proof sentences. I recommend the Premium Grammarly. In fact, this article is proofread by Grammarly.

In some countries, PayPal doesn’t work, so they can opt for this plugin for payment without facing difficulty.

It has integration with WooCommerce as well.

Cryptocurrency All-in-On

Its name tells everything about its functions. It accepts Cryptocurrency payments in the free version and accepts order payments in premium version. 

Also, it supports Bitcoin, litecoin, Zcash etc.

Some of its helping features are: 

a. It shows both cryptocurrency prices and market cap. 

b.It tells exchange rates for cryptocurrencies. 

c.It provides a calculator to help people calculate a cryptocurrency’s price in different currencies. 

d. Also, it provides plugin Translations. A new update has been done, so now bloggers can earn crypto with their blogs. 

In their recent update, you’ll see a Trade button next to a cryptocurrency. 

When your readers make a crypto-to-crypto exchange, you’ll make a commission (50% of what they make) in the receiving coin. 

You as a blogger should try this plugin, it will help you to earn online.

MyCrypto Checkout 

This plugin handles payments of WooCommerce and easy digital download websites. 

The good thing is it never asks for a transaction fee. It doesn’t involve third-party in transaction payments and sees transactions by blockchain.

It is free for up to 3 sales.

It supports many cryptocurrencies and some of them are: Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin BTC (Including SegWit, HD wallets) , Bitcoin Cash BCH (Including HD wallets, Bitcoin Gold BTG Dash DASH (Including HD wallets), Decred DCR.

In addition, Fiat auto settlement system allows you to connect to exchange(s) and instantly convert

selected coins to fiat or stable coins.

Currently, on the main website of WordPress, you won’t see even a single negative review about this plugin, so what else do you need!!


It is a popular Bitcoin WordPress plugin. It is very powerful to accept bitcoin payments on your online WooCommerce store. 

It has been helping plenty of websites to increase sales by adding bitcoin, since 2015. 

It is unique because this plugin allows full decentralization in the e-commerce industry, so it is beneficial for you since whenever you take coins out, it saves your fees, and without the indulgence of middle person, you are the owner of your own revenue. So, don’t worry about the hackers while using this plugin. Also, it offers world-class customer support team.


CoinGate Bitcoin WordPress Plugin is also an amazing method to accept bitcoin, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you have an online business, then you should choose this plugin because it accepts bitcoin and other digital currencies.

You don’t have to worry to check it again and again after installing since you get automatic payment confirmation and other notifications. You don’t get bothered about recurring fees and chargebacks.

The only drawback is it asks for the English language and doesn’t accept other languages which annoy most of the people.


Do you have your own online store in which you do business? 

Then, Cryptoniq Bitcoin WordPress Plugin is for you because your customers can pay you through this plugin. Cryptoniq is a plugin also known as Woocommerce Payment Plugin, which allows to pay for products with cryptocurrencies. 

It gives four types of cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. 

Also, there are no withdrawal fees, the payment will go from the buyer to the owner directly. It uses a decentralized payment method. You just have to add your wallet addresses to the plugin options panel and the user will send the money directly to your address. 

You get these benefits by this method: Direct Payment, No 3rd Party Service, and No Withdrawal payment.


If you want to add payment method to your WooCommerce store then install this Bitcoin WordPress Plugin. 

The cryptocurrencies which are supported by this plugin are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. 

Its team is also very quick to reply to you and help you with all queries. You might face one trouble to set up it and that is the system is a little bit complicated, unlike to other plugins.

BTCpay For WooCommerce

This is a free Bitcoin WordPress Plugin. It permits Bitcoin and Altcoin so you can receive payments without issues. Plus, it doesn’t ask for a transaction fee. Also, it is a non-custodial invoicing system which prevents to involve third-party.

It doesn’t use already used address due to security issues and in each in-voice, it generates a new address. 

If you want to migrate from another plugin to this one, so it will be easy for you. You can also use it as a self-hosted solution.


This Bitcoin WordPress Plugin is also acceptable for you. It accepts bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments from payment protocol compatible wallets. 

It gives you the price in your local currency. It gets settled through bank transfer. 

Also, chargebacks are not possible with cryptocurrency payments.

No middleman Bitcoin

It accepts all payments directly to your own wallet for free. Its name also suggests that it doesn’t get transaction fee since no third-party is involved. 

It is easy because it doesn’t ask for API key, and also no website registration is required.

In this Bitcoin WordPress Plugin, you control your wallets and your fees. In this plugin, no website registration is done and no plugin API key is required. 

You will find MPK Support means it places a unique address for every order. 

It is supportive of all WooCommerce fiat currencies.

CryptoWp Bitcoin WordPress Plugin

It is a light-weight plugin. Its function is to manage and to display cryptocurrency coin prices and other info on your website. It displays coins in 30 currencies.

It is an importer and manages coins from the Crypto dashboard. Plus, it links your page with coin prices.

In addition, it calculates the coin value of any USD currency value and it is available translation ready. 

Its support system is highly recommended by many users. 

Dissimilar to most cryptocurrency plugins, CryptoWP does not take over your admin panel with ads and bloated features and does not load your database by having vast amounts of unused coin data.

BitMate Author Donations

It is a Bitcoin WordPress Plugin made especially for authors to get Cryptocurrency payments. It can be used in “Maximalist” bitcoin with classic styles. It uses local self-hosted fonts.

It adds cryptocurrency donation box under all posts.

Cryptothanks Bitcoin WordPress Plugin

It is the only plugin in which publishers get donations by Cryptocurrencies. 

By the help of this plugin, you can add simple crypto coins buttons into your post and pages. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many others.

Elegro Crypto Payment

It is an another cryptocurrency payment method which offers its service instantly with exchange to

EUR/USD or any other fiat currency at direct exchange rates.

Although it asks for the payment processing fee, payments are reasonable. 

You can use it with multiple websites. Also, the best thing is, it allows your customers to pay you anywhere no matter what the place is Plus, the technical support is very energetic and responds within seconds.


Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This plugin manages work with online businesses through WordPress e-commerce by accepting bitcoin payments. 

You won’t have to log in and sign up. It notifies you about every transaction. Plus, there is no commission fee. You get an email notification for every transaction.

It gives local currency settlement as well, it easily settles payments to your bank account in your local currency. 

The withdrawal fee is 0.8%  that is the only cost. You will always get the expected amount and will never face a violation.

 In addition, it has a non-custodial system, payments are given directly to the owner. 

In short, it is friendly and comprehensive.

To conclude, all the drawbacks and positive points have been described, now, you can read all of them to get the idea to choose the best option for you according to your needs and wants. 


Cryptocurrency is a new beginning of doing financial transactions. Everything is on the blockchain and has complete transparency. Having a good knowledge of blockchain is very important. 

So basically blockchain provides complete transparency of fair financial dealings and everything can be seen on the blockchain. Bitcoin WordPress Plugins are safe to use along with Translational Plugins

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