This is an important Wordpress Terms and Glossary.

40 Important WordPress Terms Explained – WordPress Glossary

The semantic or register of every field is unique. Every department has its own way to do things, and their naming and functions differ as well. WordPress is a famous way to do blogging, so here are some of the most common terms related to it:

WordPress is the easiest and best way to create a website, and that’s why more than 35% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress.There are so many Important WordPress terms and glossary which everyone uses but still gets struck some or the other way. WordPress in itself is a big topic and every day changing. Keeping yourself updated in this scenario is very important. Some basic terms are explained here.

40 Important wordpress terms explained: wordpress glossary
wordpress glossary terms

Some Important WordPress Terms and glossary


The WordPress Customizer is an interface that lets you change the pieces of your site that you can’t alter through the post editor. Precisely what highlights your approach will depend upon your themes (and some time modules), yet there are some default components including gadgets, menus, and site character. Your topic may then likewise let you tweak the format and include a message in the header or footer.

Important WordPress Terms and glossary
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A meta box is a zone in an administrator screen that you use to include content, arrange settings, or play out an activity. You can include meta boxes by composing your own modules.


A Plugin is a set of code that adds additional users to your WordPress site. This could be as straightforward as changing the login logo or as difficult as including web-based business usefulness.WP Rocket is an amazing Plugin, which will boost your website speed loading under 3 seconds.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin


A revision is an adaptation of a post (or page and so on.) That is put away in the database on the off chance that you have to return to it soon. This can be valuable if you unintentionally erase some substance for your post or something different turns out badly.


These are singular segments that can be incorporated directly into your blog’s header, footer, or sidebar. You can even add widgets to improve the design of your blog, deal with your ads, and so forth.


Web optimization represents Search Engine Optimization, a technique where sites are upgraded to perform better in internet searcher results. These principles depend on rules given by the biggest web indexes: Google, Yahoo, and Bing(however Google is the highest quality level). Normal SEO

rehearses include posting remarkable and important substances, utilizing natural backlinks.


Themes are the collection of preset ideas shop. Whenever you want to change the look & style of the website and make your website more navigable and interesting. You can customize these things with the help of WordPress themes. There can be various themes based on your business, Themes based on your style. Like themes based on Food, themes on Blogs, Themes on Restaurant, Themes on Gardening, Themes on Health & Wellness , News & Magazine Theme

A child theme is a sub-subject that acquires usefulness, highlights, and style of a WordPress parent topic. It permits you to change the presence of your WordPress site without changing the site’s usefulness. Youngster subjects are known as a more secure approach to alter a WordPress subject without changing the parent theme.


Client Experience (UX) alludes to the general understanding of utilizing a site, program, or application. UX configuration thinks about how clients interface with the organization’s items and administrations. The characteristic of a decent UX configuration is that it is easy to use.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a meta-language that permits you to characterize your own markup language. It is written in SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language), and is helpful in depicting and sharing information over the web. It is utilized related to HTML, where XML is utilized to characterize information, and HTML is utilized to show the information. In WordPress, XML is regularly used to make sitemaps, which is a rundown of the pages in the site that the web crawlers can look to search for data.


A substance the board  CMS is a product that encourages making, altering, sorting out, and distributing content. WordPress is a Content Management System, that permits you to make and distribute your substance on the web. In spite of the fact that it is generally utilized for web distributing, it very well may be utilized to oversee content on an intranet, or in a solitary PC.

WordPress permits clients to have full authority over the records, reports, just as the plan and show of the substance. You don’t need to know a solitary line of code to distribute content utilizing WordPress. The excellence of a decent substance the executive’s framework is to permit any client to make and deal with their substance with no specialized skill.


FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a web convention that is used to move documents over the web starting with one PC then onto the next. For instance, when you are introducing a product like WordPress on your site, at that point you will  utilize FTP  to transfer the entirety of the WordPress records from your PC to your server. In order to do this, you need something many refer to as a FTP customer. The FTP customer is programming that sudden spikes in demand for your PC and permits you to move records to and from your web server.

Most WordPress web facilitating specialist co-ops give clients access to FTP, so they can transfer or download records from their web facilitating server legitimately from inside their control board. WordPress clients may require an FTP customer to transfer WordPress records to their web facilitating server before they can introduce WordPress. This is an important WordPress Terms and Glossary.

12) HOOKS:

In WordPress theme and advancement, Hooks are functions that can be applied to an Action or a Filter in WordPress. Activities and Filters in WordPress are capacities that can be adjusted by subject and module engineers to change the default WordPress usefulness.

Functions used to alter Actions/Filters in WordPress can be guided into WordPress. However, note that activities and channels are not something very similar. Activities are capacities performed when a specific occasion happens in WordPress. Channels permit you to alter certain capacities. Arguments used to snare the two channels and activities appear to be identical. In any case, they are distinctive in usefulness and how they act.

13) GIT-HUB:

GitHub is a project facilitating administration on the web. It is allowed to use for Open Source projects, and there are additionally paid plans accessible for private activities. As of now, GitHub is the most mainstream code-hosting administration among open source engineers and software engineers. It utilizes Git form control framework, thus the name GitHub.

Numerous WordPress designers use GitHub to have their tasks. There are at present numerous WordPress modules and subjects created utilizing GitHub as the code facilitating stage. This permits WordPress designers to work together in groups, get criticism, permit others to survey their code, and even download and use it.


RSS, representing Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, utilizes a few standard web channel arrangements to distribute content in an organized XML record for syndication. A XML document in this arrangement is called a RSS Feed. This configuration permits programmed syndication of information and the XML record guarantee similarity over various machines and projects.

WordPress consequently produces an RSS channel for posts and remarks in RSS 2 and Atom channel designs. WordPress subjects at that point include a meta tag in the source code which permits channel understanding programming, news aggregators, and channel crawlers to naturally find the channel.


The post slug is easy to use and URL substantial name of a post. This is an important WordPress Terms and Glossary. The most regular utilization of this component is to make a permalink for each post. WordPress consequently creates post slugs from a post’s title. In any case, it isn’t utilized in the URL until custom permalinks are empowered to use ” %postname%” in the URL structure.

16) CHMOD:

There are times when you want to add a plugin from your WordPress dashboard, upgrade a plugin, add an image, or something similar. In some of these cases based on your web hosting settings, you might not be able to do any of that because the file/folder permissions are not correct. In this case, you would need to use the chmod.


In WordPress subject advancement phrasing a fluid layout is a format that utilizes corresponding qualities as an estimating unit for squares of substance, pictures, or whatever other things that is a piece of the WordPress topic. This permits the site page to stretch and agreement comparative with the client’s screen size. This is unique in relation to fixed designs where each part of the subject has a fixed width in pixels.

18) PHP:

PHP is a programming and scripting language to make dynamic intuitive sites. WordPress is composed utilizing PHP as the scripting language. Much the same as WordPress, PHP is likewise an Open Source. PHP is a server side programming language. At the point when a client demands a page that contains PHP code, the code is prepared by the PHP module introduced on that web server. The PHP pre-processor at that point produces HTML yield to be shown on the client’s program screen.

In WordPress PHP documents ordinarily have a .php expansion. PHP can be utilized inside HTML documents.


Multisite is a kind of WordPress establishment that permits you to make and deal with a system of numerous sites from a solitary WordPress dashboard. This lets you effectively make changes and keep the entirety of your sites refreshed from one spot.

You can make a multisite organize for yourself that lone you approach. Or on the other hand you could include different clients who can make their own locales inside your system, and cutoff them from getting to all the more remarkable WordPress highlights.


A permalink is a hyperlink in an article or post that for all time connects to a site. You can characterize the structure of the connections for your WordPress site under settings/permalinks in the administrator territory. It can utilize the article name for producing joins, it can number the substance, or it can accommodate a basic ID.


A shortcode is a method of embedding a bit of code with a particular capacity inside a customary post or page content. Many plugins will furnish you with shortcodes you can securely add to your content to remember the module’s usefulness for a post or page. Consider it composing code without realizing how to code.

WordPress has many worked in shortcodes like the one for galleries. Shortcodes consistently start and end with brackets, and they can acknowledge numerous parameters in the centre.


A light box picture is typically shown as a popup when clicked. Much of the time the picture in the popup will be bigger than the first picture shown on your Web page. The structure of the light box will rely upon your subject or the theme you are utilizing to accomplish this impact. It will regularly show the subtitle, photograph credit and whatever different subtleties you enter in the picture settings. If there should be an occurrence of a photograph exhibition, a light box can incorporate back and forward catches for clients to have the option to see all pictures as a slideshow.


This is one of the center plugins for WordPress. Its primary undertaking is to “get” each spam remark that gets submitted to your blog, so you won’t need to experience them all alone. You can get beneficial by downloading this if you have a long term plan with WordPress.


Gravatar represents a Globally Recognized Avatar. It is all around perceived in light of the fact that a large number of individuals and sites use them. Most well-known applications like WordPress have worked in help for Gravatar. At the point when a client leaves a remark (with email) on a site that underpins Gravatar, it pulls their Globally Recognized Avatar from Gravatar servers. At that point, that image appears close to the remark. This permits each analyst to have their personality throughout the internet.


Scientific classification or Taxonomy in WordPress is something or other that everybody uses, except they don’t realize that they are utilizing it. Gotten from the natural order strategy Linnaean scientific categorization, WordPress scientific categorizations are utilized as an approach to bunch posts and custom post types together. WordPress has two famous scientific categorizations that individuals use all the time: Categories and Tags.


A WordPress site can have a powerful blog-like first page or a static first page which is utilized to show modified substance. Naturally, WordPress utilizes the principal alternative by demonstrating your latest posts on the first page. A few clients incline toward the subsequent choice, which is otherwise called a “sprinkle page” or a “custom landing page”.

Before you can set a static first page for your site, you need to make and distribute the page that you might want to use as the static first page.

27) LOOP:

The loop or WordPress loop is PHP code that shows WordPress posts. This is utilized in WordPress topics to show a rundown of posts in a site page.

Inside the loop, there are a few capacities that are controlled of course to show posts. Subject designers can arrange the yield by utilizing layout labels to alter how each post inside the circle is shown. There are a few Template labels that work just inside the WordPress circle and can be utilized to design, mastermind, and distribute post information. The WordPress circle is apparently one of the most significant parts of the WordPress code and at the center of most inquiries somehow.


An Excerpt in WordPress is a term utilized for article synopsis with a connection to the entire entry. One approach to make extracts for a WordPress post is by entering the outline of an article in the Excerpt field on the Post Edit screen. This field isn’t shown in the post alter screen as a matter of course. To empower it a client needs to tap on the Screen Options button on the upper right corner of the post alter screen and afterward empower it.

Extracts permit clients to show increasingly content in less space. It is especially helpful for content-rich sites, for example, news or magazine locales where the site proprietors would need to grandstand increasingly content on the first page with connections to full articles.


Custom fields also referred to as post meta, is a feature in WordPress which allows users to add additional information when writing a post. WordPress stores this information as metadata. Users can display this metadata by using template tags in their WordPress themes.

Examples of custom fields can be:

A)    The music you are listening to while writing the post

B)    The rating that you might want to add for a product that you were reviewing

C)   Or anything else that you can think of.

30) C-PANEL:

C-Panel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) utilized as a control board to improve site and server the management. C-Panel permits you to distribute sites, oversee spaces, compose web records, make email records, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. C-Panel has two interfaces, a UI called C-Panel and a server the executives interface called Web Host Manager (WHM). This blend permits clients to deal with their site and supplies facilitating suppliers with devices to deal with the server.


Bandwidth in site facilitating is the measure of information your site can move to your clients in a given measure of time. Commonly data transmission is determined and sold by Gigabytes (GB), however, some web facilitating organizations may offer “boundless transfer speed”. We’ll examine more on that later. The most effortless approach to see how transfer speed functions is to consider it a distance across the channel.

An enormous funnel can convey more water at once than a little channel. That is on the grounds that a bigger funnel has a greater ability to do as such. Similarly, having more transmission capacity implies that more site information can be moved at once.

32) ARRAY:

In PC programming dialects, an array is a unique variable that can hold more than one incentive under a solitary name. It is conceivable to then access the qualities by alluding to a file number or a content key. WordPress is written in the PHP programming language and subsequently, as a WordPress client, you may go over them while taking a shot at WordPress subjects or modules or by just taking a gander at the center WordPress code. In PHP, the cluster() work is utilized to make them.


An include document is a record you add to a plugin (or now and again a module) to hold code independently from the principle module record. It very well may be valuable to do this while including a lot of code to include explicit usefulness. For instance, I would utilize an incorporate record to add Customizer backing to a topic.


Trackback encourages you to inform another writer that you composed something identified with what he had composed on his blog, regardless of whether you don’t have an express connection to his article. This improves the odds of the other creator sitting up and seeing that you gave him credit for something, or that you enhanced something he composed, or something comparative. With pingback and trackback, web journals are interconnected. Consider them the reciprocals of affirmations and references toward the finish of a scholarly paper, or a section in reading material.


The block editor is worked around the idea of squares. Every component in the substance of a page or post is a square – sections of content, pictures, recordings, blockquotes, records, exhibitions, tables, etc. Squares can be included, erased or moved around in the substance, and each square has settings one of a kind to the square sort. In the picture square, you can choose which picture to show, how to adjust it, and alter the subtitle. In the table square, you can include and erase table lines and segments. In the long run, squares will be brought to different pieces of the WordPress interface also, supplanting different components like gadgets and menus.


Pagination is the way toward separating content into numerous pages. In website composition, pagination additionally alludes to the navigational component showing connects to the various pages.

The pagination component ordinarily remembers one connection for going advances for the pagination and one connection for going in reverse. This is an important WordPress Terms and Glossary. Every so often, the pages in the pagination are drilled down with numbers, with each number connecting to that page in the pagination.


Jetpack contains a wide exhibit of modules that help you to tweak, secure and monitor your WordPress site. There are such a large number of for every one of them to be recorded here, and more are included at a consistent clasp, yet these are a portion of the more noticeable ones:

1)    Comments 2) Contact form 3) Infinite scroll 4) Lazy image


The post status is used to determine the visibility of a post, page or another custom post type in WordPress.

The post statuses are managed through the “Publish” meta box, which is displayed in the top right corner of the screen when you’re editing a post or page. There are eight post statuses in WordPress, but some of them are more common than others. If you have been using WordPress for a while, you’re probably already familiar with the following three:

1)    Draft 2) Published 3) Trashed

39) O-EMBED:

oEmbed is a framework for implanting content from different sites on a website page. On the off chance that you’ve at any point shown a YouTube video, Instagram post, or Facebook update on your WordPress site, odds are that the substance was shown with the oEmbed position. Utilizing oEmbeds with WordPress is simple. Basic glue the URL to the substance you need to insert in the substance of your post or Pages are a static kind of substance that is not arranged by distribution date, and the oEmbed usage in WordPress will deal with the rest.


In website architecture, sidebar alludes to a component showed close to the primary substance in a horizontal format. In WordPress, sidebars frequently contain gadget zones which the manager can alter with content, connections to posts and pages and the latest remarks on the site.

Conclusion of Important WordPress Terms and Glossary

WordPress is really simple and easy customized platform for new developers bloggers. With the help of this article “40 Important WordPress Terms Explained – WordPress Glossary” We tried to cover all important terms used in WP So, that you can understand how to use WordPress features and terms that to without any coding.

Yes! even a non tetchy person also can create website on WordPress and bookmark this page as an important WordPress Terms and Glossary.

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