SEMrush vs WooRank Best SEO Tool

SEMrush v/s WooRank Sticks and Stones of SEO

SEMrush vs WooRank are two SEO tools.

Here in this article, you will find the reviews, pricing and tools of both these SEO toolkits will be discussed.


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The Tools We Will Discuss Here Are: 

1. WooRank SEO Monitoring

2. WooRank reporting

3. WooRank KeyWord tool

4. Email list building/traffic analysis

5. SEMrush KeyWord gap

6. SEMrush traffic analytics 

7. SEMrush backlinks and domains

Overview of WooRank:

  • WooRank is a fast, easy to use SEO audit and digital marketing tool. As they say about themselves, they look at your Web-site through Google’s eyes and generate an instant audit of your site’s technical, On-Page and Off-Page SEO
  • It also covers SEO factors such as headings, mobile-friendliness, blocking factors , broken links, internal page links, backlinks, the tool will show you a warning.
  • The tools of WooRank give you actionable insight to help you optimise your website and marketing efforts.
  • It also will show you a number of referring domains and backlinks on your site.
  • WooRank was founded in January 2010.
  • WooRank offers you a 7-day free trial to start and to develop an understanding of how it works.

WooRank is not a ‘one-stop’ shop as it doesn’t offer many or all the features required like SEMrush which has almost all of it in one. But it certainly is a great place to start. Let’s get into its in-depth review:

Helping in SEO optimized content;

It is an amazing tool that gives you insight and in-depth information on how to make your website better. 

You can view any website review by entering the URL to the website in the input bar at the top. 

SEMrush vs WooRank  URL Analysis

Clearly , you’ll not have the access to all of the tools in a free trial but will get access to it once you buy the other package. 

But even the free trial will give you an idea of how much is the capability of the tool. 

At the top of the website review, you’ll see a score that rates your website. The range is from 0 to 100. 100 is the top or you can say the best score. 

WooRank also colour codes your score or rating. Green indicates good or very good, yellow indicates okay and red indicates bad you need to improve the SEO ranking and optimize your site. 

It ranks your site on the basis of how SEO friendly it is, green, yellow or red.

An example is shown below in the screenshot:

Wondering what is lowering or hampering your website score? 

You can see that by scrolling down. For example if your headline of the article or meta description is missing, it will show a warning for it and then you can fix the problem by adding headline, meta description or whatever else needed. 

It also covers many On-Page and Off-Page SEO FEATURES, such as:

• Heading Tags [H1, H2]

• Broken Links

• Internal page links

• Backlinks

• Naturally built links 

• Manually built links 

• Blocking factors

• Mobile friendliness

WooRank will also warn you about off-site SEO factors such as less backlinks in your website and other such off-site SEO Factors. 

This tool will show you the total number of backlinks and referring domains. It will help you out if you need something to add more backlinks.

We all know social sharings and getting traffic from more than one resource is very important and not depending on only organic traffic that comes to your site. 

That is why WooRank gives you an insight on social sharings related to Facebook, Twitter etcetera. 

Not sharing your website through social media means that you are underestimating the power that these social apps hold. It will drastically lower your traffic rate.

WooRank also gives you feedback about your traffic by using google ads. Along with that, it also gives you information about your viewers, number of viewers, source domains and number of sessions and much more.

It also warns you about the security of your website. If you are not using HTTPs then you will get red flagged.

WooRank also gives you feedback about the traffic you receive from google ads.

SEMrush free trial

WooRank Review – KeyWord tool;

WooRank includes a very helpful KeyWord tool that you can use to check how your site ranks for search terms relative to your niche. 

Obviously your competitors matter on how high you rank for the same KeyWords. It informs you about new KeyWords related to your content and it might be very helpful because some of them are as such that you have not even considered them. 

OR! Maybe your competitors are also unaware of these KeyWords? 

That gives you a better chance or chances to rank higher. 

Along with excellent KeyWord suggestions, it also enables you to organise all of your KeyWords in one place for you to have easy access to them.

WooRank will also help you get more clients or customers in your region as the tool also offers regional search data. They can be sorted according to KeyWord volume or rank.

Like a teacher or record tracker, WooRank also tells you about how well you have been doing over time. Line graphs display your rank history for each KeyWord.

WooRank review – SEO Monitoring: 

SEO Monitoring of WooRank is like they look after and take care of any problem that your site may be having or facing. 

For beginners, the tool will send you weekly email reports just like how a babysitter or a caretaker would inform you about any problems associated with your site just so you can fix it and look after it, later. 

Receive Email Reports , Monitor your Website’s Health, and Website’s Uptime.

It will monitor your website’s uptime such as if you are busy and your website’s uptime drops low, you will lose customers, leads, ranking in SEO. 

You don’t have to worry about detecting problems associated with your website, WooRank is on it! It will detect the problem and email you about it.

WooRank –  Create Email List for Traffic Analysis:

An email list building is a collection of email addresses that a business can create by engaging with potential customers through lead- generating campaigns

Generate More Sales Leads and Conversions

WooRank also includes a lead gen tool that can help you get more customers. You can use this to capture more email addresses and start making your email list building. 

It is a very easy step to get more traffic and customers if you are a newbie.

WooRank review – Reporting:

If you are a beginner terms like white label pdf and reporting might be unfamiliar to you. 

A white label pdf is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. 

WooRank is an SEO tool that provides this reporting component

You can create a white-label PDF reports, adding your own branding will make the clients think that it is your own product.

Overview of SEMrush:

SEMrush is a software as a service company based in Boston that sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions.

It helps you evaluate massive SEO data that is related to your platform and analyses your competitors for you.

It has around 106 million KeyWords and 46 million domains.

It maintains a track of popular competitors about what KeyWords they use and what other essential components that they use and rank high in search engines. It was found in 2008

It provides you with a 7-day free trial to start and to develop an understanding of how it works.

A SEO tool is Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

The SEMrush toolkit contains over 20 tools and reports

It is a one-stop shop that provides you with most of the features required by someone who writes SEO content.

The tool kit is built to assist you in every step of optimising your website to obtain Search Engine Traffic.

It is an Award Winning Software for digital marketers

For such a long time it has been top priority and most preferred tool kit by top SEO specialists around the world. 

As it is not very user friendly at first and it can be overwhelming for a beginner to start with 25 tools and stuff but it has endless capabilities. 

Once you learn how to use it, it will be easy for you to understand every tool that it has.

SEMrush Review – Competitive Research:

It’s competitive research also allows you to know where the traffic comes from and after you have a closer look at where the traffic comes from you can learn about their KeyWord strategy and many other SEO features that will make your content better quality wise and in terms of profit as well.

SEMrush review – KeyWord gap:

This tool in SEMrush allows you to differentiate the efficiency of your website with your competitors in Gap analysis and see that if your KeyWord plan is lacking in any way possible.

You have to enter the domain of your competitor and this method will let you match up to five domains to classify.

The KeyWords that you have missed and have not added to your content are unique to your competitors. 

Keywords that are similar or common to you and your competitors can be used to figure out what components are your control lacking and what are the areas you have to work on to improve.

SEMrush Review – SEO Monitoring:

Collecting stats for each of your competition from various resources sounds like a lot of work and it surely is a lot of work. 

SEMrush helps you do this by using the tool of backlink gaps you can uncover the link gaps you do not have depending on the backlinks of your competitors.

How do you use this tool?

Easy. In the backlinks report, enter your domain and pass on to the competitors page. This will correctly classify the competitors in the report. Keeping a track of your competitors is very important in SEO and SEMrush does it for you by a statistic that indicates and measures the degree of the competition level in organic research.

You may reach up-to five domains, including your own domain, in the backlink gap and by this you can find your competitors Backlinks 

SEMrush Review – Traffic Analytics:

It is important to know about where your traffic comes from and what their whereabouts are. It can make you figure out if your marketing strategies need to be improved or modified. 

Do you need to start email list building or not?

You need to type in the domain that you want to analyse and start observing. Begin with the traffic overview page to acquire a hasty glimpse of the competitors performance in driving traffic terms, whether it is social media traffic, direct traffic, search engine traffic

This tool will help you which social network, search engine or blog gives the opponent more traffic.

This way you get to learn how to improve your traffic and audience and maybe for establishing better relations identify possibilities for collaboration 

This will help you with a better skill and help you understand what is the cause that visitors are drawn and they are unable to leave and are forced to stay. 

“The more the user or viewer stays, there are higher chances of alliance or conversation”.

The traffic analytics does not only help you about the traffic source of your opponent or competitors but also about your site and helps you to find out from which source is your site getting the most traffic.

Every SEO tool has its own Pros and Cons

Both these tools are handy in many functions but it’s drawbacks and pros are also essential to mention . In this article we will be discussing and comparing the pros and cons of SEMrush vsWooRank.

Pros and cons of SEMrush and WooRank:

On the Basis of User Friendly:
SEMrush is less user-friendly and can be hard for a beginner to use and understand because it requires a certain level of experience.WooRank is more user friendly and easy to use for a beginner or less experienced person.
On the Basis of Users: No one can tell better about a software except its user. The reviews of users are
SEMrush has been reviewed by users and has been rated 4.5/5 with 746 reviews WooRank has been reviewed by users as 4.4/5 with 39 reviews. This data is calculated by real time data from verified user reviews.
On the Basis of Pricing:
SEMrush provides the pro package at 99.95 $ per month, Guru at 199.95 $ per month, Business at 399 $.WooRank provides 59.95 $ per month, premium plan at 179.99 $ per month, enterprise plan for 249.99 $ per month.
On the Basis of Features
SEMrush offers more features and has unique characteristics WooRank offers less features and does not has any unique characteristics
SEMrush has a drawback that only one individual can use a single SEMrush account at a time. If you login to the same account that one person is using already, the person who was earlier using the account will lose access.WooRank doesn’t have a problem if one account is used in 2 devices at the same time.

Pricing of WooRank and SEMrush:

Let’s talk about the pricing of WooRank and SEMrush packages.

The screenshot below shows the packages or offers provided by both SEO tools. 

It is clear that SEMrush is a bit on the pricier side as compared to WooRank.

WooRank offers and packages:

WooRank offers three packages: pro, premium and enterprise. 

The pricing of the packages has been shown in the picture below

Now, about the accessibility to features. The pro version, you get unlimited website reviews, the ability to track 50 KeyWords, the ability to crawl up to 2,000 pages on a website and an SEO monitor that would let you know if your website goes offline. 

With The premium version there is accessibility to more features, you can create projects for up to five websites, generate white-label reports, track two-fifty KeyWords, crawl 10,000 pages on a site and use Lead Generation tool for more customers! 

With enterprise packages, generate views in huge amounts, mine data from millions of websites for insights, contact support via phone and even your team can access your WooRank account!

If you want to know if WooRank is up to your expectations then I would recommend you to start with a free trial because nothing is better than experiencing it first. It will give you an insight of the tool and will help you develop a better understanding for it.

SEMrush offers and packages:

SEMrush offers three plans: pro, guru, business.

Pro plan is offered at 99.95 dollars per month. It is suitable for freelancers, start ups  and in house marketers that are with limited budgets. 

They can run their SEO, PPC, SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools that SEMrush provides in the pro plan, 10,000 domain and KeyWord analytics.

Such as knowing your competitors’ traffic sources, ranking, social media results and more.

Guru plan is offered at 199.95 dollars per month. It is suitable and most required by SMB and growing marketing agencies. The package includes all the 40+ tools as offered in pro plan and 30,000 domain and KeyWord analytics.

 SEMrush vs WooRank Keyword research and analysis

Along with that, content marketing platform, branded reports, historical data, extended limits.

Business plan is offered at 399.95 dollars per month. It is suitable for agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence. The plan includes all guru features, along with that white label reports, API access, extended limits and sharing options, google data studio integration. With 50,000 domains and KeyWord analytics.

Final thoughts about pricing and plans:

Keeping in view the amount of tools and unique features such as market intelligence, social media marketing, social media analytics , search advertising, media monitoring, content analytics and marketing analytics that SEMrush provides, its price is worth the tools.

On the other hand, WooRank does provide Syncing Google Analytics, KeyWord tool, syncing google console but like SEMrush it does not provide with any unique features as such mentioned in SEMrush’s features.

Tools of SEMrush and WooRank:

Keyword difficulty:

This tool will help you discover which KeyWords will help you seize your competitors’ position in the Google top 100

Discovering the right KeyWords will help you rank higher in Search Engines and the right KeyWord will obviously attract more traffic to your website.

This tool will provide 2 functions;

1. Finding KeyWords with less competitions, if the competition is very high and complex, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced writer, targeting KeyWords with extremely high difficulty will make it extremely difficult for you to rank high. 

You will be frustrated when you see that your web rivals keep their positions while noticing no improvement in your own site ranking. THAT’s when the KeyWord tool will help you out!

2. Estimating KeyWord difficulty instantly. 

WooRank  Keyword tool:

1. The Keyword tool keeps track of chosen words that you can double check at any time their position on google. 

WooRank is a very helpful tool that will save you from doing the double check process manually 

2. SEMrush  SEO auditing feature:

SEO auditing is the process of analyzing how well your web presence relates to best practice

In easy words, SEMrushsSEO auditing tool will help you on how to write SEO friendly or SEO Optimized content

It depends on various factors. Following are the factors KeyWord suggestion which has been rated 9.0, long tail KeyWords rated 8.8 by reviewers and search volume rated 8.7 by reviewers

WooRanks’ SEO auditing ;

It provides the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results. 

The purpose of the audit is to recognize and identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. 

WooRank’s SEO audit is ranked as 8.2. Which is high and remarkable.

Rank tracking is checking positions of KeyWords that ranks a website in search engine’s result pages.

1. SEMrush Rank tracking tool: its SERP Rank tracking, localization and rank alerts are rated as 8.7

2. WooRank rank tracking tool; its SERP rank tracking is rated as 8.4

Off-page SEO:

It refers to all of the activities that you and other competitors do away from your website to raise the ranking of their page on search engines. Off page SEO is beyond link building.

Link management:

It is about the ability to organize, edit, analyze and have complete control over the links that your organisation shares. 

Links connect you to the online world and that is why it is important to have full control over the links. 

Link management provides you with the authority to protect your brand and optimize your links. 

Having this tool directly in SEMrush makes it easy for you to make competitive analysis on your SEO rivals and operate an outreach campaign at the same time.  

It may take some time for SEMrush to pull all the data. After some time you will be given 4 tabs to look over. 

Overview, prospects, in progress  and monitor. The tools’ use and tutorial requires another article, this is why I won’t be discussing the use of it but only have discussed its importance.

While good (or even great) content on its own is not enough to earn substantive.  Link building makes your content more relevant and authoritative plus Link building could help increase time spent on your website links that is why WooRank gives it so much importance and the link building tool in WooRank allows you to do this.

Content management:

It is a set of processes and technologies that supports the collection, managing, and publishing of information in any form or medium. 

When stored and accessed via computers, this information may be more specifically referred to as digital content, or simply as content. 

In digital marketing, it can be referred to as text or written content. It can be more complex than that if it is not related to blogging or any other work that requires more writing work.

WooRank and SEMrush. Both would give you an insight about the content management on your website

WooRank would even let you know if your website is more user friendly! Both of these SEO tools will help you with KeyWord targeting, SEO optimization, link building and many other aspects that have a significant impact on your content. Both the SEO tools do a great job in content management.

Revenue management:

Revenue management is the application of disciplined analytics that predict consumer behaviour at the micro-market levels and optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth. 

The main or primary aim of revenue management is to provide the right product to the right customer at the right time

Which obviously is very important in digital marketing or in any marketing.

SEMrush provides the opportunity of revenue management this is why it has been the priority of some top freelancers and online marketers.

Offering revenue management means offering the right product to right customers at the right time, just what a digital marketer needs, right?

WooRank does not provide the function of revenue management. This could be the reason why SEMrush has more users and is preferred by most

Even though WooRank has better reviews  on some tools that are common between both SEO tools, 

SEMrush and WooRank but  lacking this one is one of its cons.

A/B testing:

It is the process of testing two elements to find out which performs better but also to understand if a difference between 2 is significant. 

It includes application of statistical hypothesis testing or “two-sample hypothesis testing” as used in the field of statistics. 

For example:

There are 2 versions ‘A’ and ‘B’ to find out the CTR difference or any difference between them to know which is better and if the difference is statistically profitable we will use an A/B testing tool.

The main goal of A/B testing is to compare two versions of a web page with each other and check which one performs better. 

It allows you to make more out of your existing traffic so you need to constantly test and optimize your web page to bring best result in conversions. 

SEMrush allows you to do A/B testing in order to compare your website with other websites. 

This will help you  to optimize your content and make it better by comparison and this will help you elevate your level of your website.

On the other hand, WooRank does not provide any A/B testing tool. It is very essential for an SEO tool to provide this as it allows the user to have an access to comparing their content with others and helps them get better in terms of content, quality and quantity.

Better tool that is common among both SEO tools:


Even though, dashboard is not a tool but it MATTERS a lot as it is the first thing that your eye observes when you open the SEO tool. 

Plus it is where all the other tools are located or as you can say it is their home that hosts them.

WooRank’s dashboard is more user friendly and is easier to understand and process.

On the other hand, SEMrush’s dashboard is overwhelming to look at when you are a new user.

And everyone knows that first impression matters a lot. Whether it’s a person or a software. 

WooRank has a better desktop organization than SEMrush.

User management:

User management describes the ability for administrators to manage user access to various IT resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services, and more

User management is a core part to any service and is a basic security essential for any organization. 

User management enables admins to control user access and on-board  and off-board users to and from IT resources. 

In SEMrush you can add users in any subscription, either pro, guru or business. Once you have users on your account, you can manage units and permissions from the User Management (Manage Users) option under My Profile.  

Now you should know where to manage your users.

Once you are in User Management, the list of current users will be displayed. The owners’ email and limits will be listed at the top and each user under your account will be listed below. There are 3 roles when you have an account with more than one user:




User Management in SEMrush

makes collaboration easy and effective.Adding users allows more people to access your account.

User management in WooRank

Also allows you to have users added to your account in the same manner as owner, user and admin. 

However, it has been rated and observed through user’s reviews that WooRank’s user management is better and has been rated 9.1 whereas SEMrush’s user management has been rated as 8.8

 Rank tracking

Rank tracking is checking positions of KeyWords that a website ranks for in search engine result pages (SERPs). These KeyWords include the following types:

-Keywords that are used on the website.

-Many other terms you necessarily don’t optimize for.

-Keywords that your competitors rank for.

Rank tracking is about tracking and analyzing the organic positions of KeyWords in time which is based on current rankings and historical data, just so that you can analyze the progress and its impact on organic traffic( the natural traffic) 

SEMrush’s rank tracking tool and  WooRanks’ rank tracking tool are both helpful and prove to be fruitful in terms of KeyWord ranking. The KeyWord ranking is based on a few more factors that are mentioned below:

1. A secure and accessible website

2. Geographical locations especially if the KeyWord is about a local company, organization and person

3. Mobile friendliness

4. Optimized content

5. Links

6. Domain age, URL, and Authority 

7. Technical SEO

8. Page speed and mobile page speed.

Both SEMrush and WooRank have rank tracking tools worth using.

Wrapping up the review:

SEMrush is best for users like freelancers, large enterprises, small businesses and medium businesses. This is because of all the tools that it offers are best suited for these.

WooRank is best for users with small business, medium business, and large enterprises. It is best suited for people with similar or same interests 

I have discussed the tools and have shared the reviews on them. I would now share my opinion or preference on both of SEO tools

My view and suggestion: 

SEMrush is best for freelancers, small and large businesses, large enterprises. The tools it offers are worth the price at which they are offered. 

However, if you are new to SEO, I would not suggest using SEMrush at first as it can be overwhelming and confusing at first.

But if you have some experience in SEO, do not hesitate to go for SEMrush as it is one of the best SEO tools out there.

WooRank is best for small and large businesses, large enterprises. It offers less tools and also has packages at low price. If you are new to SEO and are looking for something that is light on your wallet and is user friendly, I would suggest using WooRank.

Before using any of the SEO tools make sure that you research about its use and reviews so that you have no doubts unclear. 

It will also help you develop a sense of SEO and how to use it and what are the factors that have an impact on it.

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