How To Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce

How To Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce

How To Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce

How To Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce

Do you want to learn an easy way to add Google Analytics in WooCommerce Online Store and track your store’s Performance?

With the help of Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce, you get detailed insights of your customers shopping behaviour. 

Because of  this becomes an opportunity for you to optimize your online shop, which helps you to maximize your cost revenue.

Here, with this short article, We’ll show you how to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics In Woo-Commerce

We’ll also discuss about it’s best impacts on your online store and why it is so important to track your customers. 

How can you generate more revenue with these small changes in your site?  

Before going to set up Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce, let’s have a look on some main differences in Ecommerce/Woo-Commerce tracking and without tracking in Google Analytics.

S.No.Comparison Points With Google Analytics Tracking Without Google Analytics
1.Product Performance Reports and ReviewsHere, you can track taxonomies and brand categories, relevant to your business. 
With this way you can get more specific tracks of your brand data and brand properties. 
You can access your sales dala and valuable store metrics for individual products like, revenue, conversion rates, order values, returns and refunds etc.
2.Shopping and Checkouts and payments Behaviour Here you get detailed insights of product views, page views, store cart entries and complete transactions for checkouts and more.Here, you will miss some details. It will only brief you about store details.
3.Product list and Performance ReviewsProduct lists are those details of products which are available on your site, you can get track of them and it will be helpful for product selling and cross selling. Also you can customize it.There the option of customizable might not be available.
4.More Useful Marketing ReportsHere, you can manage and easily track your cart performance like, if there are any discounts running on, or any coupon code is applicable on any product that can be easily tracked with google analytics in woo commerce. You can also track your affiliates as well.Here, it will get difficult to track each product manually. And you may lose your revenue.
How To Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce

Here is a powerful report you get by enabling Google Analytics for Woo-Commerce tracking on your Online Store:

  1. Shopping Behaviour of a customer
  2. Checkout and Drop Out Behaviour of a user
  3. How your products are performing
  4. And at the and how many conversions you get 
  5. Revenue Generation
  6. Increase your Upsell and cross sale of a product
  7. Manage easy tracking of each product list

Get Free Plugin Best Analytics plugin for your tracking.

How To Set Up WooCommerce Google Analytics With MonsterInsights

For installation WooCommerce Google Analytics you need to follow these easy steps (mention below):

  • Install MonsterInsights and the eCommerce Addon:

To get started first of all you have to download the MonsterInsights. The best Google Analytics Plugin in WordPress and share all your details over there.

With the use of this MonsterInsights plugin you can easily set up Google Analytics in your online store and that too without any coding.

install monsterinsights

Once you Install MonsterInsights then choose eCommerce and follow the complete process for set up with Google Analytics:

With help of this plugin you get productive insights by these insights you can manage and take needful actions to improve your online store’s performance and generate more business.  You can configure Google Analytics eCommerce easily.

For Activation the addon, go to insights then click on Addons then go to eCommerce.

Once you are done with the activation process, go to your Google Analytics account.

  • Enable Advance and Easy WooCommerce tracking in Google Analytics:

Here, you go to your Google Analytics dashboard account and select the eCommerce Website for which you want to enable the advance tracking.

Then just click on Admin (in the left sidebar) 

Then select eCommerce Settings under the column on the right

Next, click sliders into Status and click on Enable Related Products, turn on it. Then click the next step.

After enabling this just give a name to this funnel and click next, then enable the Enhanced Ecommerce Settings.

  • Add Enhanced eCommerce / WooCommerce Enable In MonsterInsights:

Now, head back to your WordPress dashboard and access MonsterInsights. Click on Insights then go to Settings and then select eCommerce from the main menu on top and enable this. Now there you go for Enhanced eCommerce Tracking.

The addon automatically detects your data and starts tracking your online WooCommerce store. Now it’s your call to action and make the right decisions for your store based on the tracked data. So you can increase your business in terms of revenue.

Have a glance, how will you track?

Track WooCommerce Online Store’s Performance

After all the set up of Google Analytics, now let’s see how MonsterInsights can help to boost your online store’s performance. As it is the best WooCommerce Analytics Plugin.

Click on Insights in your WordPress dashboard then go to Reports, and select ecommerce.

Here, You can see a brief report in front of your screen. You can take an overview of  your online store. Here you can see a full stats about your sales, conversion ratio, transactions, revenues and average order value.

Now, you can scroll down and see all products listed. Also you can find top valuable products on your store at top. The analytics  show the best item from your store which performs really well in terms of conversion. Products show here along with their quantity ordered, sales percentage and total revenue generated.

According to your tracking data you can decide about which type of products you should be promoting more to grow your business revenue. The insights will also help you to find about the products which don’t do well in terms of sales conversions. So, you can work on that product and optimize it or remove it from your list.

Here are some Enhanced features in WooCommerce Google Analytics, you can view the Top Conversions Sources for your online shop.

This report will show you data or source address from which link you are getting more hits and conversions. It will also show the number of visits, their overall percentage and revenue contribution.

Here, I am showing you a report how you can identify sources you should focus on for more promotions.

Pic credit: MonsterInsights

There are some other insights which are offered by MonsterInsights eCommerce addon,which includes total add’s and removals from Cart.

You can see at which point your customer stops shopping and what products they removed from cart at the time of checkout. And what brings them to cancel the checkout.

As per the report, you can view the time slot of your customers purchase and sessions to purchase.

You can also optimize how long it will take for a customer to your online store.


So yeah, That’s it!!

Now, you have successfully set up Google Analytics in Woo-Commerce for tracking your Online store.

I hope you like this article on How To Add Google Analytics In Woo-Commerce. This is one of the easiest methods for tracking your store activities. 

Any person either teachy or not teachy can do this set up in Google Analytics eCommerce.

Google Analytics in WooCommerce

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