Hive Theme Review

Hive WordPress Theme Review – 2020 ( Best Magazine Style WordPress Look)

How to create a Magazine Website? 

If this question bothers you and you want to learn, how easily you can create a website on WordPress? 

If you are related to any news magazine or a food/restaurant/cafe blog website in a different style then read this article till the end. 

Hive WordPress Theme Review
Pic credit: Pixelgrade (Papa of Hive WordPress Theme)

Here I will show you how easily you can customize your website using Hive WordPress Theme.

Hive functions admirably for a wide scope of various authors because of the basic, rich structure and adaptable choices. Hive is about incredible and unique fonts typography. This is super simple to use, all around planned article pages.

Hive Theme Review
hive wordpress theme

Just Imagine you are scrolling down and searching for something, and suddenly, a story comes in front of you that looks like a magazine. But once you click on that, you get to know that it is not a magazine but a theme created like a magazine-style. And hence this is none other but Hive WordPress theme.

how to do home page customization in wordpress
pic credit hive

Which is the fastest theme for WordPress?

Hive is a really simple and fast loaded theme. Hive is created by a company called Pixelgrade.

“Hive is a lifestyle blog WordPress Theme for People seeking for a timeless look.”

At present Pixelgrade has more than 20 themes. And among them, Hive is one of the best themes you can choose. You can easily download it, install, and activate it. You can import the Hive Theme Demo. It gives your website a perfect blog look. You can customize the colors and fonts as per your choice.

How to create a Website for Life Blogging, Personality, Quotes, and Messages, Wishes?

You will discover loads of various page designs in the Hive theme. This is certainly something to be thankful for, as I would see it. By keeping things basic, Hive is a lot simpler to set up and works immediately.

One thing Pixelgrade (The Company behind Hive WordPress Theme) do very well is to utilize little and very ultra-fine details to cause their themes to feel one of a kind and unique. 

You can see this in the Hive theme in the float column area. You can find the drop cap on article pages as well. They have a nice navigation bar on the right-hand side of the work area.

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Hive Theme Features What does it offer?

Easy Customization according to your blogHIVE Theme gives you the best feature of easy customization. This helps any person to do modifications to the demo theme as well. There is no need for any technical knowledge to do that. It is made in very easy and simple language so anyone can make changes.
Unique Typography ElementsYou have sections and features to make an exceptional site. Through the assistance of these custom typography components, your blog (website) posts will get the attention they truly deserve.
Fast loadingYou not only get good looks but also, the fastest speed your website deserves. That is the reason HIVE Theme developers paid additional attention to do everything which is necessary for your site, to run quicker and smoother. Hive is THE FASTEST WordPress theme. The loading time is less than 1 second.
Highlight every post with adaptive layoutsEach blog entry’s format will be adjusted automatically, according to the content you write. So, you have the flexibility to blend and-match pictures and long titles. You can still be certain that your articles look perfect.
You can adjust the homepage to any contentWith Hive Theme, you can change how your blog posts look on the home page by using post formats.No matter if they are just text, images, videos, audio files — you name it, your engaging stories will always look good.
Apply color palettes by just a few clicksBy using the Style Manager, their friendly customization tool, you can look over a wide assortment of shading palettes. You can even text styles or make your own and apply them immediately.HIVE Theme is extraordinary, and your blog should offer your crowd an exceptional experience.
SEO friendlyWhat’s the point if your blog/website doesn’t rank on Google?Google positioning is important on various levels. HIVE Theme places you in the major class of bloggers, and it keeps you there. HIVE Theme secured all the capable SEO practices for an exceptional beginning.
Publish with the new editorGutenberg is digging in for a long time, and you can take its extraordinary highlights. Hive Theme is completely integrated with the new block editor. This means that you can compose articles or make pages simple and quick.
Premium assistance from real peopleYes, that’s true. No robots or computerized auto-messages will ever come in contact with you. HIVE Theme “team” is prepared to respond to every one-PERSONALLY. All of your inquiries or concerns are taken with utmost care individually.Their goal is that you take care of your business. Additionally, Hive Theme has a thorough information base accessible directly to your Dashboard.And that is the reason, you’re never alone in this Awesome experience.
Mobile FriendlyHIVE Theme is built with the aim of mobile responsive.All fonts and their size are super mobile-friendly. And SEO Optimized as well.(of course !) HIVE Theme perfectly gels with mobile users. After all 90% of users are browsing on mobile instead of desktop/tablet.Pixelgrade’s versatile theme(HIVE) matches cell phones’ requirements and permits everything to run smoothly and efficiently. Presently, your content is certainly where it merits in the spotlight.
Easy to TranslateYou can prepare a lot of cultures to make the most of your stories. HIVE themes have an awesome arrangement with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), which means it is fully compatible.
Hive WordPress Theme features

Why is HIVE a premium theme?

Hive Theme has plenty of features, and that’s why it stands out of other paid themes. You can see below the pros and cons of Hive Theme. Every single thing in this world has pros and cons, so is the case with Hive Theme too. Although every individual has his own choices. here are some common elements you can see:

Hive Theme is Mobile responsive, which is consistently something worth being thankful for. Mobile responsive themes are an incredible element to have these days.Unlimited scroll, many people do like this feature but there are certain other who may disagree with this feature. Everything in its limited version looks good, so better believe it, it’s presumably not Hive’s shortcoming.
The Hive Theme really has genuine post arrangements, that all appear to be unique.Search bar – It is good that there’s a hunt bar and that it’s situated on the right side of the page. In the free version of the Hive theme when you click on the search button, a big content box appears and everything else essentially disappears.
This is particularly cool considering the Motif Theme, which people at present use, doesn’t generally support this choice.Once you download the theme demo then the search bar works normally. 
And the demo is available only in the premium version. 
Hive Theme has fixed social icons on the right side of the home page. The floating symbols on the right side of the page are worthy to be appreciated. However, users would like it more, if they were marginally bigger.
The header and footer sections are really worthy to be appreciated.Cost – Hive is free and premium. In the event that you need to utilize it, you need to pay $75.
Hive gives a feature that is unlimited scroll.Once a user landed up on your site, he can keep scrolling which boosts your stay time on your website. 
A hive premium theme can also be helpful to reduce the bounce rate on your website.
The brickwork lattice format of the Hive Theme is entirely cool. 
Multiple fonts and design colors are available for customization.
Hive WordPress theme Pros and Cons
hive theme price
Pic credit: Pixelgrade

Set-Up of Hive WordPress theme:


You can download the theme from the WordPress administrator dashboard. This will be the main procedure of introducing the theme in your WordPress site.

how to install theme in wordpress
original pic
how to install a theme in wordpress
original pic

Select the theme from your PC and click on the install button. After you install, Activate the theme.

HIVE Theme Installation ( THROUGH FTP ) in cPanel

Login to your document directory with FTP client with your FTP client name and secret key(Activation Key) 

You can use FileZilla for FTP.

  •  Login to your cPanel with your username and password
  •  Install WordPress for your domain.
  •  Go to the wp-content folder.
  •  Then go to the themes folder.
  • Upload the theme you downloaded, inside the wp-content folder.
  • Sign in to WordPress dashboard and now activate the theme.

Demo Import Process of Hive WordPress Theme

After the installation and Activation of Hive Theme, What you need to import their Demo.

So that you can start the setup and customization in your site.

For Demo import, you go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Click →>Pixelgrade–>dashboard–>Import Demo

how to go to wordpress dashboard settings
original pic
How to import demo in wordpress website
original pic
How to import demo in wordpress blog
original pic

Once you are done with the demo, you can see your customized homepage.

If you have existing data on your website, don’t worry, you will not lose your website data (content). HIVE theme is awesome in preserving your old/current data of the website.

There are many themes , which says to take a backup of your existing data . Some times while importing demo many themes looses the existing data.

But HIVE Theme has an awesome feature. You don’t have to take up any backup while importing a demo.

Hive theme dashboard

Step by Step Process to Customize Homepage of Hive WordPress Theme

There are many options available for the home page customization. 

Like designing, fonts, colors, and styling.

Some fonts are so unique, that you haven’t seen anywhere for sure. Yes, that’s a bet!

The design and fonts looks amazing on the mobile version as well. This theme will change the font size as per the mobile user’s screen. So the content is easily readable.

hive theme review stylish fonts
Original Pic

Again, nevertheless, Hive theme has unlimited scrolling feature and a clean surface. (definitely increase watch time on your website and reduce bounce rate. Hence FREE SEO)

You can remove the site credit as well, in WordPress customization 

How to customize footer in wordpress?
Original Pic

How To Customize Hive Theme:

Colors: You can switch any essential shading that best contrasts your image or need.

Cover up/Show: Some substance data like date, category, date, author, and so forth can be empowered through Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Content choices.

Excerpt length: You can change the length of extract from Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Theme choices > Others.

Sidebars: HIVE themes developers are aware that many people dislike sidebars. To make your site trouble-free, they have included sidebar choices. You can have a sidebar either in left, right, or totally disable it. 

Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Theme alternatives > Others.

Header Section Editing in Hive Theme:

You can fundamentally change the header segment with colors and symbols according to your need. You can do that easily in WordPress Customizer.

how to do header section editing in wordpress?
Original Pic

You can change and create the header section according to your site’s preference like  Site Title and Meta.

Design menu for your header section like Home, About Us, Contact, etc.

There you can see an option of “Logo”. Which you can set according to the pixel size of the image. The logo is a shortcode of your site name.

Sticky Header: Make logo & navigation portion sticky when scrolling

Header background color: Change header background color either gradient or solid colors.

Custom logo: Make sure the height of the logo is 60px. 

As the header portion of Hive Theme is small so Hive theme looks best with a logo of 60px height. 

how to customize logo in wordpress?
Original Pic

Your width of logo could be anything like 200px, 300px, 250px or something like that.

Header top & header top social icons:  You can assign social icons at header top from when you enable the header top section. 

Header top contact details: You can show or hide contact details.

Header Top Section:

Hive Header top segment can be enabled from the customizer. 

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme choices > Header > Check header top alternative.

For Contact details, alternatives are inside 

Theme options > Contact data and Social symbols likewise can be discovered simply under the contact information choices.

HOw to customize social media widgets icons in wordpress?
Original Pic


Logo can be changed from Site personality alternative inside WordPress customizer. Don’t forget that you are including a custom logo to ensure the size of your logo is 60px.

Essential Navigation can be included from the WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Menu.

See the screenshot below.

HOw to customize navigation link spacing in wordpress?
Original Pic

Hive Theme is built with the selective features which make your blogging career very easy. 

As Hive Theme is ready to use and mobile-friendly theme. It gives you a ready structure which you can modify as per your choice.

How to customize Hive Theme?

In, WordPress customization of any theme is really simple and easy. As you don’t need to be a coder or a tech person. WordPress has many free and paid ready to install sites.

So, here is Hive’s very responsive and fast loaded theme which reduces all your stress of blogging in a new and innovative way.

For customization hive theme you first go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Homepage Options.

Sections can be empowered – disabled according to your need. 

Segments can be dragged and dropped. 

Author Section:

You can customize author segment from WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Homepage Options > Author.

Make a page with the name of creator or organization. Explore to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer > Homepage Options > Author segment. 

Select the page that you made for the Author. The topic will utilize Name, Short depiction, and included a picture from that page for this area.

Essentially the creator area is intended for long vertical pictures. For the best outcome, the size of the creator picture ought to be 800px width and 1350px tallness.

How To Edit Blog Post:

Include posts in your WordPress Dashboard > Posts and give them a classification. Explore to customizer > Home page choices > Blog Section and pick the class.  


So, here you go! All set for the website to be published and ready to share on social platforms.

You can create best of your lifestyle blog posts. 

If you want you can buy it here. Get your money back trial free.

I hope you like reading this article ”Hive WordPress Theme Review”. 

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