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SEMrush Affiliate Program Review: How to join BeRush

There are many affiliate programs, here we are discussing about SEMrush Affiliate Program review and alternatives available for bloggers. Now let’s first understand What Affiliate Marketing Is? 

There are two types of companies in the market one is manufacturing companies, and other is service provider companies. 

Manufacturing companies require lots of investment. We are not talking about specifically manufacturing units like airplane manufacturing or any nut bolt manufacturing. 

Here we are talking about software development and product development companies. Adobe is a product development company, and they have their own set of products. 

SEMrush is undoubtedly a best tool but here you can read comparison between Frase and SEMrush.

Apple is a product development company, and they have their iPhone as a product. Second is its service-based company. Software service-based companies include Infosys and TCS. 

Now since we are discussing affiliate marketing, these are some basic terms which we need to understand. So basically in affiliate marketing, the manufacturer is someone else. We are just a seller.

So in easy way you can that we are selling someone’s product with our affiliate link, and for that, we earn a specific amount of Commission.

Today I am discussing a very good and well-known affiliate program with you, which is known as SEMrush. 

During the crisis time and financial difficulty, the affiliate program of affiliate marketing is a helpful thing for earning passive income.

I have been using the SEMrush affiliate program for 2 years. I really like their surfaces; their keyword research tools are the father’s best tool for social media marketing.

So here we will discuss all the prospects of SEMrush affiliate programs to justify is it worth promoting it?

Features Of SEMrush Affiliate Program

Here we will discuss how you get the affiliate link from Berush and how you can be a member of Berush /SEMrush affiliate program. 

Basically, the affiliate-program is very interesting because it offers a good amount of earning and it increases your financial balance.

First, it have a very smooth and transparent payment system

Berush releases two payments in a month, first is on 10th and second is on 25th of every month, so the Commission is twice in a month you will receive if you sell any product of SEMrush.

Cookies or validation time period If someone first clicks on your affiliate link to buy SEMrush, it will generate a lifetime cookie. And whenever your referral buys the tool, you will get the Commission.

SEMrush provides all kinds of customized banners, links, widgets of SEMrush so you can promote by using their promo materials.

They even provide landing pages where you can promote their banners with your affiliate link, so the material is already there and you have to market it is really helpful. 

There is an option in SEMrush affiliate program, where you can choose the minimum payout like if you want to save $100, you can change the already mentioned amount from $1,000 to dollar $50 or $100 whatever is your threshold payout.

How To Become a Member of Berush/SEMrush Affiliate Program

First, you have to sign up here. Once your account is activated, or you are done with the complete registration process and then login into your account. 

On your SEMrush affiliate account, there is a unique reference ID of yours that is your affiliate link.

You can track and make a good commission from your reference ID, so SEMrush uses your reference ID for counting visits, sign-ups and sales with your affiliate link.

SEMrush has multiple language banners, and there are many sizes available in their banner, 

use the HTML code (already mentioned in your ref. I’d.) your reference ID is already mentioned in that you have to copy that code and paste it in your blog or on your page or your website wherever you want to use that banner.

Why should you promote SEMrush affiliate programs? 


The first and very important point is, it has lifelong cookies, so this is the best thing any affiliate program has ever had. 

It has a 7 days free trial feature.

You will receive 40% recurring Commission on each successful sale. Now the commission part is perfect because until your referral pays for the SEMrush plan, you will receive this Commission for the rest of your life. 

SEMrush has a ready set of landing pages and banners so you can promote it through email marketing through social media campaigns. You don’t need to put each code on your website or blog, you can promote it the way you want. 

Berush organizers monthly contest in which you can participate and earn the right amount of money like $1000.

You can access and manage your affiliate dashboard. It will have all the number of visits, purchases sign ups through your link, how many sales you have made and the full conversion report you can see at your affiliate dashboard.

Berush has top-notch customer support for Affiliates. 

Few drawbacks are there:

As everything has their good and bad points, so SEMrush also has some drawbacks like a lifetime cookie thing. It is good for the first guy but later on if someone is inspired by you and wants to buy SEMrush, but you didn’t get the Commission. 

Another bad part of this tool is it is pretty expensive. The minimum cost of this tool is $99.95, which is not feasible for everyone. However, the price of this tool is completely justified. 

It has two-tier affiliate programs, but for that, you have to make a request to the Berush team. 

The payment procedure:

SEMrush made two kinds of payments from PayPal and wire transfer. 

With PayPal, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $50. And from wire transfer minimum transfer is $1000. You will automatically get the payment once you reach the threshold limit of your payment account. 

Here a question comes: How Much Commission You Get From SEMrush Affiliate Program

Show the commission percentage depends only on the subscription plan your referral buys. 

SEMrush has 3 plans: pro, guru and business. If you sell the Pro plan, you will get 40% commission of the payment. If your referral purchases SEMrush for the whole year then you will get cumulative Commission somewhere around 400$. Isn’t it great! 

Almost over five million active users are using SEMrush. So you are promoting a right and trusted tool. 

Promotional materials:

When you logged in your Berush affiliate account, you can see the promotional material over there.

You can find banners which are available in multiple colors and many sizes also in different languages you can copy-paste that banner code with your affiliate link. You can find 15 + landing pages. You can see the backlink visits where they can submit their domain and do their SEO analysis and backlink analysis. Can find a visit which is for traffic analytics which shows the website traffic analytics and that too for free.

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools you can refer to and earn a very good affiliate commission from them.

What Is Berush Contest And How You Can Participate In The Contest? 

Any person who started blogging for making videos on YouTube just started a website they are looking for a passive income. But it is really not easy for a new blogger to earn from website R any videos, so the affiliate marketing and contest is really helpful to grow them and help the starter bloggers financially. So the SEMrush or Berush contest is a very interesting contest in which almost 300 – 500 participate every month. 

Yes, you heard me right there are a lot of people who participates in Berush contest and the lucky one gets price other in cash prize or with some physical prices. For joining Berush contest, you have to first register yourself with their affiliate account by clicking to become an affiliate.

Start writing good quality content about SEMrush, create new blogs or videos and put fresh content in your blog.

You will receive a topic idea from Berush contest program you can write an article on the given topic and submit to berush team. 

You can contact their team on the given mail address While submitting mention the subject line SEMrush monthly contest.

Berush chooses the best content submitted, and the winner will get a dollar hundred on their Berush affiliate account.

The monthly contest of SEMrush starts on every first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month it allows its affiliate to include landing pages and banners in the content. 


SEMrush affiliate program is one of the best programs because SEMrush is the best SEO tool. You can see the comparison of ahrefs v/s SEMrush. I hope you like this article as I include all the relevant information for affiliate marketing so you can start promoting this tool and make money. Feel free to share your views on this article thank you

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