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Amp for WP Pro Plugin

Amp plugin for WordPress is a plugin that makes your site run like a cheetah and makes it as smooth as butter. 

The AMP plugin is like every other invention that is caused by a need. The AMP for WP plugin was found in February 2016 when one of the creator’s or inventor’s clients wanted an AMP for their website.

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So initially, it was just an experiment, but after they worked on it and made two updates within 6 months, they made it an open-source and were scaled to 10,000 plugin users in less than 5 months. After this point, the journey of success began, and it is currently powering more than 1,80,000 websites with a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

What is the Amp plugin?

It basically is a cut-down or shortcode Html. As the name suggests, ‘accelerated mobile pages’ helps run pages faster on mobile phones for better user experience for mobile users. In short, it leads to accelerated mobile pages.

Do you really need an amp plugin?

If you want users or visitors to have a smooth and nice experience with your blog or page on their mobile phones, then yes, you need the amp plugin. Especially if most of your page or site visitors use mobile for visiting your site, good user experience for mobile users will lead to more web traffic and site visits. 

According to a study in 2018, 52.5 percent of web traffic was generated from mobile devices. Which means that mobile visitors are in a greater number than desktop visitors,

would I suggest it to you?

Yes. I would. 

Why do you ask?

In this article, I’ll be sharing reviews about the amp plugin for WP pro.

Which is also the reason for suggesting it to you. Speed up your site with WP Rocket by clearing unwanted cache data.

Let’s start the review with some stats. Amp plugin is powering more than 1,80,000 websites with a rating of 4.4/5 by its personal users. It has more than 10,000,000 downloads and is always updated to the latest and fastest version.

Review on the new premium feature of AMP for WP

these are the three new extensions of AMP for WP:

1. Paid membership pro

This add-on or extension will allow you to render content based on the membership of your AMP version, such as showing related posts, etc.. It is an easy plug and plays plugin with an easy user interface. Updates are released automatically so that your site is always smooth and fast.

2. Conversion goals tracking for AMP

This plugin for AMP allows you to keep track of the conversion rate of your page. Through this feature, you can easily add multiple links by just entering your conversion goal. Once you have entered your goal, this feature will take care of your google analytics by adding button tracking and form submissions.

3. Post Views for AMP

This extension will provide you with the information that how many times your page or post has been visited or viewed. The views will be displayed in a very simple manner. It is easy to set up and run, all you have to do is activate it, and the extension will automatically add the AMP compatibility. The feature will always be updated to the latest version for the best experience of user and owner.

These were some of the new extensions or add-ons that you can add if you want access to these features because they don’t come pre-plugged with the AMP plugin.

Main features of the AMP plugin

Here are some main and well-known features of the AMP plugin. Also, a reason for the AMP plugin for WP to be one of the best WordPress plugins.

1. Advertisement with sense

No one likes it when an ad pops up after every second while you were viewing a page or a site. A page or blog with poor ad management is annoying and leads to less traffic, site visits, and the visitor leaves immediately due to bad user experience. 

This feature allows you to place your monetized ads just in the right place and slot! It makes your life a little easier.

The feature that comes with the free version:

  • 6 pre-defined as placing slots. These slots are ideal and the best for placing your ad.
  • Smart, responsive google AdSense. This smart and responsive google ad sense optimizes your ads according to mobiles and desktops. such as managing the size etc.
  • Viewability of the ad, this provides you with the information whether the ad had the chance to be viewed or not.
  • Sponsorship label, get your page labeled by your sponsor for paid work.
  • Features with the pro version or premium version of WordPress
  • In-Content Ads after X Paragraph & Auto Ads
  • This allows you to add ads after chosen paragraphs of your blog post or page. This is a premium feature that provides you with premium access to adding ads in blog posts wherever you find them suitable.
  • All ad companies support
  • The Premium version of WP with premium features provides you with premium exposure! Amp supports all ad companies for your page and blog.
  • Get Best WordPress Cache Plugin for Free

SEO Optimized

The list of its features is long and useful. Here is yet another important and praiseworthy feature: SEO optimization. The AMP plugin keeps in mind the search engine optimization requirements so that your page can keep up with the requirements.

Here are some functions that are provided by this feature,

Built-in-JSON-LD 9JavaScript Object notation For linked Data support

It is the best way to attract traffic towards your site and link websites. Structured data and schema implication is deeply implicated in JSON-LD format to make you fully compatible with the AMP carousel.

Proper usage of heading tags

The heading tag is indeed the most important element of a page because if the user finds the point in the heading, he will click to visit the page. If he doesn’t, he will not see the page. It is why the heading tag of a page has a huge impact on SEO optimization. This feature helps you to use the heading tags while considering the SEO requirements properly.

Yoast SEO integration

The Yoast SEO integration simply makes your page SEO friendly. SEO friendliness depends on Keywords, easy user interface, etc.

 All in one SEO Integration

The all-in-one SEO integration provides many benefits such as social media integration, which means that you can also add the social share buttons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp.

 Rank Math SEO Integration

Rank math helps you connect search console, Woocommerce, schema (structured data), and image SEO, which results in better SEO by helping you with important SEO factors such as search results, etc.

SEMrush Free Trial : SEMrush is the best SEO tool. Try it!

Genesis Integration

It provides you with a way through which you can connect efficiently and closely with your clients or visitors.

SEOPress Integration

This integration will connect you to popular page builders, e-commerce, translation, performance, and analytics software. For example, elementer, woo-commerce, google analytics, multilingual software, etc.

Bridge Qode SEO Integration

Bridge Quote SEO integration provides more than 300 themes, along with animations, such as animated texts, etc. It also is supported by an advanced image gallery, Qode elements holder, and icons with text. Make your blog aesthetically pleasing with this integration!

The SEO Framework Integration

With this integration, your meta tags are organized and optimized; it creates a beautiful overview with colorful taglines.

Squirrly SEO Integration

Helps with keyword research and helps your page rank in top 10 google searches

SmartCrawl Integration

This feature boosts and enhances your SEO ranking by linking your linking, creating an interlink between each of them. As the name suggests, it crawls or attracts web traffic towards your site.

Setting panel or Control panel

The features of AMP have been discussed, but how can you use and control these features? 

The setting panel or control panel of a plugin plays a significant role in using that plugin. If the setting panel is easy to use and understand, the features can be easily activated, used, and controlled. 

The setting panel of the AMP plugin is user friendly. Through this, you have access to control and view every little detail about your page easily, for example, the notification bar, contact form, structured data, post type, etc.; all can be viewed or controlled easily through the settings panel.

You can also go with WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin. I must say this is really best cache plugin for wordpress.

It is really just made for better user experience by allowing access to more than 300 options and different color schemes. 

Page Representation

Unique Designs 

The amp plugin for WordPress provides you with unique designs for your page along with accelerated mobile page loading time.

These unique designs are not only pleasant to the eyes but are also very user friendly because of their simple user interface and quick loading times.

The designs and themes are customized so that they run smoothly on mobile devices without any problem. Unique and smooth running pages are SEO friendly and lead to more web traffic, loyal and regular page visitors. 

Unlimited Typography

This feature gives you access to more than 800 fonts. You can write your content with any font of your choice that suits the theme of your page or blog. You can choose a font that can be easily read.

It is supported by Google fonts API and is highly optimized. It has 877 font families and all font weights.

AMP page builder

Web page building sounds like a really technical term to someone who has just stepped into the world of technology and isn’t familiar with the terms like ‘page building’ or web development. 

AMP plugin has made it easy for newbies to build a page without having to deal with the coding and other technological stuff. You can build complex layouts with simple and easy steps.

You can either use the pre-built layout or design your own page by adjusting modules.

the list of modules that you can control are:

Accordion13.  Heading
Advertising14.   Icons
Blurb15.   Image
Button16.   Lists
Code17.   Map
Contact Forms18.   Pricing
Category19.   Slider
Presentation20.   Team
Counter21.   Text
Call To Action22.   Testimonial
Feature23.   Video

14+ Analytics Vendor Integration:

It is just one click implementation with your site

The analytics integrations include:

Google-analyticsFacebook Pixel
Chartbeat AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager
Matomo (Piwik) AnalyticsSegment Analytics
Quantcast MeasurementComscore
Histats AnalyticsYandex Metrica
Afs AnalyticsAlexa Metrics
Clicky Analytics

Pricing Plan

Now that most of the features of the AMP plugins have been discussed, it all comes down to the pricing plan. AMP provides five pricing plans, personal, multiple, webmaster, freelancer, and agency.


The personal price plan starts at dollar 149 per year. This plugin can only be used for one website. It is the best for someone who runs a personal site and doesn’t need much.


The multiple price plan starts at dollar 199 per year. This plugin can be used for 1 to 3 websites. If you are handling more than one website at a time, you should definitely go for this price plan. This price plan is also suitable for someone who is working in a group of three people.


The webmaster price plan starts at dollar 249 per year. This plugin can be used for 10 websites. As the name suggests , a webmaster who is handling up to 10 websites should go for this price plan as it is quite pocket-friendly.


The freelancer price plan starts at dollar 299 per year. This plugin can be used for 26 sites. If you are a full-time freelancer, you should definitely go for this price plan for better themes and quick loading times for your blog.


The agency price plan starts at dollar 499 per year. This plugin can be used for unlimited websites. This price plan is best suggested for agencies and people working on large scales.

Customer Support review

Their customer support is available if you have any questions regarding the amp plugin for WordPress pro. These questions can be about a tutorial, extensions, themes, developer docs, pre-sales, troubleshooting, how-to, miscellaneous, and theming (AMP theme framework). They really take care of customer support and user experience. They make sure that users have a great experience with the plugin and try their best to offer the best services.

There are two ways of contacting customer support or service.

1. Through email: You can email them your question, and they will respond to you within 24 hours

2. Through chat: There is a chat option available to send a message if you have any questions or doubts. Your item will be answered by real human beings, not bots. So your question will be adequately answered, and all your doubts will be cleared and satisfied. They usually reply in a short period of around 2 or 3 hours.

AMP priority support

The amp priority support team fixes your AMP errors through webmaster tools. By doing this, they show that your comfort is their top priority. They take care of the errors so that you can focus on your content and its growth instead of problems. This not only helps you concentrate on your content but also saves your valuable time, energy, and creativity.

The AMP priority support includes AMP validation, webmaster tools submission, custom changes, and money-back guarantee.

1. AMP validation

This feature will validate that your AMP version is updated to the latest version with the least bug fixes and newest features.

2. Good webmaster submission

They will take care of your AMP version so that it is approved and indexed by

 Google webmaster accurately. Any updates of the AMP will also be implemented on your website.

3. Customize it according to your liking

They will provide minor CSS changes and AMP-HTML markup changes so that you can customize your site according to your choice.

If you face any problem regarding the aspects mentioned above, you can sign up for the priority support by purchasing it. Click the purchase button, and the AMP team will get in touch with you so that they can resolve your problems. If there is anything to be taken care of, they will update you.

You can also contact the team via a phone number or email address, whichever you find more suitable and convenient.

Their recent blog updates

The AMP for WordPress pro has new updates for smoother and better user experience. Here are three recent blog updates:

1. Version 10.63

They added TikTok and Reddit embeds.

It is a great update as well knowing how much influence and well known these two social apps are. You can now add videos to your articles or blog posts from TikTok and Reddit. This will make your article more interesting and visually appealing. This will eventually lead to more website traffic and loyal readers who love reading your content.

2. AMP CF7 updated to version 1.35

In the latest version of CF7 new features are added. They added data time picker field plugin compatibility. They also added support of paste date disables the feature. These features also play a role in better user experience as it provides a calendar through which you can choose the date or time range.

3. AMP page builder compatibility

The new update of AMP page builder compatibility includes bug fixes. They have fixed issues with Structured data Tools.

Don’t know how to download the new update? Don’t worry, the steps to download it are extremely easy and simple.

You will receive the automatic update, and it will be available on your dashboard. Next, go to the plugin section and update it.

Case 2:

If you don’t receive the automatic update, you can download a copy of it from your member’s dashboard.


I am wrapping up the article with some of the best AMP plugins for WordPress in the market.

1. The official AMP Plugin for WordPress

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

3. Schema and structured Data for WordPress and AMP

4. PWA for WP and AMP

5. Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

6. AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress

7. Weebly rAMP CE

8. AMP it up

9. AMP stories for WordPress

The above mentioned AMP plugins are suggested by experienced people. And a piece of advice from an experienced person is mostly accurate and very helpful.

Give an AMP plugin a try if you want mobile users to have a great experience with your website.

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