Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site Performance

30 Smart Ways to Speed-up WordPress Site Performance:

Are you the owner of a WordPress website? Or you recently started your career in blogging/writing on the WP platform? Are you a seller or reseller on WordPress. You should learn how to Speed up WordPress Site Performance.

Then you must have information about how to speed up your WordPress site? As fast as your web page opens it gets your visitor’s attention and boosts your page views

Here, I am sharing some tips and tricks on how you can speed up your website’s speed in some simple steps:

Continue reading for easy understanding.

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How can a WordPress user optimize his performance on WordPress, and speed up his web page?

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 1
speed up wordpress website

Do you think? why speed is a very important factor for a user. A business person is having his business presence in the digital world but facing a lot of issues like not getting more traffic as per his expectations.

While his competitor has the same site and is getting huge traffic from users. So here a website speed or load time plays a very important role to bring back your users on your site and enhance them to stay on your site for a longer period of time.

Let’s understand this with an easy example:

When you start your business online or a shop in the local area, you work on it. You not only invest but also do those things which attract your area’s people. 

The first strategy which many of you opt for is not to close too often. If your competitor is opening the shop for 8 hours, you should open it for 10 hours.

Basically Your shop should always remain open, so people will come often. 

Just like this, we have the same situation with the WordPress site. You have to implement some major methods in order to get the best results.

There is no hidden truth in this, that WordPress speed issues are the part of everyone’s life who is using this site for any purpose. 

Although the written part plays a significant role in enhancing the WordPress site.

The speed of this site really matters more than any other thing. All the important aspects come later. Google prefers those websites which have the highest speeds, and there is no lie that it brings those websites on its first page, so automatically it increases ranking. 

So, as a WordPress user, you must want to apply some techniques to gather more visitors since the speed of your WordPress site directly depends upon the probability of the user to stay on your site. 

Also, studies have shown that if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load then usually 47% per cent of visitors bounce back, and goes to another website. So by the time your website loading (if not opening in a flash), your visitor will leave the website, basically bounced back to another website.

In this era of the competitive world, the internet is not behind, so there, you should do something which will help you to face and fight with your competitors. 

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 2

How to check your WordPress Website Speed?

There are several ways by which you can test your website speed and analyze the speed before optimizing it.

So if your intention is to speed up the website, then you have to do proper research. What are the things which are slowing your website speed?

The page load time according to the search result is less than 2 seconds.

Here is an average speed index. You can choose your business and location and you can optimize your website speed if required.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 3

So Google knows everything. Let’s say you are visiting some website on a regular basis. So once you start writing on your Google browser, Google will display the website name instantly.

This is because of the caching feature of the search engine. And that is the reason that websites load instantly. But this may not be the case for a new user. 

User experience depends on various factors like internet speed , location or Country.etc 

Speed test photo insert

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 4

Google Pagespeed Insights

It’s a Google-free tool to check website speed tests. You will get two results. Speed on Mobile and speed on desktop.

Generally results display, what are the things which are slowing up your website speed. You can work on the recommended things and speed up the website speed. But that’s not the end. This is just the beginning. 

PingDom : It is an awesome tool to test your website speed. It tracks websites history, its performance and also this tool helps to know about the errors and how to rectify them. Pingdom is available on Android and IOS apps as well. 

Performance budget calculator : It’s again a free tool to check your site’s performance with help of what type of content you need to increase your site speed. (see below pic)

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 5

Speed is that powerful technique, so let’s look at some ways to speed up your WordPress site’s performance:

1. Stay away from bloated themes:

When you search even on Google, before you complete your search, it begins to give you suggestions. Just like this, WordPress site has plenty of themes offering those things which you don’t want with your required theme. 

Basically simple themes are good as they are less complex and take less time in opening.

You should opt for that specific theme which has a commendable speed, so that will work best for your website, and loading won’t become an issue for you. 

Some themes have high speed and they give free versions as well. Astra is a renowned theme which gives high speed to your WordPress site.

Here is a list of some fast loading themes as per Google Search engine:

You can go with any best wordpress theme according to your niche. Like if you are a owner of a food restaurant you can go with Zakra WordPress theme Zakra is lightweight and fastest theme which opens in less than 1 second.

Before purchasing any theme you can try it’s a free version like if you want to go with Astra WordPress theme, which is having best blogging layouts for any niche you can go and check here.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance
sppedup wordpress website

2.    Limit your post revisions:

When you write something that you publish in your WordPress site, and you can search that specific post whenever you want to, I think there isn’t any need to save that copy in your site. 

Since the more copies you keep, the more loading chances get increased, so you can use plugins to control those revisions, or to do something with those copies.

The easiest way to limit a post revision and save space is to add this to wp-config.php file

define(‘WP-POST_REVISIONS’ , 6 )

Adding this code will limit WordPress to save 6 revisions and not before that.So this way automatically older revisions are not taken into consideration.

3.    Shortening the size of images:

Images are the success key for your article as it brings life to your article and increases user engagement on your site. 

Images are helpful in an article to enhance the visitors to scroll more and read your content till end. 

But if the images are not loading fast or in other ways if images are not optimized then it can hurt more rather than helping.

You can use any image editing software or tool to optimize your image before uploading it directly to the website.

I recommend CANVA one of the best photo editing software you can use for free as well.

Or you can take services at a very affordable price from Fiverr or Upwork.

Using large images helps to increase the size of the webpage, so this automatically lowers speed of your site. 

Don’t worry much about it, because what are plugins for. 

Plugins are those miraculous features which install those features additionally for you which you want other than those features WordPress has given you. 

You can easily install plugins for any purpose. If you use a plugin for image optimization, it will not only reduce the size but also the quality of the picture will remain the same. When the size will get reduced, your dream of having greater speed will come true.

There are many plugins in WordPress for image optimization like short pixels, Autoptimize recommended by WordPress, Smush-Compress,Optimize, and Lazy Load Images and many more.

These plugins can help to customize your images and optimize it.

Although there are other options as well like, you can use online image editing softwares in which you can compress the image size. But the quality may differ.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 6
seep up wordpress website

Before uploading an image on your WordPress site it’s SEO is also very important. How to do Image SEO you can check here.

4.    Cleaning up WordPress unwanted database:

Whether it is your phone or any google WordPress account, your plenty of unnecessary materials fills your site more than its space. 

So, you have to keep this important thing in your mind that every week at least check the data, and delete spam or unwanted files, messages, pictures and drafts

You may have some unapproved and unwanted comments on your WordPress site you have to delete them.. 

If you have multiple plugins for the same function or if there is any plugin which is not in use anymore you have to delete that and clean its cache as well.

Deletion of non-essential data will keep the size of your database to minimum. This is one of the easiest methods to get more speed for your WordPress site.

If you are using CMS (Content Management System) with plugins then surely your database size will increase and it impacts your website to be slow down. Hence each CMS requires its optimization. For WordPress sites you can go with WP- Optimize plugin.

For optimization of databases you can use WP Rocket which helps to boost your site speed.

5.    Put out of the action pingbacks and trackbacks:

These two components of WordPress site notify you regarding notification of links which your WordPress site gets. 

If you really want to check notifications, you can choose other options for this purpose. 

These notifications through pingbacks and trackbacks put burden on your website. So, you should put aside these two. 

All you need to do is to visit Wp-admin then setting discussion, deselect “Allow notifications from other blogs (Pingbacks and trackbacks).” 

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 7
Speed up WordPress Site Performance 8

This process will increase the speed of your WordPress site.

6.    Allow caching:

When a lot of users will come on your site in a single time then the server needs more time to load and it affects that your site may respond slowly to each user.

Caching is a process in which data is stored by a software for future use. 

This is one of the web optimization effective techniques to speed up your WordPress site. Caching engine works as a storage in which frequently-used information is stored on the client’s hard disk.

So, this will create some ease for the browser because it won’t have to fetch the data from the server repeatedly.

You can use Wp Rocket for caching or W3 Total Cache plugin.

7.    Splitting comments into pages:

It is said “Everything in excess is bad”, and everything has its pros and cons too. 

Having more and more comments is a thing-to-cherish case since it indicates that your WordPress site is getting visitors every day, but the biggest threat to your WordPress site is to face low speed, and blocking.

Slow speed is not the right option to opt for since those comments create linkages and conversation starters for your site. 

Whenever you load those comments made by visitors, it takes time in loading that means low speed. You need to break those comments into pages.

 For this purpose, simply go to Setting Discussion, check there is a box to break comments into pages.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 9

8.     Optimizing the homepage:

Homepage is the first page of your site. Although homepage and blog page loading time can differ.

Don’t think that the reduction in number of posts on your WordPress site will also reduce the number of visitors visiting your website. 

If you keep 30 or more posts on your site, then it is obvious that you will face low speed. 

Remain basic with your homepage, and show only those visitors-gathering posts through which you can get a number of followers. In addition to it, using flash video content can add reduction in speed. 

It is fine to put images for catching the attention, but using plenty of pictures for just one post can make your mood off by lowering speed. Just think about it, you have your own WordPress site, so you want to put everything you like, it means there is no counting in  your number of posts. 

So, the more posts you post, the more images you upload with them and the greater is the probability to have low speed.

 Also, reducing banners and limiting the scrolling can add more speed.

9.    Updating your Themes, Plugins, and WordPress Software:

It is undeniable that we all get annoyed whenever we get a notification on our cell phone, especially that update your Instagram account….. and so on. 

Same is the case with WordPress sites we get notification of updating. We don’t understand that doing up-to-date programs is made for our benefit. Updating not only changes some features to its best but also enhances the speed of any site whether it is phone or your WordPress site. 

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 10
speed up wordpress website

By updating, you make sure that your website’s features are performing the best. Using PHP (latest version) increases the speed and its compatibility with WordPress will remain good.

10.    Having a Good Hosting:

In the bucket of plenty-of-ways to speed up your WordPress site, this one is really an essential technique. 

Why you should not choose Shared Hosting

Some of you might choose shared hosting because of its plenty of benefits such as: space, emails, bandwidth, domains etc. 

But having so many things with one bad performance is not a good idea as it doesn’t give you high speed for your WordPress site. 

Since shared hosting  shares space with other websites as well, so automatically you can’t get high speed.

I suggest go with a premium and best hosting plans as website security is also very important. You can compare Siteground hosting plans with any other. It is one of the best hosting providers and at a reasonable cost.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 11

11.  Avoid Keeping too many plugins:

Keeping aside everything is a good task to not get confused among so much data. Plugins are a good source of help for your WordPress site. 

Plugins enhance more features which you actually want for your site, but excess plugins don’t have a good effect on your site. 

Delete all those plugins which you don’t use anymore, and always install only those plugins without which your WordPress site doesn’t give good results.

When some plugins help to build your website and give good UI to your site, like Elementor, Beaver Builder etc.

If you have multiple plugins for the same work it will clash in between the plugins and it impacts to slow down your website speed.

There are many plugins which help to boost your site speed like WP Rocket, there are many other plugins for SEO Optimization like Yoast, RankMath you read more about here.. 15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

There are some tools and plugins which provide complete details of Site Audit, Speed, Content Analysis, Keywords research etc..

Like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, WooRank, SimilarWeb, Frase.io and so on. 

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12.      Give thought to a CDN:

CDN which is abbreviated as Content Delivery Network is a group of servers that work together to deliver content quickly. 

All the duplicates of your content are saved in CDN. If a user wants to get any content of his website instantly, his browser asks for a specific post, and he gets that from the closest node of CDN. 

If you don’t use CDN, then all of your contents are served from a single location, and that places full pressure on a single server. 

So, it is highly beneficial for those sites which have high traffic. By the help of this CDN, you can distribute the server load of your website across other websites which you don’t own.

Although this CDN is not a part of WordPress site, you may use it for the sake of getting a pace in your site.

13.      Don’t host your own videos:

Technology has left everyone behind, so why shouldn’t you use that for your WordPress speed enhancement. 

YouTube is for the best option to show your videos. If you upload your content related videos directly on WordPress site, then it won’t be able to bear so much load, automatically lowering the speed of WordPress site.

Just make a video by any tool and upload that on YouTube. 

Worry about the public? …… Don’t worry, just make that video enlisted by going into the setting of YouTube in General

By clicking on Enlisted, only those people can watch your video with whom you provide your link to that video made by you. 

Copy the link and paste that with your specific post. Whoever clicks on that link, he will reach the final destination of that video. 

Through this method the wish of the host and guest can be fulfilled since the visitor gets the video and your site’s performance doesn’t get slow just because of that video.

For uploading a YouTube video in WordPress site first go to your WP Dashboard and click on the post in which you want to add a video link then just click on the Add Block (+) button and then click on Embeds then select YouTube and insert the URL of your video and that’s it!

You can see your video on your Web Page.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 12
Speed up WordPress Site Performance 13
Original Pic: kindlybeinformed.com

14.     Enabling GZIP Compression:

To compress files related to anything is to get more space resulting in effective speed. 

When you compress even a Pdf file, the number of Mbs gets reduced, and you can allow more files into your phone or computer. 

For the WordPress site, it is necessary to use some compressing software, so that will help to compress files and create more space. 

You can use a GZIP compressor. It compresses several files, and it is beneficial since a visitor who tries to enter your website has to unzip it first. 

Through this process, bandwidth is used less to some extent.For this purpose, you can install a plugin like Short Pixels,Page speed Ninja.

15.        Abstain from WordPress search feature:

Surprised? Some of us may never notice this aspect, but it actually slows down the speed of your WordPress site. 

Sometimes we do a lot of searching on our site to get the result as a slow site. You can use an effective search index. Elastic search is a brilliant option.

ElasticSearch adds and designs a Great Search Engine to your WordPress Site. Have a look on some features:

  • Easily customized and Set up.
  • Page / post index from settings.
  • It works like “Google Search Engine”.
  • Robust Search Algorithms by ElasticSearch.
  • It supports 50K posts for fast indexing and lightning up your website speed.
  • Fast Mobile Responsive Search.
  • Replace front end search easily with a widget.
  • Don’t need any coding knowledge or developer to set up ElasticSearch.

16.        Disable Hotlinking:

Hotlinking means to display an image on a website by linking to the other website hosting the image. 

It’s like when you allow other people to share their images on your site with a link, that can increase your site load time and it appears slow to your visitor.

Whenever other websites direct link to the pictures on your site, so this loads your website server. 

It is a stealing process to do this, and there isn’t any option through which you are able to identify stealers. 

Getting images from your site may not hurt you, but the results are much more serious due to the linking of those images as that slows down the speed of your website.

For disabling this process, use this code below. Place this code in your root. htaccess file.

disable hotlinking of images with forbidden or custom image option

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?kindlybeinformed.com [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?google.com [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?feeds2.feedburner.com/kindlybeinformed [NC] RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ – [NC,F,L]

After placing this code replace my feeds with your site name otherwise your website images will not appear correctly and it will show an error.

17.       Add LazyLoad to your pictures:

It means to have pictures above the fold load. In other words, whenever a visitor visits your WordPress site, when he scrolls down, pictures begin to get visible after loading. 

If he doesn’t want to go through the whole content for which he was searching then, nothing will happen.

This will speed up your page, and bandwidth can be saved since less data will be loaded for those users who don’t like to scroll down. 

To get this feature, you can install the Autoptimize plugin in WordPress or jQuery image lazy load.

18.       Don’t use so many ads:

Advertisements play an important role in the revenue enhancement of your site. You get more followers and get the price by increasing the rate of views. 

As an alternative, to have more ads can lower the pace of your WordPress site. 

Relying on third-party ad networks may lower your site speed, so always use optimized and hosted-on-your-server pictures to have more speed.

If you link directly to the product or service you are promoting through optimized pictures, then it will work effectively for you. Also, you can use text links and get high speed, but images draw more attention than links.

Always choose those ads which are not too intensive to hurt the speed and never burdens your server speed.

19.       Have the limitation of External scripts:

Now, it depends upon you totally what you choose here. External scripts are external sources on which your website relies. 

Your website will slow down if it relies on it. External scripts can be of many types such as: live chat, external font scripts, external comment plugins which are comments, likes etc, 

YouTube and other video embedded scripts, Social media sharing buttons (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) for following and sharing.

All these options above mentioned have both positive and negative impacts.

If you reduce the number of these features, you will get your dream speed, but at the same time you won’t get all these features which somehow increase your views and gain followers. 

If you want all of them, you can code all these in your WordPress theme.

Use GTmetrix to strain tour resources.

20.        Remove all the trash:

Just like the way it happens in Gmail accounts that whatever mail you delete, it makes its place in trash, so you may get it back later. 

In WordPress site we have the same option that whatever you delete that goes to trash

To get high speed, delete all the content from the trash permanently. Accumulation of trash can lower your WordPress site speed. 

If you are that user who works mostly everyday on WordPress, then you don’t have to wait for 30 days because after every 30 days, WordPress empties it.

Do the editing in your wp-config-php file to make it for seven days. This will instruct the site to do this in this way.

Speed up WordPress Site Performance 14

21.   Decreasing number of requests:

Having a tone of images can decrease the speed of your site. Whenever you want to post your content, you try to add images, ads and other media links, so you get more requests. 

The more the pictures you add, the more requests you get notified with.

Belonging to the media industry or having a business shop, you can’t resist adding as many images as you like. 

So, you should do something to fulfill your need without getting lowered speed danger.

You can opt for two options. You may decrease your posts per page setting, so you can go to the reading setting in WordPress site and lower the reading from 6 to 8. 

Another option, you can show fewer images on your archive list.

22.     Minify extra codes:

When you work outside, nothing can make others feel how much you went through to show them the best. 

When loading is going on, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript work behind to output your website. 

To minify your code means to clean out code. If you have custom code lines, then you should use this. Without getting yourself in trouble, you should use plugin Autoptimize and WP Rocket. It will clean your code wherever it is possible.

23.   Reducing redirects:

Generally, the browsers allow several addresses which are translated into recognized official by your server. 

For example, www.kindlybeinformed.com or kindlybeinformed.com. Both can go to the same site, but one needs your server to redirect it to the officially recognized address.

This process of redirection takes some time, so you should do something to make it reachable through no more than one redirection. Use a redirect mapper to do great.

24.    Switching to system fonts:

This is one of the easiest methods to opt for. This not only increases speed but also gives the website a smart look. 

You don’t have to download it because it is already available on your site. 

You just need to go to the WP Admin and then click on customization there you will find fonts option and then just select the font for your site.

25.   Disable Emojis:

As the discussion has been done on the requests by WordPress site, putting Emojis also increases the rate of getting more requests which means to lower the speed of your site. 

According to Pagepipe, emojis add 2 to 3 HTTP requests to your site with the weight of your page 5.6k to 14.7k.

You can go for plugins which will help in this problem, but why adding more load by having another plugin?

Another option you may opt for is Swiss Army Knife. It will really help.

26.     Avoid Sliders:

Your website’s slider pushes a meaningful content below the header. According to Yoast and Search engine platforms, sliders reduces the speed and SEO. 

In 2012, Google introduced algorithm updates that affected sites with little or no content above.

But if you can’t avoid using it, then choose a light-weight slider.

28.   Always go for latest PHP version:

The success behind every WordPress hosting is to use the latest PHP version. 

Your hosting might be using an older version. When the new version comes of technology, it must have something more to give than its predecessors, so always make sure which PHP version you are using. 

This will also increase the speed of your site. You can use plugin to get the idea about your WordPress site PHP version.

29.  Setting expire header for static resources:

Through the help of expire header, you don’t get re-fetch content that has no chances to be changed since the last time it was loaded. 

Despite getting a copy of the resource from your web-server, the copy can be given to him through the help of a computer because that stores local copy in it. 

By the help of this method, your site’s speed increases.

All you can do is to add this code to your root .htaccess file.

30.   Optimize your WordPress Home page: 

Last but not the least. As we know that first impression is really important, this is a must-step-to-be-taken thing. 

Restrict the number of posts on your page, don’t add sharing widgets and plugins, and remove non-essential widgets.

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