FTP client for WordPress user

21 Best Free & Paid FTP Clients for WordPress User

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. FTP client for WordPress is built on a client-server model architecture that uses separate control and data connections between the client and the server.

When it is added on a website it helps organize, edit and check. And If there is some problem on the website that needs to be fixed or looked upon.

Not every FTP client is the same. Every FTP client is different from one another. Every FTP client functions differently and has its own pros and cons. 

Hosting companies allow downloading these on platforms like WordPress by only one click. 


1. FileZilla( client binaries available for Windows, Linux and macOS)

The reason for mentioning FileZilla at the top of the list is because first of all, it is for free. This is available for Windows, Linux, Mac. The developer of FileZilla is Tim Kosse.

Reasons, why you should use Filezilla, is that:

FTP clients for WorfdPress user FileZilla


2. FREE FTPd (for windows):

The thing about this FTP client is that it comes with a free and paid version. It does not provide all the features that you require for free, but it is enough to satisfy you if you don’t need much.

This gives you an option that you can upgrade according to your requirements. FreeFTP is one of the most popular WordPress FTPs. With a beginner-friendly interface, FreeFTP is quite easy to use, which is one of the most impressive features that help a newbie.

The reasons why you should use it are:


3. Cyberduck ( for Microsoft and Mac):

It is user friendly, which means it is very easy to use, and along with that, it allows quick transfer of file, which means saving time! What’s better than that?

Like other easy to download FTPs, this is also very easy to download. You can go to Mac-stores or Microsoft to download it, or you can simply download it from Cyberduck site.

Reasons why you should use it, are: 

Cyberduck FTP client for WordPress user


4. WinSCP ( for Mac, Windows and Linux):

It is simple but effective. Above that its free! It is similar to FileZilla. It was initially created as a tool for securely copying files between two computers, but WinSCP also serves as an excellent FTP client

As security is one’s top priority, WinSCP’s important to feature us that it has superior security.

Reasons why you should use WinSCP :

Features of WinSCP:

5. Forklift ( for Mac):

A ForkLift is an FTP Client for Mac. This FTP client WordPress allows you to remotely connect with the Amazon S3 Google Drive, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Backblaze B2, Rackspace CloudFiles, SMB, AFP, and NFS

This certainly means that it allows you to connect with multiple servers at the same time, and helps in multiple transfers. Multiple tasks at the same time! Isn’t that great? 

But forklift only provides a free trial. But the premium software can be accessed with a license and $29.95.

Reasons to use it:


The list of its features goes on!

6. Transmit (for Mac):

Transmit is a file transfer client. It is exclusively for Mac, and it has been developed by Panic. It is a shareware, and Mac or Apple users will grasp the UI right away.

Even though it is not free, it gives a 7-day free trial. After the trial, the product can only be used for 7 minutes of sessions. The main software costs $45 with a license, you can also get discounts, and it helps you get extra copies.

The reason why it has this tag of ‘a suggested or best FTP client‘ is that it transfers files 25 times faster than other (some)FTP clients.

Reasons why you should use Transmit:

Features of Transmit:

7. Commander One Pro (for Mac):

It is the best free FTP client for Mac. Commander one is now available for free! The commander one pro which offers other multiple advantages is not for free.

However, the premium version requires a license and payment. The version itself is available for $29.99 but the price increases with buying of the licenses. 

The paid version allows the built-in FTP manager while giving you the flexibility to use two panels to work more efficiently.

Reasons why you should use it:

Features of Commander One:

8. SmartFTP (for windows):

It is a network file transfer for Microsoft windows. It supports file transfer via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2 protocols

It is a reliable and secure FTP client that you can easily use.

Reasons why you should use it:

Features of SmartFTP:

9. Win-sock file transfer protocol:

Win sock File Transfer Protocol professional is a secure file transfer by Ipswitch. The operating system is Microsoft Windows. It has over 40 million users. It moves data from anywhere, anytime with security.

It is said that no other file transfer provides the same security and ease of use that Win sock file transfer protocol offers. The qualities are unmatchable.

Reasons why you should use the Winsock file transfer protocol:

Features of Win sock file transfer protocol:

10) And FTP (for android):

AndFTP, as said by experts, is exclusively for android. It allows you to transfer files from a tablet or your phone, which helps you to focus on other things. 

This also ensures high-level security features for the safe transfer of files. 

AndFTP is free, but if you require more features, then you can buy the pro version. The pro version offers more features, and the new version has bug fixes, extra encryption and small screen support.

Reasons why you should use it:

Features of FTP:

11. CuteFTP ( for Mac and Windows:

The Mac version does not have as many features as Microsoft has. Don’t be fooled by its name. It is a powerful FTP that allows nearly 100 files to transfer at once. It helps you share files between mobile and computers instantaneously.

It frequently asks for your password, which might be annoying to some users. But it offers most of the features that expect a professional FTP.

Reasons why you should use it:

Features of CuteFTP:

12) Core FTP Le ( for Windows):

It is quite similar to FileZilla. Its development is focused on windows software. You can have a free version or access with a small fee that has the basic interface and dual-panel layout.

It is a secure FTP client. The reasons why you should use it are:

Features of Core FTP le:

13) Fire FTP Client for WordPress:

Fire FTP is an extension of the famous internet browser. It is free to download. The plugins run smoothly with Firefox. It also has amazing features, and one of them is the seamless drag and drop feature.

If you are looking for a free FTP client with amazing features, then this is definitely your ideal FTP.

Reasons why you should use fire FTP:

Features of Fire FTP:

14. Direct FTP:

The FTP that is both powerful and user friendly. If these are your area of interest, then you should definitely give it a try. 

It is not only an FTP app that transfers files at high speed but is also a complete web design toolbox.

Reasons why you should use it

Features of direct FTP:

15. Fling FTP:

It is a tool that allows file transfer and backup data over networks and FTP. Like many FTPs, it also allows automated uploading of files if you set it to do so. It is easy to use a file transfer protocol.

Reasons why it is the ideal:

Features of Fling FTP:

16) Good sync ( for windows, MAC and Linux):

It is easy to use, automated and unattended service with multiple destination offers. It is used to back up and synchronize files between computer and function or even storage devices.

Three Reasons why you should use it:

Features of good sync:

17) FTP Voyager ( for windows and Linux):

It allows quick transfer of files even though the file size and along with that ensures the safety of data over a secure shell data stream. Speed and security are two of its top qualities.

 Reasons why should use it and what are the features:

18) Fetch FTP ( for MAC):

This tool can help you overview all of the progress and time that will take to transfer for more than one file. As suggested from its name, fetch fetches or filters out needed directories. 

Features that give you reasons why you should use it:

19. Wise FTP for professionals:

This file transfer protocol is for professionals. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to connect to any server of FTP such as FTPES, FTPS, SFTP etc. 

It is a quick and wise FTP client. It allows quick changes by shortcuts and by few clicks.

Here are some features and reasons to like this FTP client:

20. Crush FTP ( for Windows, Solaris, UNIX etc.):

The first thing that you might have noticed is that it runs on quite a lot of operating systems. That’s only one good thing about it, and it has more to it. The software can even manage and monitor from almost every device from anywhere.

Amazing feature or reasons to give it a try:

21. FlashFXP:

It is a tool that enables you or helps you to share files via FTP. You can limit download and upload speed and even compare folders visually. 

Along with all amazing features it is also available in the portable edition. It even allows rollback transfer of data, and that’s not it. It has other helpful features which are listed below.

Some basic Features of FlashFXP:

How to use FTP (Filezilla)

If you do not have an account already then use a website administration tool to set one up.

Setting up options:

These are the details of the account that you will need regarding your FTP account on your server

  1.   Your FTP address
  2.   Your FTP username
  3.   Your FTP password

To register the FTP server follow the steps mentioned below:

Connect to FTP client

From the toolbar of Filezilla, select ‘Open Site Manager’. You can select your FTP server from the drop-down list


Start site manager from file> Site manager , select your FTP server and then click on ‘connect.’

When you get done with the connecting part, you will see that in the top window of Filezilla has a series of messages, and in the large window, you will see a listing of the files will appear.

21 free and paid File transfer protocols have been discussed in this article. You need FTP for:

Also if you don’t choose any FTP client from the FTP mentioned above clients, you must know what you have to look for in an ideal Ftp client

Following are the aspects you should look for in an ideal FTP client.

  • No one wants their information leaked or the files that they are transferring have some security problem. That’s why, while looking for an FTP client, security should be your top priority. Make sure that the FTP client you are using ensures safe and secure transfer of your file
  • The drag and drop function. This function acts as an easy to use a shortcut. You can drag and drop your file or folder to delete it or rename it. Do not overlook this functionality.
  • Fast file transfer. Who doesn’t want a quick transfer of files? So while choosing an FTP client, make sure that it can ensure the fast transfer of even large files.
  • Find out client support. Also check the protocols required such as SFTP, HTTP etc.
  • Make sure that you are downloading the latest version and even if it is suitable for your version of OS
  • You should know that some file transfer protocol works better for local transfers. The connectivity of secure FTP should be considered while using. Know that it is what you require.
  • You don’t want to lose track of your files, so make sure the FTP client has a combo bookmarking feature. Best free FTP client holds the best bookmarking and search tools that further help in locating multiple files, without fail.
  • Certain FTP clients have better functionality in the context of OS support. This is why you should always check the version of OS you are getting.


Similarities between FTP clients

All of FTPs are similar in some way but are also different in other ways. Which means that you cannot expect every FTP client to work the same way. 

You have to do some research about it and then finally try out its free trial.

Why testing out free trials is important.

The free trial will give you an idea of how that FTP client works and if it meets your expectations or not.

The free trial will not only help you save time and effort but will also save you from spending money. How? Because when you use the free trial, you will get to know if you want the FTP client or not ( if it is what you require or not ). 

If not, you will be saving money by not paying for it before you checked it. Along with that, you will have some experience from the usage of that FTP client that might help you in the future somehow.

Consider the expert’s suggestion while choosing.

Experts have more experience. They speak out of their experience. It is hard for you to find someone other than them to look for advice. So when choosing an FTP client read expert reviews on it. 

If you can’t find expert review, then the only option left is to rely on user reviews, they will give you the best insight about the client.

And if you don’t like relying on people’s review or suggestions, then there is always a free trial to get in-depth about the client.

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