SEMrush vs Ahrefs

SEMrush vs Ahrefs: Who is the Pollux and Castor? [The Ultimate SEO Tool Face-Off]

Pollux is a Giant Star and brightest star. Pollux is said to be closest to the Sun. Pollux and his brother Castor are known for their boxing abilities and athletic competitions. 

In this article I am going to Face-Off  SEMrush and Ahrefs with complete analytics and tests.

So, just for your ease of understanding here The Sun represents users of these tools.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs
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As we all know that SEMrush and Ahrefs is very popular softwares when it comes to digital marketing. Most of us search on google, which is the best SEO tool to rank higher on search engines?

So, here i came up with a DEEP comparison between two best SEO tools (SEMrush vs Ahrefs)

Which one is better: SEMrush or Ahrefs?

Finding the best seo software for an organization is like “finding a partner for life”. So, don’t compromise with your website analysis and ranking. A good software is essential for your organization to grow in this cut throat market.

Here you can see the matches, differences, and the scores of both the tools.

I will share the customer satisfaction ratio of SEMrush and Ahrefs as per searches (94% and 95% respectively).

Let’s have a look at some features of: SEMrush vs Ahrefs


Although both the softwares are very similar to use but still there are some features in which they are slightly different:

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Keyword Research in SEMrush vs Ahrefs:

Semrush vs Ahrefs KW comparision

Keywords are the game changer of a successful blog or post. How can you do keyword research for your site

First let’s understand what is the keyword Research?

So, We all know what are synonyms. Synonyms are similar words. Or with similar meaning. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professionals do a lot of research to find alternative words, which people search on search engine

Just for example Good Morning Wishes and Good Morning Messages can be quite similar. 

People searching for “Good Morning Quotes” can be satisfied with the alternative keyword of Good Morning Wishes or Good Morning Messages. 

Now a marketer looking to rank on one keyword will try to find alternate options of keywords, on which he can dominate and capture the market on that keyword. This is a tough process to find the best keyword to rank for.




Keyword Research and Analysis

SEMrush shows the keyword difficulty in terms of percentage, the higher the percentage is higher the difficulty level.

Ahrefs show the keyword difficulty in terms of numbers / score out of 100.

The higher the score, the harder it is to rank.


No. of keywords for Google Search is 18.8 B (respectively)

Google search no.’s are 8.7 B (Data collect from SEMrush)


It supports Google Search Engine only.

Ahrefs support all the Search Engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Daum, Seznam


Keyword data according to clicks shows potential metric (SERP feature)

Show the No. of clicks in a month for a keyword data.


When you search for a keyword suggestion in SEMrush you can see the result is slightly different from Ahrefs. Like 64.92, 94.90

In Ahrefs the keyword suggestion will appear with exact no. like 64 or 94.

Keyword Research is a process used by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals. This is a way to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into a search engine’s while looking for a similar subject. 

Search Engine Optimization professionals research additional keywords which they use to achieve better rankings in search engines.

Now that you are familiar with what is keyword research, you should know its importance and how to have smart keyword research.

Keyword Research is one of the most important factors that have a very big impact on SEO and website ranking. 

A smart Keyword Research can help you rank higher in Search Engines, whereas a poor Keyword Research can make your article rank very low. 

More traffic will drive towards your content if you use the right and relevant keywords.

Tools that provide Best Keyword Research:

Professionals rank higher not only due to their high-quality content but also due to the right choice of keywords that they use through using SEO tools.

These are some SEO TOOLS with keyword search tool with best reviews and I would personally recommend them people who are freelancers or with small and large businesses:


The process of Keyword Research is evolving and refining itself. As google bots and operators get smarter, the way we interact with devices and content also changes, so try to do the best practices for research and optimization.

Factors that Affect Keyword Research:

Mobile-first index:

It is the version of google’s index in which the mobile version of a site is considered the primary. Depending on the difference between your site’s Desktop and Mobile versions, this can affect rankings depending on the device from which a user enters a search query.

Mobile sites must have the same content as desktop sites. Simple responsive design platforms have made this process much easier to implement. 

These kinds of platform modify or you can say molds / reformat depending on the device either a mobile phone, computer or a tablet.

The example of different format in a different device is given below:  

Desktop view of SEMrush’s dashboard on the computer:

View of SEMrush’s dashboard on the phone:

Designs like these mostly affect menus and layouts.

Another important factor that affects Keyword Research is short and equivalent Meta Title. The best way to write it is by keeping the metadata/ title and subheadings short. Because meta title appears to be short on mobile phone’s search engines. 

This is why it is important to keep it short but do not forget to add the Keyword in the meta title!

Best free chrome extentions

Keyword Relevance:

This is the most important factor in keyword choice. As the relevance of Keyword or phrase to the subject matter on-page is very essential. 

It is extremely important to make sure that the Keywords you are trying to rank a specific page for, matches the content on that page. 

If your Keywords are not relevant to the page you’re trying to rank on, then you are making a big mistake and you don’t want your conversion to plummet rate. 

If you are doing so then that means the conversion rate optimization( CRO) which is the systematic increasing percentage of website visitors would immensely decrease.

Keyword Search Volume: 

It is essential that you research Search Volumes of Keywords and make sure that you choose the Keyword that will drive premium traffic to your site. Clearly, if no one is searching for a Keyword or phrase that you chose, optimizing for it won’t help. 

Yes, I mentioned before that keyword relevance is also important. But it is possible that the Keyword you chose doesn’t have that good search volume and a synonym ( a word with the same meaning) has more search volume.

So it is more fruitful in terms of driving traffic towards your site. In that case, you should choose that keyword instead ( the one with more search volume).

For example, if the word best has more search volume than pre-eminent 

Keyword Competition / Difficulty: 

Keyword competition or difficulty in the process of evaluating how difficult it is to rank in Google’s Organic Search Results for specific terms. 

A Keyword Difficulty is based on a number of different factors, including domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and content quality. 

In simple words just like one candy that already has 10 kids competing for it would be difficult to get, it is also hard to rank higher with keywords that have the right rate of difficulty or competition

To make you aware of the keyword’s difficulty tools like SEMrush magic tool, Ahrefs, WooRank, SEOMoz KeyWord Difficulty tool would be good.

Keyword Intent:

Of course, a certain type of content attracts certain traffic or viewers. Just like how an article about new technical updates would attract a tech wiz. 

If your intent is to encourage conversion, you may want to include action in the key phrase which you will optimize that specific page

If you require a user that is at the beginning of his research then a different, broader or less action-oriented phrase should be used.

Now that we are familiar and aware of factors that would affect keyword research, let’s get to the magic keyword tools. They are:

SEMrush Magic Keyword Tool:

When you log into your SEMrush account, you will see a dashboard that shows the tools that SEMrush offers. One of them is keyword analytics as shown below:

The keyword analytics tool has the following parts:

How to use it?

Click on the keyword magic tool and enter the keyword of your choice. In the example below, I have chosen the keyword ‘best’:

After you search the word best you will see that the tool will show you the search volume, trend, KD percentage, CPC, com., SF and results.

All of this information will help you find the right keyword for your content. While choosing your keywords for your content make sure that you are also considering the factors that affect keywords and SEO rankings.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer:

The Ahrefs Keywords Explorer has more than 7 billion keywords updated with fresh data every month.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer lets you discover thousands of great keywords ideas, analyze their ranking difficulty and calculate their traffic potential. You can get detailed data for any search query and generate keyword ideas within a few minutes! 

By opening the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer you will see this:

The tool does not only process data about Google but also considers Search Engines such as Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu Etc.

How to use?

Select a Search Engine such as Google and select a keyword and enter it. You will see four sections with insightful data.

A. The first section is the keyword difficulty: It will tell you about how hard will it be to rank on top 10 organic searches.

B. The second section is the search volume: Calculates quick stream data. This allows us to refine our search volume numbers and calculate additional layers of data such as the distribution of clicks organic versus paid search result.

C. The third section is clicks: It gives you a deeper vision into clicks and CPC.

D. The fourth section is the global volume: This part shows you the total search volume and sorts it down by countries.

It also has another feature which is Parent topic. It determines if you can rank for your target keyword while tagging a more general topic on your page. 

It will guide you like a parent just as the name suggests. For example, if you search for backpacks for kids, the parent topic will recommend a better suggestion such as kids backpacks. 

This will help you to optimize maximum search traffic potential.

Domain Analysis in SEMrush vs Ahrefs:

What is Domain Analysis? How to do Domain Analysis? Why do we need to do Domain Analysis?

Let me take you to the basics. There are two things. Domain and URL. So Domain is the root along with subdomains. An URL is the actual path of a specific page.

So when we do domain Analysis, we come to know about the complete analysis of that domain (website)

 You can ,basically Analyzing a Domain is equally important for SEO points. We should optimize our URL or Domain with the help of any good SEO tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Domain analysis

Domain Analytics

Domain Analytics in SEMrush and Ahrefs are mostly the same.

Basic Domain Analysis like how a domain is performing in terms of  SEO positioning.


Here you can do Domain Analysis for your own website or for a competitor’s website with all the details.

Domain analysis in Ahrefs and SEMrush is almost the same.


In SEMrush it is possible to to check mobile SERP ranking 

Here in Ahrefs it is not available.


You can do Product Listing Ads(PLA) and Keyword research side by side.

Not Available.


Here you can compare upto 5 Domain keywords profile side by side.

In Ahrefs you can do the comparison upto 10 Domains.

Competitive Intelligence Add-On:

Understanding of audience

[Market Explorer]

SEMrush gives a solution to deep dive into the niche and analyze your users interest and understand your target audience.

Not available in Ahrefs till now.

User Traffic

In Semrush there is a feature available where  you can track the traffic on your site and see the complete insights. 

You can not find this feature in Ahres.

Backlink Analysis:

What are Backlinks?

When one website links to another in a natural way is called a backlink. Basically one website is giving a reference of another website that is termed as Backlink. Generally, a link coming Into a website is referred to as backlinks.

In a general way, More people referring to you means higher is your domain authority. 

For Example; In India when an arranged marriage is done then both sides do a reference check of another family, before bonding (marriage). This is to be sure that a marriage (here backlink) is for forever and the couple (along with both families ) lives happily forever. Similarly, 

One website that gives a NATURAL reference in a way of linking other websites is called Backlink. 

Giving a reference for another person is a big thing. Here, backlink giving websites are signalling Google /Search engines that I take that website’s guarantee. 

Google considers more backlinks as more Powerful, more authority, and more votes, of that specific web page.

I hope this is clear with this easy example. Let’s dive in more.

What are Backlinks in SEO?
What are Backlinks In Website?
What is the importance of Backlinks?
How to Create Powerful Backlinks?

Types of Backlinks

  • Tier 1 Backlinks -Good Backlinks-Google loves them
  • Tier 2 Backlinks-Not So Good Backlinks
  • Tier 3 Backlinks-Google hates the and will ban you.


Let me tell you about Good Backlinks which are Tier 1 Backlinks

  1. My favourite is Guest Blogging 
  2. Editorial Backlinks
  3. Friendship based backlinks
  4. Guest post-Bio Backlinks
  5. Niche Directories submission
  6. Press Release

Tier 2 Backlinks

  1. Reciprocal Backlinks
  2. Paid backlinks

Tier 3 Backlinks / Spam Backlinks

1.PBN backlinks

2.Comment backlinks

3.Irrelevant backlinks

4.Low-quality forum Backlinks

Now let’s understand what is the difference in  Backlinks analysis in SEMrush / Ahrefs:

Outbound links

In SEMrush, this feature is missing to find outgoing links.

In Ahrefs you can find detailed insights of outgoing links.

Compatibility with Google

SEMrush is integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, As SEMrush is more compatible with Google Search Engine.

Not available in Ahrefs.

Link Generator

SEMrush provides link building software with enhanced features for the outreach market. 

Ahrefs don’t have such a feature tool for outreach.

Ease to use

It is comparatively easy to use.

It is a bit difficult to understand all the functions at the beginning.

Detailed analysis of Toxic Backlinks

Here, in SEMrush you can easily audit all your site’s backlinks whether it’s Toxic Backlink, Toxic Score, and Toxic Markers. 

The Backlink Audit Tool is fruitful to have in your bucket.

Not such a tool available to judge toxic links but you can find some parameters in site explorer.

Finding Broken Links

SEMrush can’t provide the data of broken links as of now. 

In Ahrefs you can find broken links that have been removed from any site. 

With a very correct insight.

Technical SEO:

Technical seo

So if you are looking for Technical SEO , this means you have some basic understanding of What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

There are two types of SEO. 

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Technical SEO is a part of On-Page SEO. This clearly means that we are talking about website speed , content optimization, content word length, keyword density. 

See, our aim is to make things easy for search engines crawlers (Google , YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu,Amazon,Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) to easily crawl our website and then rank them.


Basically all search engines want to provide their users with the best search experience on their platform. 

All search engines keep crawling on websites available and present the best content at the top. 

The best content depends on the website speed as well. And all this is a part of Technical SEO (On-Page SEO).

And that is the reason why all websites focus mostly on On-Page SEO (Technical SEO). 

If that is done perfectly then there are high chances to rank the page on that particular keyword.

Does SEMrush and Ahrefs help in Technical SEO?

Technical SEO

Basically it depends on the JavaScripts so SEMrush does not help much in this.

Ahrefs guide for all technical errors and give solutions to optimize your site with Technical SEO.

Content Analysis:

Writing Content is different for Content editing. And both are different from Content Analysis.

Writing content and getting it ranked on the search engine depends on the search query and the content relativity. 

See the process is quite simple. 

  1. Content writing
  2. Editing the content 
  3. Proofread the content
  4. Checking grammar and sentence formations
  5. Content Analysis.

Now Analyzing the content means,

  1. The number of words in that content.
  2. Analyzing the content of competitors. How many words article on similar topics by competitors.
  3. Keywords density ratio -generally between 1% to 2%
  4. Readability scores like Flesch Reading ease, The Fog Scale (Gunning Fog Formula), The Flesch -Kincaid Grade Level, Smog Index, Coleman-Liau Index,Linsear Write Formula, and many more.

Now, Let’s see how to do Content Analysis with the help of SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Content Analysis

Content Audit

SEMrush shows the insights of content performance in terms of SEO. 

Content audit is important for website SEO.

No such option available in Ahrefs.

Plagiarism checker tool

SEMrush offers to check the potential and originality of an article. 

It helps to find that the content is 100% original in real time.

Not available in Ahrefs.

SEO optimization (On-Page SEO)

It provides a solution to improve your website’s SEO by showing a list of ideas and giving suggestions based on your competitors webpage.

Not available in Ahrefs.

Content Explorer

This feature is not available in SEMrush.

You can find the most searchable and popular content on each topic in content explorer.

Post Tracking

This is an awesome feature in SEMrush which shows the report with the result of each successful guest posting of your content.

Here it is missing in Ahrefs.

Brand Monitoring

You can track any content or any links which you have mentioned online platforms, 

or any words you want to check that how they are performing you can track here easily.

You can’t track everything here, although it shows some relevant data of your links but cant’ provide tracking of any words or phrases.

Social Media Marketing-SMM:

I already understood that you don’t want to read this as you think you already know everything. No…DO not skip reading this.

Technically the more the content is sharable and more likes and shares you get on your images /content, more likely Google gets a clear indication to rank up the article. 

This looks simple but it is not.

There is one term called ORM -Online Reputation Management. Most of the big companies have digital marketing teams: inhouse or outsourced agencies.

ORM managers are specialized in their fields, who manage the Social Media Image and the brand value of the company. 

They work in sync with SMM Managers.

Basically there is a big difference between Social Media Manager and Online Reputation Manager.

Social Media Manager will create a campaign, post photo’s (image) on let’s say the Facebook page of the company.

One random guy who is not satisfied with the product service writes abusive things on the Facebook Page of the company. 

Now here ORM comes into picture. This ORM Guy will immediately try to resolve the problem and manage the reputation of the company on the social media page.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is again a very powerful term for content marketing. The need of SMM is to increase your content or article’s presence on online platforms, for that content must be SEO friendly content.

Social Media Manager will design the Social Media Strategies and campaigns. 

He will decide which social media platforms should be utilized in what manner. How to increase the social media presence of that brand on that particular Social Media Platform. Every Social Media works in a different way. 

And a completely different strategy has to be used for each and every social media platform, If one Social media strategy is giving good results on Facebook, might NOT give you the same results on twitter. 

You might have to choose a better working model for you. Similarly, Pinterest is favourable for women related products and promotions, but Twitter is more favourable for financial and political promotions.

ORM guys work on the ground level and manage the social media campaigns. Most of their times go in query resolution of the product user.

Your article must be easily readable  and shareable on social media platforms.

As we all know, in this digital world when almost every person is using social media, it is very necessary that your content must be shared on all social media.

It will help you to increase traffic on your site.

How to write a SEO friendly article

Role of SEMrush and Ahrefs in Social Media Marketing:

Tools for Social Media Marketing

In SEMrush you can find the SMM tools and trick which helps to boost your website traffic. 

This is a must have tool for now a days.

Ahrefs does not provide any smm tool for marketing. 

Pay per Click - PPC Analysis with SEMrush and Ahrefs:

This is basically a shortcut method to get visitors on your website. Here users or visitors are not coming organically to your website or on your link.

Basically we are buying clicks.

PPC is just the opposite of organic SEO. Here we are paying google to run our ads on those keywords which we have selected to rank.

PPC in no manner helps in ranking a website on search engines.

PPC helps to boost our keyword to the right audience.

There are more than 100+ websites where you can run PPC Campaigns, some of the top search Engine Advertising platforms like: Google ads, FaceBook ads, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora and so on.

Pay per click analysis

SEMrush gives another useful tool which is the PPC tool.

To know how much a word costs per click.

So that you can analyze your site’s keywords.

In Ahrefs there you can find some information in the Site Explorer section about the paid results or searches for a keyword.

Trafficjet SEMrush Tool:

If you are investing in some PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and you are really worried about the conversion and sales. 

The new Traffic Jet tool has given the users a new source of traffic that shows potential as well as great KPIs

The Traffic Jet advanced AI has been optimised the sources and it is users’ view that it seems to perform better than other paid advertising networks that they have been using.

Then recently (30th March 2020) SEMrush has launched an ever waiting tool (Traffic Jet) for marketers. The basic motto of this tool is to get more conversion from your PPC ads.

See running a PPC ad is a complicated job and that’s why a specialized agency is hired by most of the companies, despite the fact that they themselves have an Online Marketing team.

Traffic Jet is a Premium tool of SEMrush, and this is designed in such a manner so that all ads get the best placement channel. Placement channels can be like Quora, Reddit, Medium, Google search,Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Bing search, or simply YouTube or any other platform.

The simplicity of Traffic Jet is that it integrates with all these channels/platforms.

You can very easily create an ad and manage it yourself. The user just has to provide a destination URL, category, and the budget you want to spend.

Some awesome features of TrafficJet 

1.Guaranteed Number of relevant visits

2.Auto creative feature

3.Automated Ads

4.very easy to use and run

Traffic Jet Advance SEMrush SEO tool

Traffic Jet

To get complete and automatic insights of traffic this tool is very helpful, 

As it gives access for 100+ premium sources of traffic.

As Jet is fast and accurate this tool is so well designed for the purpose of traffic analysis, and it is available only in premium features of SEMrush.

This is not available in Ahrefs.

Views on time saving:

SEMrush says that it would have taken them hours to go through all the sources and optimise them but this tool (Traffic Jet) has saved so much of their time and made their life easier. 

If you need traffic that performs right out of the gate, and want a tool that will save your time and help you start a campaign and do so, then this tool is definitely for you!

Importance of traffic jet tool:

How does it work and function?

Image Credit:

Enter the landing page URL

Enter the URL you want to drive traffic to.

Choose the goal

Choose the goal or the main aim for the URL that you have entered

Specify a campaign budget

After entering the URL enter the specified budget for your campaign.

Choose locations and maximum bid

Location is the major factor that has an impact on this tool. 

So, Select the target locations you want to get traffic from and the highest amount that you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.

Upload creatives or use the “Auto-creative” feature

The creative and innovative thing about this tool is that  you can provide your own creatives and banners if you wish, or use the “Auto-creative” feature. The latter extracts all the required information (images, text, meta data, KeyWords, competitors, etc.) from the entered URL, and Traffic Jet will determine the best traffic sources and create multiple variations of the ad copies to use.

Integrate Traffic Jet with

This tool helps choose the most effective traffic channels based on user behaviour metrics with the help or by Integration with Google Analytics 

Campaign testing stage

At this stage the tool,

Traffic Jet will use the ready-made ads and test which variations perform best. When testing is needed, all the traffic you receive at the testing stage is free.

High-quality traffic comes to your website

The last or final step is that the tool chooses the traffic sources that deliver guaranteed marketing results. You can monitor the incoming traffic on your Reporting Dashboard inside the tool or in Google Analytics account.

Credit: SEMrush

We all know how much google indirectly likes various sources of traffic. If you want to get premium and most effective traffic to your site, give Traffic Jet a try and you’ll not be disappointed!

Oppty SEMrush:

How to find sales leads? 

This is the most common question every businessman is looking for. Be your business is a shop store, Insurance agent, Property agent, or even Affiliate Marketing.

It is a tool that generates qualified leads for digital marketing business such that every lead counts.


Oppty tool deals with current digital marketing affairs and helps generate leads that are based on target location and the data in SEMrush.

To get the sales, every company does various sorts of promotions.. like press releases or a small show in any mall. Data is collected and then a sales pitch is made to these so-called “leads”. As per my understanding there is one drawback in Oppty SEMrush that the product research is limited to USA and UK cities only.

This is highly resourceful tool for getting a local lead or prospect

This feature is only available in SEMrush.

SEMrush lead generation tool
Image credit:

SEMrush is having a Management tool for automated listings.  And this is one of the best tool. you can use for get more traffic leads on your page.

With the help of this Amazing Oppty Tool you can find and dig into the instant lead generation process and collect a huge amount of qualified new business leads in a short manner of time.


How is this tool helpful and efficient?

SEMrush having it’s marketplace where you can see the traffic driven content and use it to get more relevant audience on your web page.

How is this tool helpful and efficient?

The OPPTY Tool proves to be helpful in the following ways:

Credit: SEMrush

How to Use OPPTY SEMrush Tool?

The tool will serve a large number of leads based on specific city, industry type and type of opportunity.

Go to the Oppty SEMrush tool then enter the information and hit ‘get the leads button’

Pic credit: SEMrush

Opportunity type refers to the specific set of characteristics that make the business a good lead for a digital marketing agency.

Following are the types of opportunities:

Marketing Budget Positive Trends
Strong competitors
PPC/ SEO budget GAP

After entering this info, you will see a preview representing all of these leads in a chart or table. These views show the details on the qualified leads but no contact info or business names.

There are further some steps and information you have to fill in to get the contact info and the business name

Why you should use it;

If you are willing to save a lot of time and energy along with getting qualified and filtered leads then this is definitely a tool you should go for! It is a new tool of SEMrush.

Now let’s understand the tool “SEMrush” in depth: Overview

SEMrush Tutorial & Its Review

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is nothing but a user-friendly SEO tool that conducts keyword research, competitor SEO analysis, and Google Ad campaign optimization.

It provides a simple way for you to find out and use SEO if you’ve got little knowledge or experience.

Toolkits of SEMrush

1. Position Tracking Tool

The Position Tracking Tool allows you to receive daily updates on how your website ranks for your target keywords within the top 100 organic and paid search results of Google.

With this tool, you’ll track search results for any domain and any keyword – across any device type and site round the globe.

SEMrush review

You can discover your top competitors in both organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) search results, and see how they rank for equivalent keywords you’re targeting together with your website.

2. SEO Ideas

SEO Ideas may be a tool that gives actionable ideas on the way to improve a website’s organic rankings for a group of target keywords.

This tool works by taking keywords that you simply want to focus on and analyzing the pages ranking within the top 10 positions to spot SEO strategies that are working for your rivals.

3. Backlink Audit

Using the Backlink Audit Tool will allow you to require an in-depth check out your domain’s backlinks. It also helps to secure your SEO link building efforts from Google penalties. The Backlink Audit Tool always allows you to audit your entire backlink profile and recognize weak backlinks.

By assigning a Toxic Score to your backlinks and showing you why they’re considered toxic, you’ll clearly see which of your backlinks should be far away from your site.

 You will also obviate your toxic backlinks by either requesting removal through Google or disavowing them yourself!

4. Social Media Tool

This tool is what you’ll use to match your social media accounts together with your competitors. At this point of writing you’ll track:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Linkedin

There are a variety of features that this tool has got to offer, below are the key reasons why this will help improve your social media presence.

  1.   You can examine multiple competitors’ social media activity eg. Facebook posts, Tweets, etc.
  2.   Can track the expansion and drop by the quantity of traffic your social accounts are becoming.
  3.   See the highest trending hashtags that your competitors are using.
  4.   Compare your own social media habits like posting frequency together with your competitors and tracking the quantity of interaction there’s.
  5.   You can export multiple sorts of data in pdf format.

5. Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring may be a new feature for SEMRush, that permits you to trace certain keywords to ascertain how often they’re mentioned and from which location.

Most people will stick their name in here for instance which may be a good way to measure how people are mentioning your brand.

You’ll then use this information to enhance your marketing strategy, for instance, you’ll reach bent sites that are mentioning your brand that doesn’t contain a link back to yours.

6. PPC Keyword Tool

SEMrush features a great PPC tool here that ultimately breaks down your Google AdWords in a very straightforward way.

PPC doesn’t need to be complicated and employing a tool like this really makes the difference. There’s no extra cost to the PPC tool because it comes standard with any SEMRush subscription.

So whether you have already got a subscription or you’re considering buying one this tool is one you ought to definitely inspect if you run any kind of PPC campaigns.

7. Organic Traffic

To use organic traffic insights, you need to have an existing Google analytics account linked to your website.

Once you have this, it’s time to connect SEMrush to it. With Google analytics, you can have multiple accounts linked to one email address, SEMrush will allow you to choose which one you want to use however and you can start pulling results from it instantly.

On top of this, you can also sync up SEMrush with the Google search console for further information on your website’s performance.

SEMrush to Dominate the Search Engine Website?

Here I tried to show some tips and techniques by which you can effectively use the SEMrush.

Discover the SEO Topper in Your Industry:

  • Google one among the various keywords relevant to your field to seek out who is currently the highest dog in organic search. During this case, I used Google and my query was “luxury yacht charter.”


  • Copy and paste the chosen URL into Click “search,” then the SEMrush Domain Overview Report will generate. Scroll down a touch and choose “Full Report” within the bottom left of the box under “Organic keywords.” SEMrush URL


  • Afterward, click “Apply”, after completing all these you will find an “Export” button on the highest and bottom right. Export that newly found data for straightforward manipulation in Excel.


  • Our team then sorts the keyword data from A to Z in Excel. You ought to start to ascertain a pattern. For instance, scroll right down to “L,” and you’ll see numerous keyword grouping that ranks within the luxury niche of yachts.


  • I might name the URL something that encompasses a majority of this grouping.

Some Essential Techniques to follow while you write your blog or content

1. Tell a story. Be interesting. Let your personality bleed into the content so people are apt to share it once they find it.

2. Use your root keyword. Include an extended variation to your root keyword to be used in your H1 Tag.

3. Be bound to include your keyword within the first sentence and a variation within the last sentence. (Look in the least the 45+ keywords during this luxury example. what’s the longest root you’ll use that’s found in most of your newfound data? this could usually be an equivalent as your URL during this case).

4. Spacing. Ever read 1,000-word articles with three paragraphs? This equals poor user experience. Let your readers’ eyes breathe.

5. Use the Google “related searches” on the SERPs. Find long-tail keywords that you simply can incorporate into your content. If Google thinks it’s related, you ought to, too. These are great ideas to use in your headers. Remember to stay the subsequent paragraph relevant to the subheading (H1-H6) you’ve chosen.

6. Don’t forget long-tail keywords. make certain to incorporate a number of the long-tail keywords in your H2 & H3 Tags. Write with variations of those keywords in mind, again, methodically.

 7. Use Images! Format your page to be beautiful. Nothing bugs readers quite a page with no images/poor formatting. Use image alt tags to explain the photos so Google can read them; these photos should be associated with your content/strategy.


Some Important Facts with SEMrush

Comparative Analysis of SEMrush: (Positive Sides)

Every tool has certain positive and negative aspects,

SEMrush is not any different, it’s a handy tool with many functions, but its drawbacks also are essential to say.

Below I even have mentioned a number of SEMrush advantages and disadvantages; I think that the advantages outweigh the cons.

An exact understanding of your using sites

It takes time to point out outcomes while conducting an SEO campaign. You’re left to wonder if your optimizations are functioning.

You will gain insight into the success of your campaign with SEMrush.

SEMrush will teach you hows your website functioning. The quantity of traffic you get by well-paid traffic is precise. It’ll inform you if the traffic on your website is increasing or declining.

You will see how you rank keywords also. SEMrush will allow you to know if your keywords are ranking tremendous or worse.

This helps you to refine your campaign to stay your keyword rankings or to spice up your campaign to rank better for them.

Compatibility of Effective Keywords

The use of keywords is a component and parcel of SEO.

  •       You use keywords to seek out relevant results while the audience performs an inquiry.
  •       You will find useful keywords for your SEMrush campaign.
  •       You must perform keyword research to seek out the proper keywords for your initiative.
  •       It lists useful keywords that the organization can use.
  •       You’ll typically want to consider long-tail keywords.

These are keywords of three or multiple words. For your SEO strategy, long-tail keywords are ideal as they drive more essential results in the business.

Realizing your Competition

When conducting an SEO campaign, the analysis of your competition is an integral part of your approach.

For instance, there are many companies looking for equivalent keywords, so it’s helpful to understand what keywords they need.

You will discover what your competitors do with their SEO campaign by using SEMrush. This may further improve the performance of your SEO campaign.

It’s worth learning from your competition, too. You’ll have keywords that drive traffic efficiently. You’ll use this information to use the keywords in your project if you recognize what they’re.

SEMrush may be a useful gizmo for recognizing and contesting the rivalry. You’ll build simpler strategies if you learn your rivals better.

Maintenance of your Required Traffic

Your next aim is to enhance traffic as you obtain a useful one. You do not want to form every effort just to chase away traffic. It’s vital to form an attempt to sustain the dedication and recognition of your website.

You can map those locations by using SEMrush, control keyword positions, link to Google Analytics, and more to stay traffic satisfied.

SEMrush provides all the required tools to satisfy the prevailing traffic while attracting new traffic.


Earning of Necessary Backlinks:

They dramatically increase your website’s credibility and belief, Backlinks are an important part of your presence online. These are connections you get from sites authoritatively.

You should earn from legitimate, reputable sites as you receive back links. Once you acquire backlinks from reputable sites respected by the audience, Google trusts your website more.

With SEMrush, you’ll gain additional useful backlinks. This method allows you to see where you’ll obtain backlinks from if you do not receive them from a specific authority website already.

This is also an excellent thanks to seeing what the competitors take advantage of. You ought to skill many backlinks they need, and to make a far better plan for your business and you’ll use that detail.

Comparative Analysis of SEMrush: (Negative Sides)

Not a User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface requires a particular level of comprehension and knowledge.

In other words, for newcomers, the interface may be a little too complicated but are often easily fixed with a brief course in SEO and digital commercialization.

Second Logging Disadvantage

Just one individual may use one SEMrush login,

But as long as you share it with another person then the person logging into the account would make the user who logged in earlier lose access.

It would be good if SEMrush could fix this problem and confirm the customer is alerted of unauthorized access or something related

Subscription Factor

Many SEMrush users complain of too many warning signs being sent by SEMrush to make sure that subscribers stay locked into their service. Sometimes, this sends subscribers away.

Complicated Surface

SEMrush isn’t quick to urge your mind around with the multiple tools that assist you to manage your SEO and digital marketing techniques.

If you are a complete beginner, it takes you a short time to urge won’t to the tactic, which isn’t convenient for a first-timer.

Improper Ad Spend Data

Many users reported misinformation regarding ad spending, exports, and more. Often it is often confusion or a one-time bug, and with the other company, this happens.

Why do you use SEMrush: My Personal Review

Ahrefs Review (Origin, Pros & Cons)

SEO which is often abbreviated as “Search Engine Optimization”, is a process to get high rankings of your website on Google

For the sake of WordPress, many plugins and tools have come in the market to help people.

Ahrefs is a light-weight plugin, and according to the WordPress official website. 

“The Ahrefs SEO WordPress plugin helps you perform content audits and monitor your backlinks. So, you can get more organic traffic to your website.” 

Furthermore, it allows you to check any domain (including your competitors) domain ranking, keywords ranking, backlink profile, Site structure and many more things.

Belonging of Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a multinational team headquartered in Singapore. They make changes to give their customers what matters most to them, and to keep them ahead of the game. Their motto is “First do it, then do it right, then do it better.”

History Of Ahrefs

The CEO of Ahrefs, Dmitry, built his first document search engine when he was only 15. 

His interest in search engines rose more in 2007. 

Hhe revisited his work on search engines for documents and files. This led to the birth of the backlinks index in 2010, which in turn became the source of data for Ahrefs’ first version of Site Explorer. 

When Ahref launched, Site Explorer disrupted the field of backlink analysis and kick-started a new round of competition among SEO tool providers. It quickly became one of the world’s best backlink analysis tools.

From their slow but steady beginnings, Ahrefs has steadily grown. Today, they update their index with the freshest backlinks on the web every 15 minutes, and our crawler processes up to 8 billion pages a day.

Benefits (pros) of Ahrefs

Everyone in today’s era works hard to achieve the sky, but only the hard-working thing is not enough, with making hard working content, you need to implement some strategies and use some tools to get more traffic.

Ahrefs’ predecessors might be better than it in some aspects, and it is complementary to the other plugins. Some of the best features or unique also, you will find in these are:

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Special features of Ahrefs:

1. Ahrefs help to do keyword research for many search engines: 

The purpose of most of the search engine tools is to show data and metrics for Google, but Ahrefs unifies some other search engines, such as: Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China), Daum & Naver (South Korea), Seznam (Czech Republic)

Since we know the worth of YouTube, we can conclude by above evidence that by using this plugin, you can reach a high number of audience. According to some reports, YouTube is the most searched engine after Google.

2. The “Keyword Explore” of Ahrefs is the only keyword research tool that not only shows search volumes but also tells the estimated number of clicks on the specific word you search. 

With the help of this result, you can choose your target keywords which have more clicks than those which have not. Always target more clicked keywords.

Keyword explorer

3. You can get total search traffic estimations for the top 10 ranking pages: 

Just the volume of the keyword to predict the pages’ traffic isn’t justified, sometimes you have to get better results for getting more info about the top ranking pages. 

For this, you can use the “SERP Overview” report in Ahrefs keyword explorer for checking the estimated monthly organic search traffic to the current top-ranking pages.

SERP Overview in Ahrefs

4. It updates backlinks progress daily

Whether it is recession or progress, Ahrefs gives updates and it is the only tool which updates backlinks graphs on a daily basis. 

By this one, you can get the idea about you and your competitors.

5. It watches which sub-folder is attracting the traffic for your Competitors: 

The “Top Sub-folders” report in Site Explorer tells you about your competitors’ website structure, with which sections of their site makes the most search traffic from a particular country.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs

6. You can see the ranking history of any website for any keyword: You can checkout the history of a particular keyword which helped to give top ranking to your site or your competitor’s site.

For doing this, go to Site Explorer enter website Organic keywords choose a keyword click the “history” icon.

Organic keyword research

Content Explorer: It is another tool by which you can get the total data of any site such as date of publishing. By using this content explorer you can:

Why should Ahrefs be chosen over its competitors (SEMrush)?

Ahrefs is a very easy-to-use tool, It’s surface is very helpful for  competitor’s analysis, and its features are more understandable to everyone.

As it has been mentioned earlier, it gives a proper estimate of clicks of the word you choose, not just volume of any word.

You can check any Broken link analysis is a very easy process to do with this tool.

Its higher-end plans allow you to have multiple users accessing your accounts.

Things in which Ahrefs has command Or the services it is providing to you

Site Explorer:

Through the help of site explorers you are able to find some important information about your competitors’ site. For example:

Organic Traffic Research:

This will tell you what are the keywords which are helping your competitors to rank on top, and which pages are bringing the most search engine traffic.

Go to Organic search, there you will find a lot of data related to specific keywords you search.  

You need to add the website link of any specific site you want in “site explorer.”

Below the organic search option you will see organic keywords”, in this option you will see those keywords which are the cause of your competitor’s site ranking.

Another option is Movements in which you will be able to analyze the progress of a target website.

Below Movements, third option is, Top pages. It tells which pages of a target website are getting high ranking in search results. 

In other words, which pages are most searched in the category.

Same is the case with the sub-folder option.

In Competing domain, you can see the comparison between your competitor’s websites. When they have the same keywords. Same happens in the Competing pagesoption.

And the last one is “Content Gap” already discussed. You can find out the keywords of your competitors’ website because of which they are ranking high.

Organic keyword research

Research Backlinks:

If you want to deselect the inner portion of any website, research backlinks are for you. Again put the “URL” of any website into Site Explorerand go to the backlink profile portion.

We have an idea that Ahrefs has the best backlinks crawler.

In the Backlink option, you will see all backlinks pointing to your target website.

Kindlybeinformed backlink analysis

In the next option, New/lost/broken links you need to have a look at all the new, lost and broken links.

The next option is referring to domains of your target website which tell that in which of the platforms content has been posted by target website.

content gap analysis

Another option is Anchor, which tells you the phrases pointing at the target website.

Internal backlinks, tell that pages which link to the other pages of your website.

You get the idea that your competitors do paid search advertising.

If you want to know your competitors are PPC ads, and in what keywords they are bidding on?

Go to paid search, and put the link of the target website. You will see keywords that a target website or URL is advertising for in search.

Then the next option is Ads, through this option you can see all the Ads which appear in the target website search results.

The last is Top landing pages, you can see which pages on a target website are getting traffic from PPC ads.

Paid keyword research in Ahrefs

Research pages

In the Research pages section, you can get to know which pages on a target website have the most backlinks and social shares.

Go to the option pages and click on best by links, you will be able to see the pages with the number of backlinks they have.

Another option is Best by links’ growth, it will show you the growth of the pages’ links.

The last but not the least option in Pages option is top content, it tells which pages on a given website have the most social shares.

Research page in Ahrefs

Content Gap Tool

You can get the idea that what are the keywords because of which your competitors rank on the top page of Search engine and you don’t.

How to do it: Just go to Organic search and click on the Content gap.

Put the URLs of your competitors site, it allows you to put more than one URLs of your competitors. 

Put the URLs into Show keywords that any of the below targets rank forsection.

Then, below this you will see But the following target doesn’t rank forsection, so put your own website URL there, and click on the button show keywords.”

After putting any URL you will get to know many different keywords from your competitors’ website.

Now you can compete for the key words. You should create much better pages than your competitors by using the same keywords.

Ahrefs keyword generator

By using this tool, you can search many keywords at the same time, and also you can narrow down the search from the international market to your specific country. 

So, you get the overall information about the desired keyword which you put.

kindly be informed keyword explorer

Broken link checker

Broken links are those links that don’t function anymore. Some of the reasons why links don’t work are:

If you click at a broken link, you’ll see a 404 page error or similar message which explains that the webpage is not available.

Effects of  SEO and Broken links:

All Search engines give importance to links because links tell a lot about the quality of a specific website. 

The URLs which are related to your website tell that where your website ranks in search results. It gets easy for your SEO engines to make your site recognized by the users when you don’t have broken links in it. 

So, go to your website and filter the broken links by Ahrefs.

Simply, go to Outgoing links and click on Broken links. And nip all of them to improve your website’s quality.

YouTube Keyword tool

If you upload your content related videos, then you can also search keywords on YouTube.

If you are running out of content and can’t decide which type of content should be on your website, then you should search keywords. 

By looking at the keywords, you will come up with an idea to do next writing for your site!

All you need to do is to go to Keyword ideas and click on Phrase matches. When you will write any broader key term, it will show you all the related keyword phrases and from top to bottom, it will narrow down them.

Phrase match in Ahrefs

In the next option that is Having keywords, you can see all the keywords related queries.

Below this option, you can see Newly discovered”, by the help of it, you can get the hot keywords that have been added recently.

Another best option is that, according to the keyword you searched for, you can see questions which have been asked and are being asked by the audience, I assure you will get the idea that what should be your next topic on your website based on these questions.

Keyword related questions in Ahrefs

Website Authority Checker (Domain Authority)

In the language of SEO, this term has wider meaning. “Website Authority” means strength of a domain. We also call it “Domain Authority”, there is a calculator in Ahrefs that shows ratings. 

The higher a website’s Domain Rating (DR), the stronger and more authoritative it is.

a)How to judge Domain rating score? 

Well, we know that domain authority is relative by definition, so we can’t say that some pages have 30 or 20 are the best. 

The only rule which should be applied without getting confused is that “Your Domain Rating (authority) is good if it’s higher than or comparable to similar sites.” 

Additionally, if your goal is to improve your domain ratings, then try to get backlinks from the most unique sites.

b) How to use website authority?

Testing against your competitors: Simply by comparing yours with theirs can get you the results. 

You need to see that if your website is higher than your competitors, then your website is stronger in terms of “link popularity.”

Suppose that the domain rating of your website is “72” and your competitor is on “87”, you have stronger authority. 

It means that your website has more backlinks from websites which have strong link profiles, which brings higher authority score.

If your competitor is doing better than you, then you can check his backlink profile through “Ahrefs site explorer.”

c) Look over link prospects: Google is concerned more about the strength of linking pages than linking domain. 

Ahrefs domain rating is an effective proxy to see the relative quality of link prospects. But only the “Authority” itself is not enough, you should see other things as well, such as:

Keyword Difficulty

By the definition, keyword difficulty means how hard it is for you to rank your site on that keyword and appeared in the top 10 search results for any keyword. 

Ahrefs has given a metric to get the idea about any specific keyword you search for.

Also, the number of referring domains and position of a website in search results has strong relation between each other. 

In other terms, the more referring domains across the top ranking pages, the higher the Keyword Difficulty.

Keyword difficulty

Keyword Difficulty examines the chances of getting into top 10 of search results. Other than backlink profiles and content relevancy, many additional ranking factors come into play among the results of the first page of any search.

Cons Of Ahrefs

The cons of this tool have been taken from the most authentic sites, you may disagree with them, but there are the negative parts experienced by Ahrefss’ users in the past.


You can start a free trial just for 7 days by paying $7 for basic or lite plan.

The monthly billing is $99 for every month of basic plan.

If you want to cancel your account before 7 days, you can send an email to support[at] You can also upgrade or downgrade plans anytime by sending an email to their support team.


Overall, all we can say is that despite looking bloated with so many features, Ahrefs is fulfilling the need of plenty of users on a world level. 

You can use any tool according to your need. If you are a beginner in your business, then try a 7 days trial for just a few dollars which you can easily afford. 

If you get satisfied, then you may go ahead further. Ahrefs is updating its features everyday and in the future you will see other new exciting tools for your website. 

Although it is a little expensive, it is fair and gives you many tools which helps you to get high ranking in Google search results.

So overall you’ll probably now see that SEMRush does a good range of various things from keyword research to site auditing, and gaining knowledge on your competitors and far more.

It’s a tool that’s constantly improving and I’m sure over the approaching years there’ll be more improvements. If you’ve got any questions on SEM Rush please do get in-tuned and I’ll be quite happy to advise. My Final Words are SEMrush is a better Option.Go for it!

FAQ’s _Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows webmasters to include additional information about each URL: information like when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs of the site.

A site map allows search engines to crawl sight more efficiently and URLs that might be isolated from other sites. 

A sitemap will help even if your linking is not good. It acts as a road map on a tour website to access and lead to all important pages. It is good for SEO because it helps google find all the important pages on your website.

What is the Purpose of Sitemaps:

Sitemaps are used in websites which are essentially big websites, websites with large archives, new websites with less external linking or websites which have rich media content.

Some reasons Why XML sitemaps are used in Websites?

Now that you know where and why XML sitemaps are used. It is about time to know where to add them in YOUR own sites.

Where Not to Use your XML Sitemaps?

To decide which pages to add on your XML site map, think it in relevance to URL. If a visitor lands on a specific URL and if you don’t want that visitor lands on it then it shouldn’t be on it! So do not put your XML sitemap there.

For Example 1: Images and photos

Obviously you would use images and photos in context to your content if you are a blogger or write articles. It would have no point to put your XML sitemap in your photos and images as they will already be available on your page or site.

Adding XML sitemaps to your pictures or images would only make sense if they are your main business or area of interest. For example, if you are a photographer or photo editor, then you should use sitemaps in your images and photos.

From the example above it should be clear to you that relevancy is the key

What are the Guidelines on XML Sitemaps:

For every work and organized work, it is important to follow some guidelines. Here are some for XML sitemaps.

  1. If you have different URLs for mobile and computer desktop it is suggested that you should point to one in your site maps and if you want to use both URLs make sure that you annotate the mobile and design version separately.
  2. Break larger sitemaps into smaller sitemaps. Using a sitemap index file will help you list sitemaps individually so rather than submitting site maps individually submit them in a file.
  3. Use consistent and fully qualified URLs

What is Keyword Density?

Definition: Keyword density is defined as the percentage of a keyword or phrase that appears on the page with comparison to other words or phrases. In search engines’ optimization, keyword density can be used to acknowledge whether a keyword is relevant to the specific web page or not.

What is a Good Keyword Density?

Many SEO experts consider that keyword density ranging from 1 to 3 per cent is the optimum or ideal keyword density.

Even though there is no specific answer to this because varies and depends on the topic you are writing about. Some topics are best suited for long content forms and a lot of related keywords and synonyms. On the other hand, you have the topics that are best served with a compact piece of content and a higher repetition of the same keywords.

That is why you should know that keyword density varies from topic to topic.

How to Calculate Keyword Density?

The formula for calculating keyword density ok webpage for the purpose of SEO is: (Nkr/ Tkn) multiplied by 100. Where Nkr is the number of times you have repeated a specific keyword, and Tkn is the total words in the analyzed text. The resulting value is a keyword density value.

This is how you can keep a track if you have optimum keyword density value and then you can adjust it accordingly.

Now that you know keyword value, it is time to know how many time as keyword should be specifically mentioned to get that optimum density value. Getting 1-3 per cent of keyword density means that the target keyword appears about one to two times per 100 words. At this rate, the keyword appears enough times to show search engines what the page is about without engaging in keyword stuffing.

Do not exceed keyword density value too much as this will result in keyword stuffing and will cause a web page to be penalized.

How to Achieve Optimum Keyword Density?

There is no hard and fast rule for keyword density but it is better to take precautions and be aware of factors that can somehow affect your ranking in SEO.

Keyword density can change in accordance with the context in question. Maybe your new article doesn’t need too much keywords to rank higher than an old blog. 

It is suggested by SEO experts to add 1 keyword in about roughly 200 words. You may or can add more than one keyword per 200 words of copy but there are chances of google penalizing it. Even if the article consists of a single paragraph of 200 words then there also should be no more keyword than one as suggested by SEO experts.

What role Keyword Density plays in SEO ranking?

It helps the search engine understand your content in on-page elements such as:

Adding keywords in on-page elements like meta title, H1 headings, internal links and alt tags.

It helps in indexing and ranking by adding them in off-page elements such as: 

Elements like backlinks and anchor texts.

SEO tools that are used for keyword density:

Here are the top 10 tools used for keyword density check:

What is Digital Marketing?

The way you market any product in a non-physical manner is Digital Marketing. Yes, this looks a little complicated, but the way you are going to market your product using the Internet and online means are Digital Marketing. Email Marketing, Social Media are some common ways.

How many Search Engines are there?

Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Yandex are top search engines.

Some other names are Bing,Baidu,AOL,,DuckDuckGo, Excite,, Lycos.

What is the difference between DA and PA?

DA is Domain Authority and PA is Page Authority.

DA is likely a complete website including of all pages.

PA is a single page.

DA PA rank determines the position of the website/page on the search engine on particular KeyWords.

What are Social Media Marketing tools and Plugins and Apps?

Hootsuite is one of the best automated Social Media Marketing tools. This is so far the best I liked and using from many years.

SimplyShare is a WordPress Plugin for social media sharing.

Add to any- is another SM sharing plugin.

Buffer , Social Sprout are well-known names. Try them out for the automated features.

What is Anchor Text?

The clickable word in any document is called as Anchor Text. So basically a clickable text in a hyperlink.

What is SEO Competitor’s Analysis?

It’s basically reverse engineering. You are trying to find out, why your competitor ranked on search engine and what strategy he used to rank them up. Its a time tested tiny little things which your competitors already applied. You have to just find them and replicate in your business in a better and unique way. And that’s how you will dominate the market and outrank your competitor.

How to find your TRUE SEO Competitor?

Make a list of your keywords and then start searching them one by one in Google.

Make a list of the results coming in top 10. NOw find out which domain appear most and at what position.

Now here is one CATCH. 

DO NOT do any Guess Work. A most important lesson. For learning something new, UNLEARN first.

Instead, try SEO tool like SEMRush / Ahrefs, which will pull out all the data related to your site in just a click.

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