SEMrush vs Serpstat analysis and comparison

Let’s Clarify The Mists of Jupiter? Comparison Between Serpstat and SEMrush SEO Tool

Serpstat is an SEO tool that guides to do SEO searching and other main elements related to it. For example, Rank Tracking, Backlink analysis, Keyword research, Site audit, Competitor research, Advertising analysis and some others. Here you will know more about Serpstat and it’s a comparison with SEMrush the ultimate SEO Tool. SEMrush vs Serpstat.

If you run a website then using SEO is one of your basic needs. SEO is being offered by many other developers, but Serpstat is for those users who want to spend so much money or they can’t afford.

According to the report, located in the official website of Serpstat, “200,000 users all over the world already use Serpstat.”


Review About Serpstat:

Serpstat came into being in 2013 as a keyword research tool and has been expanding and improving. This is an in-house software which has revolved into an independent product that is now on its way to becoming a global leader.

In August of 2016, Serpstat turned into an all-in-one SEO platform, and now it offers 5 essential tools which are used by professional digital marketers worldwide.

Netpeak Group:

Serpstat began as a program for in-house use within Netpeak digital marketing agency.

In 2015, Serpstat has grown efficiently, which allowed them to become a product used outside of the agency.

While proudly being a subsidiary of Netpeak Group, Serpstat is an independent SaaS.

Serpstat Features

Keyword Research:

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 1

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant features of an SEO tool is Keyword Research. For making an SEO strategy, you need to go for this option. It has given its sub-options which helps to analyze in-depth features.

Sign in and then go to keyword research. The first option is Overview, this will tell you basic information such as search volume, organic keywords, ads keywords, and others. 

Generally, a proper grammar word is used. But nowadays, many Keywords are ranking which are not having proper grammar still ranks. There are many ways to find out those keywords which do not even mean anything but are similar to the original intent keyword. I still recommend Grammarly Premium for best results in the long run.

Most of these can be found on Google Keyword Planner, but Serpstat collects all information in one place to make it easier for you.

Below is the picture, I searched for content writing and it showed different aspects overall.

In all this on 2nd, Keyword competition is worth seeing. The number out of 100 is 9. It is telling the level of competition between domains in PPC.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 2

Next option located below the overview, is Organic keywords. The plan is free not paid so only the top 10 keywords have been shown with the most volume.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 3

Further, it tells which domains are using this keyword the most. See the chart below to get an idea.

So, Quora is the topmost site where this keyword has been used up till now.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 4

SEO Research:

It offers you to collect keywords for your domain, product categories or particular pages to efficiently expand the keyword space with high-rating relevant keywords. 

Go and learn about your niche competitors not just to the whole domain, but also to URLs. 

Plus, find out what questions your users are typing into Google’s search bar to research so use those questions for creating a content plan. 

Also, SERP Analysis report will bring the top 100 domains for a specific keyword. 

Keywords selection:

In the SEO Research option that is just below the main option called keyword research.  

In this you will see keyword selection, it tells you all related keywords with the volume of Google and keyword difficulty metrics of all related keywords.

Related Keywords:

It shows all keywords which are related to the specific keyword you searched for in a semantic way (same meaning).

The best thing is it shows you the connection strength of the keywords with the target keyword you searched for. 

The stronger the connection score, the stronger their affinity is.

So, if you’re looking to include keywords in your content apart from your target keyword, then with a thorough search, add the related keywords with at least a connection strength of 10.

Search suggestions:

In this part, whenever you enter your target keyword, it begins to give you recommendations below that, it shows the full row or list. 

In this row, you will see many modifiers and phrases which are related to your target keyword somehow, means if you want to include any of them, they will show you results which will have your target keyword and the phrase you choose in the list.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 5

Top pages:

Then comes top pages in which you can see all top-ranked pages having at least one keyword that is related to your target keyword.


The last one is competitors, as the name suggests, it shows all high rated domains that are ranking with those keywords which are associated with your target keyword.

PPC Research:

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 6

PPC Research report tells you about suggestions on paid keywords which are directly related to your target keyword

It displays which ads are shown for those paid keywords and what landing pages are being promoted through paid search in your industry.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 7


Keywords report tells you about all the paid search words that are related to your target keyword along with ads that are displayed for them.


The competitors’ report shows you all domains that bid in Adwords on paid keywords which are associated with your seed keyword.


Ad Examples:

In this part that is Ad examples, the report is shown to you which displays all ready-to-use paid keyword groups and ads which are associated with your target keyword

If you want to see all of them, you can click on Show all queries. You can easily save or copy them for your website benefits. 

Ad Research:

The Ad Research report tells you regarding pages that are being upgraded in paid search for search queries associated with your target keyword, their ads and paid keywords. 

To see all the ads and keywords of a specific URL, click on Show all n queries.

Content Marketing:

This portion recommends you topics for content ideation. By looking at this consciously, you should learn what your target audience is seeking answers for on Google and combine your content marketing efforts with these questions.

This strategy will not put your efforts unsatisfied since it will help you to give those questions through which you can make your content according to the needs of the audience.

In WordPress, most of the content is about blog posts and opinions. To rank higher in any place, you need to put those keywords which are competing less, so your page will rank in the category of those keywords.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 8

Tip: Use long-tail keywords for your content.

Search Questions:

This is the only sub-option you will see below content marketing. 

It shows you a graph and overall 5 W’s (who, what, where, why, which) questions for which audience is finding answers.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 9

SERP analysis:

If you want to analyze the top 10 pages which are displayed in organic search for a keyword, then you must use the SERP Analysis feature

This option shows the Top 100 search results for the researched keyword. 

Plus, the keyword’s difficulty score and the updated date.

After doing the search, in the results, there’s a Serpstat Trust Rank and Page Rank

They are exactly the same as Ahrefs’ Domain Rating and URL Rating, respectively. The higher the score for both, the more authoritative domain or page is.

What affects these rankings are the site’s link profile, which you can also see under External Backlinks and Referring Domains columns. 

As you know that links are the most influential ranking factor, you need to have a look at the  links which the pages retained so far.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 10
serp analysis

Undoubtedly, they’re ranking on the first page of Google because they’re doing according to the requirements of SEO ranking to be shown On-Page SEO.

The SERP Analysis also shows you information about the keyword: monthly search queries, related keywords, difficulty, and others.

 Search by Keyword: 

  1. Keyword Difficulty

This calculator plays an important role in all SEO tools. If you don’t see in any SEO tool, it means that the tool is not as efficient as it should be.

It is a major keyword metric which has been designed to help you find what it takes to get to the top spots in SERP for the desired keyword, namely to the positions 1 to 10. The KD is measured on a scale from 0 to 100%.

  1. Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis has also been provided by Serpstat with other important metrics. 

The work of Backlink tool is to check every type of Backlink on the website, whether that is your own WordPress website or your competitors’ site, it can check both. 

It can help to monitor new and lost backlinks, measure the link’s authority and research competitor’s backlinks to find out which sites and pages are linking to them and you should use these insights in your next link building campaign.

  1. Backlink Dashboard

It is the actual place to search for the Backlinks. All you need to do is to copy the URL of your desired website and paste into the search bar and then immediately click on search.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 11

Referring Domains:

To see all the domains that are linked to the researched domain, referring to the domain should be your choice.  

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 12

After clicking on search, you get the number of backlinks earned from individual referring domains, their Page Rank and Trust Rank, and Alexa Rank

The referring domains are sorted in a descending order based on the number of backlinks received from them.

Backlink Analysis:

This option tells you about new backlinks and lost backlinks regarding the target website

You can click on them, everything will be shown to individually about new and lost Backlinks. 

Firstly, it shows you a graph of both links. Below those graphs, you can find new and lost backlinks.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 13
SERPSTAT Backlink analysis

Anchor Text Analysis:

The data you can find in this section instructs you how you should distribute your anchor text for specific pages on your site. 

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 14

It makes you understand why you’re not ranking for a keyword, it’s probably because you don’t use the keyword as an anchor text when you build links.

Top Domain:

The ‘Top Domain’ refers to the Backlinks of pages individually that belong to the target domain or website. 

In this portion, you are able to get the info of features, the number of referring domains and pages, the number of outgoing links to external and internal resources, flow metrics and page language.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 15

Rank Tracker: 

Rank tracker is another great feature to tell and guide you how to out rank on the specific keyword. 

Rank Tracker makes it easy to track daily keyword performance in real-time, it analyzes competitors

It creates detailed reports, and identifies opportunities that can increase profits and drive business growth based on any geographical region.


This is the rank tracking section of your desired keyword.

Overview of Rank Tracker:

The Rank distribution history chart provides a visual presentation on the rankings movement of the number of keywords by which the domain is ranked in the Top 20 in SERP. You can filter to see specific sections with relation to its month.

Competitors Analysis:

As its name implies, it tells you rank tracking with the competitors of specific keywords you added in the project. 

It makes you see the ranking distribution, traffic and visibility by a group of keywords added to the project among the top 100 competitors.

URLs Domain Analysis: 

The intention of this tool is to do comparison between the page which has been created to optimize and the pages which came in the search results.

Site Audit:

Site audit is that tool by which you can identify the problems that prevent your site to rank and do better performing actions, and you can identify optimization opportunities effectively easily and luckily faster. 

Clustering (Group of Specific Keywords):

Clustering means to make a group on some specific keywords. In the language of Serpstat, a set of keywords are grouped together, the keywords in one group are more similar to one another than those which are not in any group or those which are the part of other groups.

Clustering can be a very helpful process for you if you run a serious business.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 16
keywords clustering

Why you need clustering:

To make a group of those keywords that are related semantically determine the context of web content.
To do the automatic analysis of that specific group.
To make the directed collection for desired target pages.
To create a site’s SEO architecture.
To search for keywords which are not related to the topics of clustered keywords.

The drawback faced by many is that sometimes the clusters which are made may not contain keywords with strong semantic similarity. 

However, Serpstat sets intelligent hierarchical clustering. 

You just need to provide a list of keywords while setting the region and some clustering parameters.

Well, here Serpstat again wins since it gives you choice even for clustering making so that you won’t get confused between so many clusters.

  1. The first one is Weak/Strong

If you choose a weak parameter, then the system asks you to provide at least 3 common URLs in top 30 search results for a keyword. 

On the other hand, for strong parameters, you need to provide 7 common URLs as a condition to merge all keywords into one singular cluster.

  1. The second choice that can be chosen is Soft/Hard.

If you want a Soft parameter, then the system asks to provide at least one pair having 3 or 7 common URLs in top 30 search results. 

In contrast, Hard wants all keywords in a cluster to have 3 or 7 common URLs in top 30 search results for a keyword.

Website Analysis:

In the section of website analysis, you can check Domain analysis and URLs analysis

You get to know about the domain such as: the Organic Keywords because of which website is ranking , Search Engine Traffic, Keywords Position Distribution, and Competitors.

After entering the URL, you get the results in which visibility score, search engine traffic, and organic keywords will appear.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 17

The noticeable part is infographics.  It shows you detailed statistics of a website in the version of graphs. Serpstat gives you an option to save this infographic as an image.

SEMrush vs Serpstat seo tools review and comparison 18

URL Analysis:

URL Analysis is Similar to domain analysis, but it gives you information regarding URL only which you put. 

It displays keywords and also competitors.

The attention seeking portion in this area is missing keywords. Missing Keywords show you the keywords that the competitors are ranking for in the top 10 but are not present in the page you are analyzing. 

It is an effective tool to outrank your competitors.

Cons of serpstat:

Going towards the ending of the review part of Serpstat, let’s see some Cons of it. 

Nothing can be perfect with regards to websites and tools. You may not find these Cons while using serpstat, but the Cons which will be mentioned here are the most common one. 

Here is the look:

Sometimes Site audit takes time for websites with a high number of pages.
Keyword difficulty could be inaccurate sometimes.
The data available isn’t as robust as ahrefs, specifically when it comes to backlink analysis. Some of the user interface feels a bit non-workable too.
When it comes to keyword research, the way the information is displayed in the Serpstat dashboard isn’t the most intuitive in terms of going through and understanding the data.
Another review which many people in the digital websites said that it is chaotic and not very user friendly design.It doesn’t have the biggest database like Ahrefs for US projects, but still  acceptable one.
For some, It’s very hard to use. Some had to watch a 2 hour tutorial just to understand the basic features of the product.
The keyword database isn’t as large as semrush or ahrefs. You have to pay more to lock features that are standard in those platforms.
Customer support is not very good. Support can be hit or miss. Sometimes they are fast to respond other times it can take several days for support to get back to you.
The trial isn’t long enough to make the whole understandable for beginners.
Backlink analysis tool isn’t so much worthy of compliments since it gives wrong metrics to users sometimes.

Pricing of Serpstat:

The pricing plan is amazing and not too costly as compared to other tools. 

In short, the pricing plan is commendable. There you will see 4 types, Lite, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

Monthly Plans :- 

Lite plan: This plan is best for SEO individuals and freelancers and SMB budget. You will get access for more than 20 tools to run SEO. The price is $69.

Standard plan:  This one is better for marketing agencies. It has all lite features. Plus, 3 users, branded reports, extended interface and API credits. The price for this plan is $149.

Advanced Plan: It is ideal for big marketing agencies and large in-house teams with extensive need for data. Also, it gives all standard plan features and 5 users, extended interface and API credits. The price is $299.

Enterprise Plan: It is perfect for industry leaders. It has all features of previous plans. Plus, 5 users, white label, extended interface and API credit. The price is $499.

Yearly Plans:-

Getting a yearly plan rather than a monthly plan is more beneficial. Let’s see how?

Lite Plan:  It gives the same plans as the monthly package of Lite plan gives, freelancers choice, more than 20 tools access. The price is less than the monthly plan of Lite. Its price is $55.

Standard Plan: It gives all the same features just like you see in a monthly standard plan. The price is $119.

Advanced Plan: This plan is also for 5 users with big marketing agencies. You need to pay $239.

 Enterprise Plan: This one is amazing since it is the best of all with everything given to you. Whether or not you’re an industry leader, you can still opt for this. The price is $399.

SEMrush vs Serpstat: Which tool deserves your investment?

To increase the traffic and popularity of your website, you need to apply some of the Best SEO Tools so that things will be in your favor in the future.

In the digital Marketing, WordPress world both Serpstat and SEMrush are the brilliant tools for WordPress websites, so here we will talk deeply about which one should be your choice?

As you invest, these tools are not free of cost, so review taking is the best part to choose.

Intro of both Serpstat and SEMrush

SEMrush Tool is fully-qualified, all-in-one, energetic tool which helps in many areas of SEO.

Serpstat is also a highly recommended tool by many professional reviewers. It helps to do SEO researching.

  1. Productivity:

A SEO Tool’s overall performance; efficiency, service, directly depends upon its interface.

Let’s put both of the tools beside each other and look at the comparison: 

SEMrush Productivity:Serpstat Productivity:
SEMrush isn’t difficult to use and at the same time its outer visualization is extremely attractive which deserves our clapping. Serpstat is also giving everything you need. If you look more consciously, there will be a list of projects since you are a beginner you will see written “0 projects.”
Going into the interface, you just need to see the left sidebar. It gives all the main features of this tool. If you are a beginner, it gives tutorials as well.For the analysis of any keyword, domain or page, add in the search engine on the top most location.
To use the tool, click on the most upper Search Engine and enter the domain.After searching, another page will be shown to you that will give an overall review of the respected domain.The acknowledgement you will see will be the site’s organic traffic, backlink profile size, top organic keywords, and some sample ads.In SEMrush, The plenty of knowledge is condensed in a small screen.Also, if you enter a keyword, it will bring Keyword Analytics. All the features: Keyword Research, Traffic, Competitors, PPC Ads and some more important features.If you want to see according to the URL of a page, after entering a specific URL of any domain, you will see “Organic Research Analysis Page.”After entering a specific keyword (you can take domain too), a page will appear telling you search volume, competition, keyword difficulty, organic keywords and ppc.So, by looking at the interface, what has come in your mind? Which one is the best for usability and productivity.The things are productive only if they succeed to make us understand about their project. Here, Serpstat is more organized with prominence of the features. Also, the readability is easier in Serpstat than in SEMrush.
  1. Keyword Analysis:

Keyword research is an essential in making a big difference. When it comes to both tools, they have this feature and we can compare on keyword research basis.

SEMrush Keyword AnalysisSerpstat Keyword Analysis
Similar to serpstat, SEMrush contains all the basic metrics regarding keywords. SEMrush also provides suggestions in the form of phrase match keywords and related keywords.In this portion, you just write a keyword and after a few seconds, results will be shown to you. In the results, volume, competitiveness, keyword difficulty and organic keywords will appear.
Keyword magical toolYou need to go into keyword analytics in which you should enter specific keywords and it will show you volume, CPC, difficulty rating and competitiveness are shown.Serpstat will also contain “badges” for special blocks in search results, like related keywords, featured snippets, and related questions. These are called SERP or Search Engine Results Page features, which Impact the no of clicks undoubtedly.
Another similar feature to serpstat is Questions which will help to make more upcoming content for your website. Questions help you to identify which type of questions the audience is finding related to your keyword.Keyword Research filterThe results you get from any search tool may give accurate results, but the tools may differ in their filter option.
Keyword Research filterThe filter of SEMrush is easier as you don’t have to fill 2 to 3 options. It gives you one option in which you can find things accordingly since it is direct.In Serpstat, the first filter which you may urge to use is location. This button is located at the top most bar of the interface page. All the countries, you can choose accordingly with your country.
Keyword difficultySame as serpstat, you just need to click on sidebar option keyword analytics then its sub-option keyword difficulty.Additionally, below the location button, you can create your own filter as per your needs.
Both of them have almost the same features but Serpstat wins this time again as its algorithm metrics are more reliable. The Serpstat wins in this feature because of its clustering tool. This feature isn’t present in SEMrush.Let’s suppose that you want to find keywords with the difficulty rating of 10 or less, so set keyword difficulty as a data item.
Next to the keyword difficulty on the next drop-down menu, select ‘Less than or equal to’ as the filter condition, then  for the value field, go ahead and enter “30.”When you are done with everything, click on apply filter.
Missing KeywordsAnother helpful option to know for what keywords your competitors are ranking but not the domain you analyzed. Go to the left side bar and click on URL analysis, then its sub-options will be opened, you should click on missing keywords. After it, everything regarding keywords will appear to you.Keywords clusteringMaking a group of keywords which are related can be hectic, but serpstat has made things easier. In keyword clustering, groups are made of those keywords which are related semantically. You can opt for this option by going to the left side bar, the last option is the tool. Click on it.
  1. Domain Analysis:

Domain analysis is just like keyword analysis on a bigger level.

SEMrush Domain AnalysisSerpstat Domain Analysis
In the area of completing deserving tools,  SEMrush isn’t exceptional. Domain analysis is shown thoroughly by this tool.Apart from overview of domain analysis, it shows other features. Let’s talk about infographics.
Seeing deeply into the ‘Organic Research’ page, you can find a collection of insights related to the site’s organic traffic.It’s a whole combination of all the visualizations for the domain’s SEO data. It contains infographics like the domain’s visibility trend for the year, traffic trend for the year, and keyword position distribution.
Just below the fundamental traffic data like traffic cost , you’ll see the site’s top organic keywords and notable position changes. If you scroll down, it will show some more information, such as: the domain’s SERP features, top pages, top subdomains, and primary competitors.In the race of these two, domain analysis of SEMrush is better than Serpstat because:Batch AnalysisClicking on ‘Batch Analysis’ will fetch you to where you can do comparison of hundreds of domains at the same time. The maximum number of domains that you can analyze as a batch is 200 with the right plan.
When it gives you search results, it considers social media traffic as well with the direct traffic. If you get to know your website traffic sources, then you can increase them more when you will scale your efforts.It also shows demographic data, such as: your audience’s location, age, and browsing device of choice.Top pages section tells about all those pages which are ranking in that domain.

Serpstat gets data from 230 Google databases whereas SEMrush has only 120 databases. The only good thing is that you can choose Serpstat over SEMrush if your country is in that category in which SEMrush doesn’t have a database for.

  1. Competitive Research

Being a WordPress user, you have vast knowledge related to its tools. When it comes to Competitive research tools, you are fully aware of what should be your choice!

Either you make your own strategy or imitate your top competitors.

SEMrush Competitive ResearchSerpstat Competitive Research
In case of SEMrush, click on the left sidebar on organic research and click on the tab competitors.In Serpstat, the way to identify your competitors is to get to know them through your target keywords.
In the results, you will be shown the number of keywords, search engine volume, and traffic cost. The “Competitive Positioning Map” is also there to find comparable competitors in terms of organic traffic and keywords.Firstly, You need to build a project and by competitor’s analysis see the traffic. You can also create more than one project and click on start tracking.
After it, you will see the accurate list of competitors side-by-side with useful metrics that measure their organic traffic performance. You can find each competitor’s number of common keywords, paid keywords, search traffic volume.For this purpose, click on the left sidebar button Rank tracker menu section and click on its sub option Competitors. This will list down 20 sites that rank and get traffic for your tracked keywords — thus, making them your top competitors.
The tool which you won’t find in serpstat is the keyword gap tool. This works similar to “missing keyword” in Serpstat.In addition, a faster way to find competitors is to do keyword research and click ‘Competitors’ below ‘SEO Research.’
Furthermore, go to Gap Analysis and click on the Backlink Gap. Enter five competitors in the domain option.What you do get is a longer list of competitors that you must analyze with Serpstat.
You will get this result above pictured. You can see thoroughly at the metrics to compare.So, the best option to opt for is SEMeush since it provides one extra tool that Serpstat isn’t giving and that is Backlink Gap. It excludes plenty of manual work in finding potential backlink sources for your website.If you want to try this with other tools, then other Serpstat tools with a competitors report are backlink analysis and PPC research under keyword research.
  1. Additional Features:

Doing some research has made us think “wow” about the developers, so now it is time to compare the additional features of both tools.

FeaturesSEMrush Serpstat
Application Programming InterfaceSEMrush SEO Tool’s API  gives access to the businesses to get information from their databases and into a custom application, widget, or dashboard. You can track data by the help of units and the amount for it is in batches of 20,000 for approximately a dollar.This one also gives an API package that permits businesses to get analytical data. Plus, API access is free for all premium users except for those with the entry-level “Plan A.”You can get both, but SEMrush is more proficient in this case and it especially for high level businesses.
Multiple UsersIf you want to add some users to your account of SEMrush, then have a contact with its team through email or phone.With this tool, you can add users through multi-user-mode. It is an easy-to-use tool for multiple users than SEMrush.You should go for Serpstat in this mode.
Reporting FiltersWith the help of the filters, you can easily get your desired things.The filter options are for backlinks, keywords, referring domains. However, the keyword filter tool can’t align different filters in just one report.You will see filters in every report of Serpstat. The flexibility of its filters is undeniable.


TO sum up both the tools are excellent in their performance. Their tools, extra features are similar not exactly but somehow.

If you are a beginner in marketing, then go for Serpstat than to choose SEMrush since it is more costly than Serpstat. 

Also, some people can’t invest so much so their option should be sepstat rather than SEMrush.

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